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ROH TV results: Young Bucks vs. LIJ vs. Best Friends vs. SCU


Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman, and BJ Whitmer called the action from Las Vegas.

A recap aired of the finish of the ROH World Championship match between Jay Lethal and Will Ospreay from Death Before Dishonor, which ended with Lethal retaining. Lethal's celebration was cut short as The Kingdom, featuring Matt Taven’s new haircut, laid him out.

The Kingdom came to the ring with what they were claiming to be the real ROH World Championship belt. Taven stood stoically, sporting an amazing sparkly purple robe and a crown.

TK O’Ryan screamed at Bobby Cruise and Todd Sinclair to stand still while he spoke. O’Ryan made Cruise read a list of all of Taven’s accomplishments, including a declaration that Taven was the real ROH World Champion.

Before the first match, a video package of Jeff Cobb’s reign of terror so far in ROH aired to hype up him challenging Punishment Martinez for the ROH Television Championship on next week's show.

Kenny King defeated Chase Owens

The announcers reminded us that King has been on a winning streak, but lately has chosen to use nefarious means to get his wins. King greeted Owens with some technical offense -- ending with a fancy Japanese arm drag and a few kip ups.

After the break, Owens was in control and was working over the neck of King. That didn’t last long as King managed to get the advantage by landing a spinning dive onto Owens. He followed that up with a high crossbody block off the top turnbuckle.

Owens regained the upper hand with a Shining Wizard knee. A unique neckbreaker earned Owens a two count. He then went for a package piledriver, but King fought out. Owens went for a slingshot belly-to-back suplex, but King landed on his feet and appeared to have injured his knee. However, it was a ploy to get Owens to lower his guard, which allowed King to roll him up for the win.

Backstage, Coast 2 Coast were talking about being undefeated in 2018. They looked forward to their ROH Tag Team Championship match against The Briscoes next week.

They replayed the angle with Riccaboni getting involved to assist Colt Cabana in an attempt to silence Bully Ray.

Shane Taylor vs. Flip Gordon didn’t happen

Before this could get started, Gordon grabbed a microphone and addressed Bully Ray putting Cabana through a table at Death Before Dishonor. Gordon explained that Ray cheated during their match and that he should have been declared the winner.

Ray came out to trash talk, and during the exchange, Silas Young slid into the ring and delivered a low blow to Gordon. Taylor then blasted Gordon with a chair. For good measure, Young landed Misery on Gordon.

The Young Bucks defeated Los Ingobernobles de Japon (EVIL & SANADA), Best Friends (Beretta & Chuckie T), and SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) in a four corners tag match

This started off as a melee. The match had not yet even begun and The Young Bucks were already hitting dives. Nearly everyone hit a crazy dive in a sequence that ended with Nick Jackson wiping everyone out from the top rope to the floor. After that, Best Friends recovered and finally had time to hug each other before they hit stereo cannonball dives. Then, the bell finally rang.

SANADA and Daniels officially started the match. SANADA used the Paradise Lock on both members of SoCal Uncensored and tagged in EVIL. He went to work on the rear end of Daniels, which included EVIL catching a boot from Daniels and handing it off to the referee. That allowed EVIL to superkick Daniels in the bum. Daniels eventually fought out of it and returned the favor -- doing the same thing back to EVIL.

Best Friends decided that they needed to strut around while wearing their sunglasses. They both got in and found themselves on the wrong end of a Nick Jackson lucha head scissors maneuver and a reverse Code Red.

After the break, EVIL continued to use the referee to assist him with the Magic Killer as SANADA had been indisposed at the moment. A parade of kicks and strikes left the Best Friends standing alone again. They landed a spike Dudebuster on Matt Jackson, but Nick broke it up with a Swanton.

An exchange of finishers created total chaos until the Bucks hosted a superkick party that laid waste to everyone. They isolated Beretta and landed the Five Star Meltzer Driver on him for the win.