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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Max The Impaler vs. Hyan


Both Max The Impaler and Hyan returned to ROH's WDW to face each other while Maria Kanellis Bennett gave a former NWA Women’s World Champion a ticket to gold. 

Max The Impaler defeated Hyan (8:02)

Max intimidated Hyan early on with Hyan backing into the corner after avoiding a shove. Hyan used the moment to apply a front facelock, but Max escaped quite easily. 

Hyan tried to dropkick Max, but it was to no avail. Max kept their dominance by tossing around the self-proclaimed “Renaissance Woman” with ease and keeping Hyan grounded. Hyan was eventually able to jump on Max's back to apply a sleeper. She applied and reapplied it before Max slung Hyan over their shoulder and then into the canvas.

Hyan was able to recover rather quickly and positioned a stunned Max in the corner, both setting up and delivering a great running knee.

In the final sequence, Hyan attempted to continue her momentum, but was stopped quickly by a backbreaker from Max, followed by a shoulder backbreaker for the win.

Ticket To Gold: Allysin Kay 

Maria Kanellis Bennett welcomed us to another edition of Ticket To Gold. Bennett said while the first three entrants had to have tryout matches, she has known this next competitor for a long time: Allysin Kay. Kay said she’s excited to sink her teeth into ROH, citing she’s only been with the company a few select times.

Kay ran down her championship history: two-time Impact Knockouts Champion, NWA Women’s World Champion and two-time SHINE Champion. Bennett asked Kay what her biggest asset going into the tournament was and Kay said it was her MMA background. 

Final Thoughts:

Allysin Kay is now my favorite in the women’s tournament. I didn’t really think of her when brainstorming names as I have been hoping that she would be picked up by AEW. I’m really excited to see what she can do in ROH.

This is the second time we’ve seen Max The Impaler and Hyan on WDW and they both did a great job once again. ROH seems to be big on Max as this was a borderline squash match which works very well for the character. Max has dominated in both matches and feels like an eventual lock for the tournament.