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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Adora vs. Alize


This week's Women’s Division Wednesday featured another great women’s match with both competitors earning a spot in the upcoming ROH Women’s Championship tournament. 

Miranda Alize defeated Trish Adora (9:54)

Some background:

  • Adora has competed in Game Changer Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, and has also been on NXT once. She is a military veteran, having served eight years in the US Army. She was trained at the Dudley Boyz' Team 3D Academy.
  • Alize has competed on both AEW Dark and Dynamite. She’s also appeared in AAA, Rise, and Shimmer and was a part of the second WWE Mae Young Classic as Miranda Salinas. She was trained by Booker T, Tessa Blanchard, and Daga.

Adora tried to wrestle Alize to the mat very quickly but Alize resisted. Adora instead did a version of an armdrag that sent Alize reeling to the outside. Alize slid back in the ring and attempted a hammerlock, only to be thrown out again.

Once Alize recovered, she lit her own fire and hit a series of springboard armdrags, followed by a great suicide dive. She wasted no time in tossing Adora back in the ring, but the tables were turned quickly when Adora applied a neck crank. 

Adora kept on focusing on Alize's arms, hitting on a few more armdrags and even trying a pin while one of the arms were restrained. Alize opened the comeback door with a great swinging neckbreaker. Adora wouldn’t stay down though and hit a stiff pump kick to regain the advantage.

Adora was frustrated after not being able to put Alize away and Alize took advantage, slamming her to the mat and locking in her Miranda Rights submission. Adora was able to get to the ropes to break the hold.

In the final sequence of the match, Alize ducked two of Adora’s signature Lariat Tubman maneuvers and hit a beautiful ripcord cutter, followed up with the Drive By running knee strike for the win.

Tickets To Gold

Maria Kanellis Bennett gave out not one, but two Tickets To Gold -- a spot in the ROH Women’s Championship tournament coming this summer.

Bennett first officially welcomed Alize into the tournament -- a great choice as she’s definitely one of the standouts of the WDW series so far.

Bennett also welcomed Adora into the tournament. Bennett said that Tickets to Gold aren’t just about winning, but showing heart, too. Bennett praised Adora’s performance in her match and her entry into the tourney was also very well deserved in my opinion.

Final Thoughts:

This edition of WDW might be my favorite so far. The match was really good with some great storytelling. Both Alize and Adora 100% deserved entry into the tournament. One gripe: I wish these shows were two matches long.