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ROH TV results: Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll Reach for the Sky


Ring of Honor television from this past week featured highlights from the company's tour of the United Kingdom. Showcasing matches from the Reach for the Sky tour, establishing Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll as new characters to the ROH TV audience was the main focus of the show.

Ospreay appeared in all three matches on the show while Scurll was in two. The show opened with a video package highlighting the ROH roster being a part of the UK tour. The first match shown from the tour was Ospreay in his ROH debut challenging for the World TV title in Liverpool.

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Will Ospreay defeated ROH World Television Champion Bobby Fish to win the title

Since Ospreay would most likely be a favorite to fans in his home country, Fish went heel during the introductions by teasing he would raise the Union Jack flag. Instead, Fish swerved the crowd by raising the TV title overhead and stepping on the flag before trying to play it off as an accident.

They grappled early on before Ospreay began to fly. When he did proceed to take flight, it was impressive as usual. Ospreay did a roll through and leapt into a swinging neckbreaker for a cool high spot. Ospreay was also selling his knee.

Fish went for a superplex, but Ospreay blocked the attempt. Fish still came back with a kick that knocked Ospreay off the top rope, sending him crashing hard down to the mat. Fish followed up with an exploder suplex in a corner for a near fall. Fish then went for a vertical suplex only for Ospreay to counter into a stunner. From there, they really picked up the pace.

Ospreay hit a standing moonsault, then went for a corkscrew moonsault off the top. Fish got his knees up to block it. Moments later, Ospreay kicked Fish with him perched on the top and followed with a schoolboy for a near fall.

Still selling his knee, Ospreay went for a springboard into a backflip. Fish caught him in a kneebar on the way down. Ospreay struggled to break free, then did a back bridge into a pinning attempt for the three count to win the title.

Afterwards, Fish went back to being a babyface by showing good sportsmanship when he presented Ospreay with the title and raised the new champion's hand.

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ROH World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks defeated Will Ospreay & Marty Scurll to retain their titles

Taped in Leicester and joined in progress, this was billed as a dream match. There was some comedy in the match. Like most Young Bucks matches, there was so much flying and so many high spots that describing it in words is difficult.

Ospreay was doing his signature flying arsenal. Young Bucks of course did double team moves. So did Ospreay and Scurll. They mocked the Bucks with "suck it" gestures. The Bucks did the Rise of the Terminator spot with the crowd clapping along to the beat.

Nick and Matt Jackson looked to dispatch Ospreay with a superkick version of the Doomsday Device on the floor. Matt also did a springboard tornado DDT, sending Scurll off the apron to the floor. Nick hit a 450 splash off the top for a near fall.

The Bucks went for a Meltzer Driver, but Ospreay leapt off the top out of nowhere to block it. Scurll delivered a tombstone to set up Ospreay hitting a series of moonsaults and springboards. Nick then broke up a subsequent pin attempt with a senton bomb.

Referee Todd Sinclair went down after taking a superkick. Scurll gave Nick and Matt a low blow. Scurll grabbed his umbrella and was about to use it as a weapon when Ospreay stopped him. Scurll then grabbed the Jacksons and encouraged Ospreay to hit them with the umbrella. The crowd chanted for him to use it.

Ospreay went to hit them with the umbrella, but he struck Scurll instead. The Bucks then both superkicked Ospreay. They executed More Bang for Your Buck on Scurll. Ospreay dove in to break up the pin attempt at the last second.

For the finish, The Bucks went for the Meltzer Driver on Scurll. Ospreay did a springboard as Nick was also springboarding into the ring with Ospreay giving Nick a Frankensteiner. In taking the move, Nick flipped over and still delivered the assisted tombstone to complete the Meltzer Driver. Nick then covered Scurll for the pin.

Scurll would challenge Ospreay afterwards, leading to their TV title match.

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Marty Scurll defeated ROH World Television Champion Will Ospreay to win the title

Taped in London, this was part of the final stop of the UK tour. The entire entrances and introductions of both were shown, then the match was joined in progress after a commercial break.

They were chain wrestling when the show returned from the break. That led into Ospreay beginning to fly as they exchanged moves until a stalemate. The crowd was eating it up. They began exchanging strikes and chops. Ospreay applied an octopus stretch, yet Scurll escaped as they again began exchanging strikes.

On the outside, Ospreay jumped off the apron into a shooting star press on the floor. Scurll crawled under the ring, snuck around the opposite side, and dropped Ospreay with a clothesline.

Back in the ring, Ospreay went for a Rainmaker when Scurll grabbed Ospreay by the fingers and hyperextended them in a signature spot from “The Villain.” Moments later as Scurll hoisted Ospreay for a suplex, Ospreay countered into a stunner.

Ospreay started a series of moonsaults and springboards. When Ospreay went to springboard off the middle rope, Scurll caught him in a crossface chickenwing. Ospreay escaped only to get cut off once again when Scurll delivered a pop-up powerbomb followed by a lariat for a near fall. Ospreay also kicked out after a DDT.

For the finish, Scurll retrieved his umbrella and threatened to use it. He threw it down when Ospreay dared Scurll to hit him. Scurll instead again snapped the fingers of Ospreay. After a knee strike, Scurll began repeatedly stomping Ospreay in the head. Scurll then applied a chickenwing and Ospreay tapped out.