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ROH TV results: Young Bucks & Cody defend Six-Man titles


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman called the action from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Eli Isom defeated Shane Taylor, Chris Sabin, and Flip Gordon in a four-way match

This match was one fall, not elimination. Gordon and Sabin started it off. They went right to a forearm exchange and double clothesline. Both tagged out. Taylor went right to work destroying Isom. Sabin and Gordon worked together briefly to take out Taylor. Gordon hit a big dive on all three men. Taylor recovered and did a wrecking ball dive of his own on everyone, which led to commercial.

Taylor was firmly in control after the break until Gordon landed a huge dropkick and running flip kick. A springboard spear earned Gordon a two count. He went up top, but Taylor caught him and landed a clothesline that turned Gordon inside out.

Sabin tagged in and hit a tornado DDT on the big man for a near fall, but Taylor hit an STO out of the corner and followed up with a knee. Isom tagged himself in to have a go at the monster. Isom managed to lift Taylor up and hit a Samoan drop. Next, Sabin came in and landed a DDT/flatliner combo on Isom and Gordon, but then Isom got to his feet and hit a dive on Sabin and took him out.

Back in the ring, Gordon looked for the Star Spangled Stunner but ate a huge knee. That allowed Isom to roll up Taylor for the pin and the upset win!

The celebration ended soon as Taylor got up and gave Isom and Sabin the sit-down piledriver. He went for it on Gordon, but Gordon countered and landed a superkick.

An Aaron Solow highlight package aired to show how he earned his TV title shot tonight.

Marty Scurll called out Hurricane Helms in a promo.

ROH Television Champion Punishment Martinez defeated Aaron Solow to retain his title

Solow’s offense did him no good as Martinez brushed it off. Solow landed a few counters and kicks, but Martinez simply stomped him to the mat -- and smashed him into the barricade.

After the break, Solow landed a superkick and sent Martinez outside of the ring. Solow hit a big flip dive and then went to the top turnbuckle. Martinez caught him with a chokeslam, but Solow rolled through and landed a belly-to-belly on the big man -- only earning a two count.

It didn’t last long for Solow. A Psycho driver, Silencer stomp, and a huge chokeslam ended Solow’s night as Martinez retained.

A highlight package for Coast 2 Coast played. They’ll be back next week.

Backstage, Bully Ray and Silas Young discussed the six-man main event. Ray was not happy about Young deciding to team with “these two schmucks,” referring to The Bouncers.

ROH Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks & Cody defeated Silas Young & The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) to retain their titles

The Bucks' early attempts on offense didn’t go well as the enormous Milonas and Beer City Bruiser shrugged off their attacks. It took all three men dropkicking Milonas to get him out of the ring. The Bucks and Cody took over on Young and cleared the ring. The big men took a minute to regroup.

The plan must have worked as Beer City Bruiser caught Nick Jackson, slammed him, and then bit him in the head. Jackson fought out and tagged in Cody -- who was actually able to slam Bruiser. A Last Call attempt by Bruiser went awry, and he ended up crashing onto Burnard the Business Bear. That led us to the commercial.

After the break, Young was in with Cody -- who landed a powerslam on Young. Both men tagged out. Young tagged Bruiser, and Cody tagged in Nick. Nick ran wild, hitting a bulldog and clothesline combo that left him alone with Milonas. Young, Bruiser, and Milonas were hit with superkicks, leading to a splash/standing moonsault by the Bucks on Bruiser. That earned a two count.

A huge melee ensued, and all six wrestlers gathered near the entrance ramp. That allowed Bruiser to go to the top rope and smush everyone with a crossbody. Back inside, Milonas hit a massive leg drop on Cody, but the Bucks broke up the pin.

Young had a chance to get back in and help Milonas, but Young bailed. The Bucks connected with superkicks and Cody hit the Cross Rhodes for the win.