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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Angelina Love vs. Mazzerati


Location: Baltimore, Maryland 

The Big Takeaway --

Lenny Leonard made a surprise return to the broadcasting crew, while Angelina Love and Mazzerati had a fun match and another Ticket to Gold was given out. 


Quinn -- No! Lenny Leonard welcomed us to the show. A nice surprise. Leonard introduced the two competitors for tonight’s match: Angelina Love and Mazzerati. Love needs little to no introduction, but Mazzerati has a long list of accomplishments. She’s the current Women’s Champion for the Future Stars of Wrestling promotion in Las Vegas. She’s a former OVW Women’s Champion as well. Mazzerati has worked for ROH before, as well as Impact Wrestling.


Angelina Love (w/ Mandy Leon) defeated Mazzerati (11:18)

Love applied a front facelock, but Mazzerati was able to escape quickly. Love took her to the mat, but Mazzerati was able to turn it into a pinning attempt for a two count. After being given a dropkick, Love rolled out of the ring to regain her composure for a second and to talk with Leon. Mazzerati went for a kick, but Love caught it and sent her face-first into the apron. When Love got back into the ring, Leon threw Mazzerati into the barricade while the referee wasn't looking.

Love was back in control until Mazzerati was able to hit a big pump kick that caught Love off guard. Love snatched back her momentum by hitting a great neckbreaker. Love positioned Mazzerati on the second turnbuckle and hit a great diving cutter. Love went for a pin after this, but Mazzerati kicked out just in time.

Love began to let her frustrations get the best of her, opening another door for Mazzerati. She used her opening to nail Love with a kick to the skull, which was followed up by lifting Love in a fireman's carry position. Love was able to break free and hit a flatliner, then turned it into a Koji Clutch. 

Mazzerati was able to get her feet on the ropes to break the hold. She wasted no time following up her escape with an Eat Defeat, which got her a very close two count. Love was able to duck another pump kick after the pin and hit her own Botox Injection pump kick for the win. 


Ticket to Gold: Mazzerati

Maria Kanellis-Bennett returned to offer another Ticket to Gold. Bennett said she was impressed with Mazzerati and offered her a Ticket to Gold, to which she accepted. Rok-C, Love, Miranda Alize, Trish Adora, Allysin Kay, and Mazzerati are the first six entrants confirmed for this summer's ROH Women's World Championship tournament.

Mazzerati said she’s thankful for the opportunity because ROH always has the best locker room environment, with people willing to help all the time. Mazzerati noted that The Hardy Boyz and the Attitude Era are what helped her get into pro wrestling.


Final Thoughts --

Love and Mazzerati’s match started off kind of slow, but it picked up in a big way in the final half of the match. Love plays her heel role very well, but I genuinely couldn’t think of a worse outcome than her winning the tournament/championship. It’s not the right precedent to set when restarting an entire division. I also thought Love got maybe too much action in this match, i wanted to see more from Mazzerati

Nonetheless, Mazzerati impressed in this match and deserved a Ticket to Gold. I’m excited to see what she can do.