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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Alex Gracia vs. Gia Scott


This week's show featured Alex Gracia returning to WDW to face a debuting Gia Scott while Maria Kanellis Bennett gave out another Ticket To Gold. 

Alex Gracia defeated Gia Scott (8:55)

Scott had a good promo before the match talking about her upbringing and how she overcame everything life has thrown at her.

The commentary team introduced referee Becky Phillips. She’s been in the ring a few times, but had never been introduced. I’m glad to see the female referee trend make its way to ROH. They also put over the sheer height difference between Gracia and Scott early as Scott had an eight-inch height advantage.

Scott played mind games with Gracia and overpowered her in the early going, but Gracia was eventually able to take Scott to the ground with an armdrag. Gracia had a good series of offensive moves that had Scott begging for mercy in the corner, which was a trap obviously. 

Scott took the opportunity and took control once again, raining down constant shots all over Gracia. Gracia tried to fire up and regain momentum multiple times, but failed until she was able to hit a series of stiff clotheslines that sent Scott to the mat. 

Gracia went to the top rope and hit her Pink Hypnosis senton onto a standing Scott, but it wasn’t enough for a three count. Gracia then hit her Beautiful Nightmare neckbreaker to get the pin and win.

Ticket To Gold: Alex Gracia

Maria Kanellis Bennett welcomed Gracia to the call and noted that she was super impressed with her match. Bennett then offered her a Ticket To Gold which she accepted. Gracia revealed that she was scheduled to compete in the original ROH women’s tournament before the pandemic. 

Final Thoughts:

Gracia and Scott had a fun match. I have never seen Scott before and she was quite impressive. I could definitely see her being a mainstay in the division since she’s signed to the Dojo.

Gracia is someone I have seen on AEW Dark a handful of times and she’s quite good as well. Getting to see her on a stage where she isn’t just being jobbed out to main talent is eye-opening as well. She can go when given a proper amount of time.