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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Bobby Lashley makes an announcement


Previously on Impact: Last week on Impact, Bobby Lashley defeated James Storm in a titles-for-title match. He won the King of the Mountain title and retained both the TNA World Heavyweight title and X Division title.

Tonight on Impact: On tonight’s show, The Hardy Boys, BroMans, Helms Dynasty, and The Tribunal will battle in the “Ascension to Hell” ladder match for a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship. Additionally, Gail Kim continues on her quest for a shot at the Knockouts title when she goes one-on-one with Jade.

Show Recap --

- Backstage, Lashley with all his belts gets in the face of Aron Rex who is talking with Dixie Carter and Billy Corgan.

- Inside the ring, James Storm calls out referee Brian Hebner. Storm recaps how he had Lashley beat last week but Hebner was busy getting Jeremy Borash out of the ring. Storm blames him for the loss and demands a rematch.

Corgan came out and denied him his rematch. Corgan said it’s not that Storm has bad luck -- he just can’t win the big one. Storm went nuts and got in Corgan’s face. Storm brought up Bobby Roode and AJ Styles leaving but he stayed.

Security came out and Storm hit one of them with a beer bottle. He then told Corgan if they cross paths again he’ll smash his pumpkin. Storm left the ring and Corgan suspended him indefinitely.

- In the back, The Miracle and Maria are with Moose as he gets ready for his match with Eddie Edwards. Miracle told Moose to do what he says and when he says, which seemed to bother Moose.

- Outside, an angry James Storm leaves the Impact Zone.

Moose w/ “The Miracle” Mike Bennett defeated Eddie Edwards

Josh Mathews points out that Moose is coming out to the ring to Miracle’s entrance music. Pope notes that it seems to bother Moose. The finish came when Edwards hit a suicide dive onto Miracle. Edwards climbed to the top but Moose caught him with the Go to Hell to score the win.

- Backstage, Maria told Jade that she will never get a title shot again if she fails to beat Gail Kim later.

Gail Kim defeated Jade

Story of the match was that both Jade and Gail are friends who respect each other. Regardless, they both have something at stake and must win the match. Gail hit the Eat Defeat and had Jade beat, but Knockouts Champion Sienna interfered causing a disqualification that gave Gail the win. Sienna gave Gail the AK-47 on the floor.

Maria came out and said that Gail failed on her quest for a shot at the Knockouts title. Mathews immediately pointed out that Maria was making no sense because Gail won the match.

- Backstage, Lashley belittled Braxton Sutter, DJ Z, and Mandrews. He bragged about having all the belts. Lashley promised to make a big announcement later.

DJ Z defeated Mandrews, Rockstar Spud, and Braxton Sutter

Finish of the match came when DJ Z hit a rolling double ZDT on Braxton Sutter and Mandrews. DJ Z pinned Mandrews to win the match.

- Next, we get a recap of Drew Galloway challenging Ethan Carter III to a match with the winner getting the title shot at Bound for Glory.

- In the back, Dixie approaches Corgan who is still upset about what happened with Storm. Dixie mentions that everyone is on edge because Lashley has all the belts.

- EC3 comes out to the ring and calls out Galloway to give him an answer to his challenge. After some back and forth, EC3 accepted the challenge.

Aron Rex then came out to the ring. He said that he’s excited to see EC3 face Galloway for the Bound for Glory title shot. Rex said that he wants to see a clear-cut winner. He went to TNA management and will be the special guest referee for their match.

- In the back, Lashley and Eli Drake argued but Lashley noted that he didn’t have time for this because he has an announcement to make. He bumped into Sienna and admired her Knockouts belt. She told him not to get cute.

- Next, “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy and “Broken” Matt Hardy are in an empty arena. The ring is surrounded by and filled with ladders. Jeff is dressed similar to Matt but has white face paint and his eye is all messed up. Jeff is now broken like Matt.

Matt tells Jeff he won’t be using his body as a weapon or taking any risks. The video ended with both laughing hysterically.

Eli Drake defeated Mahabali Shera

Eli Drake comes to the ring and calls out Lashley, but instead Mahabali Shera comes out. Finish came when Drake hit the Blunt Force Trauma to pick up the win.

- Backstage, Dixie and Corgan approached Lashley wanting to know what his big announcement is. Lashley said he’s headed to the ring to let everyone know.

- Lashley comes out to the ring and has two random guys hold the belts up for him. They stood behind him the whole time even when he would turn around. Lashley called out Dixie and Corgan to the ring.

As Dixie and Corgan made their way to the ring, Mathews acknowledged Dixie as the company's chairman and Corgan as TNA's president.

Lashley wants to unify all three belts together. Dixie and Corgan tell him he can’t do that. He threw the KOTM title to the ground and called it garbage. He said nobody could beat him for the X Division title so he threw that to the ground too.

Dixie and Corgan were offended by his actions. Lashley only wants to keep the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He started to leave but Corgan and Dixie announced an open invitational battle royal next week with the winner getting a shot at Lashley’s TNA World Heavyweight title.

- In the back, Corgan promised to crown a new X Division champion soon. He made no mention of the King of the Mountain title.

The Hardy Boys defeated The BroMans w/ Raquel, The Helms Dynasty, & The Tribunal

Jeff walked to the ring slowly and was all messed up because he’s broken. The match started with everyone brawling in the ring. Matt stayed outside the ring and didn’t get involved at first.

The Tribunal focused their attention on Jeff. Matt finally got involved an attacked The Tribunal. Jeff hit a crossbody to the floor on Basile Baraka but barely grazed him. He hit the floor hard. Matt went nuts and cleared the ring. He bit everyone in sight.

Matt gave Trevor Lee a side effect on the ladder but got caught with a springboard dropkick from Andrew Everett. Everett climbed up the ladder but Jeff sacrificed himself to knock Everett off it. Matt came in and climbed up the ladder to win the match. The Hardys are the number one contenders for Decay's tag titles.

Next Time on Impact: Next week on Impact, EC3 defends his Bound For Glory title shot against Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as the special guest referee. Also, Impact will feature an open invitational battle royal with the winner getting a shot a the TNA World Heavyweight title.