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ROH TV results: Briscoes vs. Anderson & Gallows from Honor Rising

Ring of Honor television continued to build towards the Global Wars pay-per-view this Sunday and the upcoming shows featuring talent from New Japan Pro Wrestling with more footage from Honor Rising. Taped just before the departure from NJPW of Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, this episodes featured one of the their last matches in a New Japan ring after giving notice as they face the Briscoes. Besides the Bullet Club being represented in the TV main event, the opening match also featured members of the faction.

Hiroshi Tanahashi, Michael Elgin, Tomoaki Honma & Moose beat Tama Tonga, Bad Luck Fale, Yujiro Takahashi & Cody Hall

Moose was looked like a star in front of this crowd with them doing his signature gesture. The match was also designed to get him over. The show opened with his entrance. He squared off with Fale at the start of the match. They collide and neither went down until Moose hit a dropkick. Honma tagged in only to get dropkicked by Tama in typical Honma underdog fashion. After a commerical, the match breaks down into a brawl on the outside where Tanahashi, still suffering from a shoulder injury as this was taped, got nailed with a chair.

The Bullet Club worked over Tanahashi until a hot tag brought Elgin in to clean house with feats of strength. At one point, Elgin went for a German suplex on Takahashi, who grabbed referee Tiger Hattori and gave Elvin a low blow to counter the move. From there, Moose and Hall had some exchanges. Moose got the better of it until the Bullet Club ganged up on him. Working their way towards the finish, the action picked up with counters, nearfalls and more counters. Eventually, Moose finished Hall off with a spear and pinned him.

Elsewhere on the show, Jay Lethal and Truth Martini were roaming the streets of Japan talking about going to a massage parlor looking for a happy ending. They also went to the New Japan store. Martini had trouble with no smoking signs because he wanted to smoke a cigarette. The skits appeared throughout the show. Besides the comedy sketches, a more serious angle involving Lethal also aired setting up his next title defense.

Footage from Supercard of Honor in Dallas showed the return of Colt Cabana to ROH. As the story goes, Lethal defended his ROH world title against Lio Rush and afterwards he began bragging about his supremacy. Cabana made his surprise return to confront and challenge Lethal. The next night, Lethal gave Cheeseburger a title shot instead of Colt and mockingly saying Cheeseburger deserved it more. After Lethal beat Cheeseburger, Cabana ran in for an impromptu non-title match where Cabana rolled up Lethal to pin the champion. Therefore, Lethal defends against Cabana in Colt’s hometown of Chicago at the Global Wars PPV this Sunday.

Mark & Jay Briscoe beat Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows

Anderson pointed out his spouse in attendance and referred to her as his “hot Asian wife” during his and Gallows’ entrance. In one of their last appearances as part of the Bullet Club, they attacked the Briscoes before the bell. This was a wild brawl with some good wresting in between them slugging it out. They brawled around the building channeling the fighting spirit of Brusider Brody and Stan Hansen.

Anderson and Gallows isolated Mark and worked him over until a hot tag to Jay. The pace picked up in the closing moments. Anderson and Gallows went for their Magic Killer finisher but the Briscoes countered. Jay kept trying for his Jay Driller finisher while Anderson went for the Gun Stun as each countered the other. Jay executed the ratchet neckbreaker on Anderson and Mark jumped off the top with a froggy bow to score the pinfall.