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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Love vs. Recks


The Big Takeaway: Allie Recks made her Ring Of Honor debut against Angelina Love, and another Ticket To Gold was given out. 

Lenny Leonard welcomed us to the show. Leonard revealed that the Women’s Division Wednesday’s match taking place this week is Angelina Love vs Allie Recks. Leonard also revealed that Love is the one who recommended Recks to the ROH Board Of Directors. 

A brief history on Allie Recks: She’s worked in Shine, CZW, American Combat Wrestling, and Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling. She is also the current Women’s Champion for American Combat Wrestling. 

Angelina Love (with Mandy Leon) defeated Allie Recks (9:51)

Love did her usual taunting and wearing down her opponent style in this match. I’ll note that Recks is a great seller, but she didn’t get much offense until the tail end of the match. 

I wouldn’t say this was a squash match necessarily, but I would have appreciated Recks getting more offense. Recks was able to hit her codebreaker finisher, The Recks Effect, at one point and it was a great near fall. I’ll also compliment Recks on her great basement dropkick.

After Love kicked out of the Recks Effect, Recks tried to capitalize with a crossbody but missed. Love followed up on her opponent’s missed opportunity with a Botox Injection kick for the win. 

After the match, Recks grabbed a mic and thanked Love for the opportunity. Love made fun of Recks but said she’d grant her one more opportunity.

Amy Rose came out in gear but said she wasn’t going to be the one wrestling Recks. Max The Impaler came out afterward and made a beeline for the ring. The Allure went to the commentary desk and kicked Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman out of the building.

Max The Impaler (w/ Amy Rose) defeated Allie Recks (3:58)

This “match” was simply to put Max The Impaler over. They chunked Recks around the ring for almost four minutes like it was nothing.

The Allure and Maria Kanellis Bennett were arguing over commentary the whole match about their personal issues. It took me out of the match quite honestly. 

Recks’ fatigue from her previous match obviously played a big factor here, as she didn’t get a single offensive maneuver in this match. Max won the match with their Impaler backbreaker. 


Max The Impaler was given a ticket to gold via Zoom after their match. Maria Kanellis Bennett tried to get a few words out of them, but they just screamed into the camera. 


Final Thoughts: This wasn’t my favorite episode of Women’s Division Wednesday to say the least. I’m completely fine with the push of Angelina Love, after all, she is one of the few recognizable names in the division currently. Recks getting squashed twice left a bad taste in my mouth. Recks seems to be a good wrestler, and I wanted her to get some more action in both of her matches. Angelina Love’s match against Mazzerati a few weeks back was much more competitive. 

Max The Impaler getting their Ticket To Gold is long overdue, but well deserved. I’m still not feeling this partnership with Amy Rose. In my opinion, Rose should have a manager, not be a manager.