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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Tag match, Tickets to Gold


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

Two more Tickets to Gold were given out, but one recipient couldn't accept due to injury. A great tag team bout also took place on the show.


Lenny Leonard announced that two Tickets to Gold would be given out tonight. He also announced that Maria Kanellis-Bennett and himself would be revealing the Women’s World Championship tournament bracket this Sunday at ROH's Best in the World pay-per-view.


Ticket to Gold: Sumie Sakai

Kanellis-Bennett praised Sakai’s work and tenure in ROH, and said they couldn’t host a tournament without her. Sakai was the first-ever Women of Honor World Champion and expressed that she’s looking forward to becoming champion again.


Allie Recks & Gia Scott defeated Sumie Sakai & Willow (9:30)

Willow and Recks started the bout. Recks couldn’t match Willow’s strength, so Scott tagged herself in. After a few exchanges of strikes and counters, Sakai came in. Sakai sent Scott into the corner and Scott seemed to have a knee injury. When the referee blocked Sakai’s view, Scott popped up and nailed her with a kick.

Scott slapped Recks on the shoulder and demanded she enter the match, which she did reluctantly. Recks and Sakai had a nice little exchange and Recks was able to show off some of her offensive repertoire.

Recks and Scott eventually both got in the ring and tried to double team Sakai, but she was able to make a tag to Willow. Willow came in and bulldozed Recks, then followed it up by planting Scott with a spinebuster. Willow had the momentum until Scott dropped her with a powerbomb that would have secured the win if Sakai didn’t break up the pin.

The final seconds of the match saw Scott plant a kick on Willow’s jaw while the referee was distracted. Recks followed up with a spear for the win.


Ticket to Gold: Allie Recks

Kanellis-Bennett applauded Recks for the heart she's shown in her Women's Division Wednesday matches. Kanellis-Bennett offered a Ticket to Gold to Recks, but Recks revealed that she injured her knee in her match with Max The Impaler a few weeks ago. Recks respectfully declined due to the injury, but Kanellis-Bennett assured her that there will be future opportunities.

Lenny Leonard revealed after the call that two more Tickets to Gold will be awarded on Thursday night via ROH's social media platforms.


Final Thoughts --

Very unfortunate news for Allie Recks. I was looking forward to seeing her in the tournament. Sumie Sakai was an expected entrant from the very beginning. I just hope ROH lets a fresh face win the belt.

I enjoyed the tag match thoroughly, although I didn't like Willow taking the pin. She’s a wonderful wrestler and was the star of this match.