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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Rok-C vs. Laynie Luck


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

Two women were awarded with a Ticket to Gold, while Rok-C and Laynie Luck continued their respective rises in the wrestling world.


Lenny Leonard checked in and announced that Maria Kanellis-Bennett would be giving out not one, but two Tickets to Gold on this episode. Leonard also revealed that tonight’s featured match would see Rok-C pitted against Laynie Luck.


Ticket to Gold: Mandy Leon

Kanellis-Bennett said it was important to include all different types of women in the ROH Women's World Championship tournament, and she then introduced Mandy Leon. Leon was snarky and claimed that she already knew she was going to be in the tournament.


Rok-C defeated Laynie Luck (9:46)

The first portion of this match saw Rok-C show off a more aggressive side, while also displaying a showboat attitude as well. Every time Luck would do a dance move, Rok-C mounted a little more frustration.

Luck eventually realized it was go time and flipped her switch, delivering some stiff slams. It's important to note that commentary played up the fact that Rok-C could be the youngest Women’s Champion in ROH history -- potentially could be foreshadowing.

Luck has really educated feet and throws a great dropkick. She also throws a superb knee strike.

Rok-C eventually shifted to another gear after hitting a great top rope Thesz press. She followed that up with a few stiff strikes before hitting an outstanding Code Red for the win.


Ticket to Gold: Nicole Savoy

Kanellis-Bennett returned and called Nicole Savoy. Bennett revealed that fans on ROH's The Experience Facebook page overwhelmingly voted to see Savoy in the tournament. Savoy was grateful for the opportunity and discussed her previous experience in ROH.


Final Thoughts --

Rok-C is really, really good. She’s been the standout of the newly introduced women and it seems as if ROH is high on her as well. I hope she goes far in the tournament -- if she doesn’t win the whole thing.

No discredit to Laynie Luck though, she’s really impressive as well.

The tournament did need recognizable faces, and Mandy Leon is just that. I don’t want Leon or Angelina Love to win the tournament, but they were needed to draw eyes to the tournament.

I’m a big fan of Nicole Savoy’s work. She rightfully deserved a spot in the tournament as well.