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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Allysin Kay vs. Willow


The Big Takeaway --

Women's World Championship tournament action came to Women's Division Wednesday as Allysin Kay defeated Willow in a fantastic first-round bout.


The show opened with a message from former Impact Wrestling president Dixie Carter. Carter said one of the greatest things about her time in pro wrestling was the time she spent with the women who wrestled for Impact. Carter said nothing made her prouder than seeing women shine in the main event, carry their own pay-per-view, and be the highest rated segment on television.

Carter said women's wrestling has never been better or stronger. She congratulated the women in the ROH Women's World Championship tournament and wished them luck.


A couple of interviews hosted by Alyssa Marino and LuFisto also aired before the scheduled match between Allysin Kay and Willow. Maria Kanellis-Bennett joined them for the interviews.

Chelsea Green was up first. Green expressed great appreciation for the love that the Ring of Honor locker room has shown her. Green also talked about how she’s able to express herself again and become the “10/10” Chelsea that she knew she could be.

Alex Gracia joined the call shortly after. Gracia spent a few minutes reflecting on her recent loss to Miranda Alize.

Nicole Savoy was the final woman to join the interview. Savoy told a story about her first time in ROH and wrestling LuFisto. Savoy was asked about her upcoming opponent in the tournament Miranda Alize, to which she revealed the two were roommates in Japan.


ROH Women's World Championship tournament first-round match: Allysin Kay defeated Willow (11:30)

Chelsea Green joined the commentary team for this match.

Kay started off the bout by showing some great feats of mat wrestling, but Willow countered with some great feats of strength and agility. Willow hit a few big moves, including a phenomenal pump kick. But Kay took back the advantage when Willow couldn’t capitalize on her moves.

Kay got more maniacal and vicious as the match went on, working at a very slow pace. After Kay had full control for a few minutes, she began taunting Willow, which didn't work out for Kay. Willow eventually heard enough of Kay’s trash talk and registered a forearm to Kay’s neck area. Willow had a good run of offense before it turned into a brutal striking exchange between the two women.

Willow has some really good strikes in her back pocket, as does Kay. Willow capitalized on the split second of time she had by hitting a top rope dropkick on Kay for a close two count.

Willow let her confidence get to her head when she attempted a moonsault, which resulted in Kay rolling out of harm's way at the last second. Kay followed it up with her signature discus lariat, but Willow rolled out of the ring before Kay could pin her. Back in the ring, Kay countered Willow and locked in a Kimura/Koji Clutch combination. It made Willow tap out instantly.