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ROH Women's Division Wednesday results: Willow vs. Alex Gracia


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

Two new competitors were introduced to ROH fans -- and they did not disappoint. Also, another Ticket to Gold was given out.


Willow defeated Alex Gracia (8:45)

A quick background on both of these competitors: Alex Gracia has been nearly everywhere in the business. She’s wrestled for AEW, NWA, ROW, CMLL, Shine, Stardom, Evolve, Shimmer, and Rise. Willow Nightingale has also been around the block. She’s wrestled for AEW, GCW, Beyond, Shimmer, WoW, and Rise.

When the bell rang, Willow had Gracia on the mat pretty fast in a headlock. Gracia fought out of it and the two exchanged a series of arm drags back and forth. Willow had a great series of offensive attacks before hitting a beautiful suplex.

Willow kept on with constant offense, eventually locking in a unique standing Figure Four and then also applying a Camel Clutch. Gracia was able to escape and attempted to find her footing in the contest.

While Willow was setting up for something big in the corner, Gracia was able to sneak in and hit a great looking lungblower, followed by a running knee in the corner. Gracia was only able to muster a two count out of her series of momentum.

Gracia had sent Willow reeling to the outside after the pinfall attempt, which allowed her to hit a great springboard crossbody to Willow on the outside. Gracia had all the momentum at this point and rolled Willow back in the ring.

Gracia went to the top rope and hit a cannonball onto Willow. Gracia then tried a springboard maneuver, but she was caught in mid-air by Willow. Willow body slammed Gracia and tried to put her away, but she kicked out at two.

In the final sequence of the match, Willow tried to hit a moonsault but nobody was home. The two women then had a standoff that involved trading forearms, which resulted in Willow being able to hit her Dangerous Babe gutwrench powerbomb for the win. What a phenomenal match.


Ticket to Gold: Willow

Brian Zane was joined backstage by Willow after the match. Zane congratulated Willow on her win and asked if she thought her performance earned her a Ticket to Gold.

Willow said she thought she did great and hoped it was enough to earn a Ticket to Gold. Maria Kanellis-Bennett surprised Willow and praised her performance in the match. Kanellis-Bennett officially gave Willow a Ticket to Gold then and there, officially putting her in this summer's ROH Women’s Championship Tournament.


Final Thoughts --

I’m still in awe over that match. It was the best women’s match we’ve seen from ROH since the women's division returned, bar none. Willow and Gracia are very good performers and their styles meshed together perfectly. Willow especially stood out to me -- she had a lot of power and grit behind all of her moves.

While Willow got a Ticket to Gold, I would say Gracia deserves one as well. She showed out in the match, has done great work on AEW Dark, and has a good fanbase behind her on the internet.