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Impact Throwback Throwdown 2 live results: Winter War '84


The final Impact Wrestling event of 2021 takes place Saturday with Throwback Throwdown 2, live from Louisville, Kentucky's famed Davis Arena -- home of Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The show will stream on Impact Plus.

While specific details have yet to be announced for the show,it's essentially an evening when Impact goes back in time to an alternate universe for the IPWF (Canada's Impact Provincial Wrestling Federation).

The original event took place in Ontario, Canada, in October 2019. The concept was a low-budget 1980s studio taping featuring Ethan Page, Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, Brian Cage, and The Rascalz under different names.

Several talents in town that are expected to be on the show include Sami Callihan (Sonny Sanders), Jazzy Fitzbody (Madison Rayne), Rapid Delivery Pete (Rich Swann), Sex Ferguson (Doc Gallows), Johnny Swinger, Brian Myers, Matt Cardona and Ladybird Johnston (Havok).

Our live coverage kicks off at 8 PM Eastern.

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From 2019’s Throwback Throwdown:

Downtown Daddy Brown (Willie Mack) defeated International Commonwealth TV Champion Julian Cumberbun (Ethan Page) (with Sonny Sanders (Sami Callihan)) in a Loser Leaves Town match to become the new champion

Tonight on commentary, Guiseppe Scovelli Jr. (Josh Matthews) & Gourde Laroux (Matt Striker). 

Duke Winchester (Sam Beale) defeated “The Mysterious” Mr. E (Jackson Stone)

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Sex Ferguson opened the show with a commercial, promoting his title match with “Downtown” Daddy Brown. Big emphasis on "Card Subject To Change" on the bottom.

We got an announcement that Muscles McGee has been detained on the American border, and thus won’t make it to tonight’s main event. Suddenly, Sex Ferguson drove down, drank a beer, and headed to the arena.

Ferguson came down to the ring and talked trash to the crowd of Louisville, Kentucky. He told the crowd that McGee is not making it to the arena tonight and he had a free night. He reminded us that Daddy Brown can’t challenge for the title while Ferguson is the champion. 

Suddenly, out came Guiseppe Scovelli, Sr. (Scott D’Amore), owner of IPWF. Promoted Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and told Ferguson that he suspected him for McGee and Cowboy’s McCoy’s problems making it to the shows as of late. 

Scovelli told Ferguson that he got a replacement for tonight, and Ferguson’s opponent will be Santa Claus (Willie Mack in a Destroyer-like mask) North Pole Street Fight.

Chad 2 Badd (Karl Anderson) defeated Bill Ding (Trey Miguel)

Match started with Badd in control, going for an early arm submission and pin attempt. Smashed his head from corner to corner, but he played to the crowd a bit too much and Ding dodged his final attack 

Ding went for a quick roll up with his feet on the ropes for a two count, went for a sleeper, but Badd survived, countered a second rope jump, and thus started his comeback. Badd used his martial arts proficiency to strike down Ding, including a low blow behind the referee’s sight for a two count. 

Ding once again went for the roll up with his feet on the ropes, but the referee caught him. He hit a big lariat for another two count. Ding went for a second rope senton, but Badd moved out of the way, hit an atomic drop and the running splash for the win.

- We saw the new music video from the Rhythmic Warriors song “Keep On Walking”. 

Rhythmic Warriors (Mikey Singer [Action Mike Jackson] & Johnny Swinger) defeated Sunday Morning Express (Ace Reporter and Editor-In-Chief [Chris Sabin])

Before the match, Sabin cut a promo on the Rhythmic Warriors, saying those young guys are out there partying all night and so the Sunday Morning Express will teach them a lesson.

The SME jumped the Warriors to start the match, but after some innovative moves, diving through the ropes, the Warriors gained control of the match. 

Singer lost his wig mid match, so they had to acknowledge he was indeed old. Singer did the old school spot, called as the current school rope walk on both SME members. 

Swinger came in with the hot tag, but got cut off by the SME too, so Singer tagged in and took both men down again. Warriors won with double school boys. 

Singer looked really good. 

- Dexter Petticoat interviewed Santa Claus. Petticoat seemed to recognize Claus, but Claus dissolved the suspicion. Claus talked about going after Ferguson tonight.

Frank The Butcher (Rhino) defeated RIP Rayzor (Ace Austin) (with Rusty Iron [Gia Miller]) 

Rayzor started the match in control, he attacked Butcher in the corner while he smoked. When Butcher tried making a comeback, Rayzor hid behind Rusty Iron. Rayzor tricked Butcher into clotheslining the ring post.

Back in the ring, Butcher made a comeback when Rayzor tried to use his spiked neck gear to attack him, but after the referee took the spikes away, Rayzor low blowed Butcher, who was distracted. 

Butcher finally made a comeback and chopped Rayzor over and over, hitting a big clothesline for the win. 

After the match, Rusty Iron confronted Butcher, who threatened to chop her, but Rayzor snuck behind Butcher and slit his throat. Referees took Butcher away bleeding. Butcher may die tonight.

- Petticoat had some microphone problems that I don’t know if they were shoot or part of the gimmick. Technology has come far in 1984. Petticoat introduced the former Rough Riders member, Georgia Cobb (Jordynne Grace). He asked her about her match tonight with Ladybird Johnston, her former RR stablemate. 

Cobb blamed Ladybird for killing the Rough Riders and couldn’t forgive her for taking out Mildred’s kneecaps with a tire iron and how she killed Blanche in that scaffold spot. 

As Cobb went to the ring, Johnston attacked her from behind. 

Georgia Cobb defeated Ladybird Johnston

Once in the ring, Cobb locked in a sleeper hold on Johnston, who used her size advantage to knock Cobb off her. Johnston worked over Cobb, but she distracted herself playing to the crowd, allowing Cobb to comeback. Cobb went for a fireman’s carry, but she still couldn’t deal with Johnston’s size. 

Johnston scoop slammed and locked in a camel clutch, mocked Cobb with repeated crotch thrusts to the head, but only got a two count. 

Cobb made a comeback with a couple of clotheslines and elbows, finally taking down Johnston. Cobb slammed Johnston’s head to the mat, but Johnston got her with a desperate Samoan drop. Johnston brought out the tire iron she used to take out Mildred, but the referee caught her. Cobb recovered and hit a rolling plunge for the win.

- We got a medical update on Frank The Butcher. Dr. (Al) Snow informed us that Butcher needed an emergency procedure. Scovelli Sr. wanted him out of the arena before he died. Suddenly, Quincy Cosmos (Rohit Raju) attacked Dr. Snow and Scovelli stole Scovelli’s necklace. 

Cosmos came out to the ring and said he had taken the necklace to make himself beautiful. Scovelli Jr. confronted him and told him that if Sr. was out, he was now in charge of the promotion. He booked himself to Cosmos. 

Guiseppe Scovelli Jr. defeated Quincy Cosmos

Cosmos jumped Scovelli Jr., took him down when Scovelli tried to make a comeback, but Scovelli eventually managed to dodge Cosmos and take him down with an atomic drop and an innovative move called the hurricanrana. 

Cosmos regained control, attacked him with a falling elbow, but couldn’t get the pin. Cosmos locked in a headlock, but Scovelli finally countered with a chin breaker, connecting a couple of elbows and a dropkick, a second rana, and a springboard kick for a near fall.

Scovelli accidentally hit the referee when Cosmos dodged him, but when Cosmos' friend tried to attack Jr, Scovelli Sr. came back to help his son, who took out Cosmos. Sr counted the pin and Scovelli Jr. won, regaining dad’s necklace. 

After the match, Sr. gave his son the necklace, in a passing of the torch moment. Interesting spoof of Vince and Vince Jr.

- Outside, RIP Rayzor and Rusty were confronted by Duke Winchester and Ima Belle (Deonna Purrazzo) about their heinous acts against Frank The Butcher, Belle challenged Rusty to settle their differences in the ring. “If I was careful, my name wouldn’t be Duke Winchester” he said before crashing his car.

- DJ 2Large (Moose) came out to perform his latest song in the style of Rap. He got the crowd chanting “Go DJ Go” until Col. E. Corn (John E. Bravo) stopped him and berated the art of Rap. Corn brought out Pelvis Wesley (Heath). 

DJ 2Large and Wesley challenged each other to a sing-off, but the latter jumped 2Large after the crowd got behind him. Between Wesley and Corn, they took down 2Large and broke a guitar on his back. Wesley danced over 2Large’s body before leaving the ring.

- Petticoat tried to get Dr. Ross to help Duke Winchester, but he was busy trying to keep Butcher alive.

“Hard” Harry Hall (Jake Something) defeated Badlands Bart (Larry D) in a 4-corners bullrope match.

Match was Bart controlled early on, but HHH kept stopping him from getting to all corners. HHH came close to hitting all four corners too, but Bart pulled him in into a big spinebuster. 

Bart came close to hitting all corners, but HHH caught him with a series of clotheslines, touched two corners, and hit a big blackholes slam before Bart fell to the floor, pulling HHH out too. 

Bart attacked HHH with the cowbell on the rope, choked him with the rope and pulled HHH around as he touched the corners, but without realizing that HHH had also touched all corners behind him. Last corner saw HHH flip over Bart and touch the final corner for the win.

- Petticoat announced that they’re going back to Ontario next month. Sammy Sanders (Sami Callihan) barged in on clutches and threatened the star fullback of the Tiger Cats, Amil Gragne. Sebastian Baker (Jimmy Jacobs) rolled in and confronted Sanders saying he’ll take Gragne’s contract.

Ima Belle defeated Rusty Iron (with RIP Rayzor)

Iron tried to jump Belle, but Belle caught her, smashed her head on the corner and got an early pin with a crossbody. Iron cut her off and went after her neck with constant chinlocks. Belle would try to fight back, but Rayzor was there to trip Belle and allow Iron to keep her off her game. 

Iron locked in a camel clutch for a submission tease, but Belle fought out of it. She tried to follow with a running splash, but Iron moved out of the way. Iron attacked with a couple of hip tosses, but Belle countered the final one with a clothesline. Belle came back with punches and a wheelbarrow splash for the pin. Props to Belle for wrestling with that dress.

Afterwards, Rayzor threatened to cut Belle’s throat, but Frank The Butcher made his return and saved Belle. Butcher had his tracheostomy hose with him.

- Petticoat interviewed Tim Burr (Josh Alexander), who talked about facing Eric “The Red” Wood (W. Morrissey) tonight. Burr named all the men he had taken down, including Andre The Giant. 

Tim Burr defeated Eric “The Red” Wood

This was a Hogan v Andre play from early on, with Burr going for the slam, but Wood managing to block every attempt. I haven’t watched Wrestlemania III in a long time, but most of this match felt like it was spot-by-spot recreation. 

Eventually, Burr attacked Wood with top rope double axe handles, but Wood recovered and got him in a bearhug. Burr escaped, tried to saw off Wood’s leg, hit the scoop slam, hit the leg drop, and got the win. I’ll need to slip screen this with Andre v Hogan. 

- Petticoat interviewed Dr. Ross about saving Butcher’s life, but he seemed to have forgotten that he was supposed to save Duke Winchester. They did some Al Snow heads and Snow said it best “well, that was disappointing”.

- The $237,000 Man (R.D. Reynolds) came out to the ring after Fitbody’s entrance. He talked about the time when he was the $300,000 Man, but now he wasn’t that man anymore. Fitbody started exercising in the ring and got the attention from the crowd instead. $237,000 Man announced he had a new client to bring his fortune back up again, he introduced Fitbody’s opponent.

Jazzy Fitbody (Madison Rayne) defeated Wanda The Werewoman (Savannah Evans) by DQ.

Wanda is dressed as Thriller Michael Jackson post-transformation.

Fitbody mocked Wanda before the match and tried to get her to do the Thriller dance, but instead, she attacked Fitbody. She tossed her from one corner to the other, hit a Samoan drop, and got a two count. 

Fitbody tried to make a comeback, but Wanda got her in the Claw. Fitbody used aerobics to power up, dodge all of Wanda’s attacks, and land an enzuigiri and a bulldog to take Wanda down. Fitbody caught $237,000 Man when he tried to attack, but it was enough time for Wanda to recover, catch Fitbody, and bite her for the DQ loss.  

We have another injured wrestler tonight, Dr. Snow and Ross can’t catch a break.

- Petticoat introduced G.I. Brosky (Matt Cardona) and Brian Bone Crunching (Brian Myers) , collectively known as S.T.O.M.P. In Paradise. They talked about going against the Russians and how they tried to ruin the summer Olympics. They dedicated the match to Bruce Springsteen. This should be Cardona’s gimmick in GCW.

S.T.O.M.P. In Paradise (G.I.Brosky & Brian Bone Crunching) defeated The Russians (Sergei The Siberian [Madman Fulton] & Stalingrad Strangler [Tony Gunn])

S.T.O.M.P. made new gear for this show. 

Match started with Brosky and Crunching dominating over Strangler, but when Sergei tagged in, he cut off Crunching and took control of the ring. The Russians worked over Crunching until he outsmarted them and had Sergei attack Strangler’s arm without noticing. 

Brosky came in with the hot tag, took down Stalingrad with a couple of clotheslines and stomps in the corner, followed by the running boot for a two count. Sergei helped Stalingrad cut off Brosky now and got a big near fall with a side Russian leg sweep. Sergei went for the leg drop, but Brosky dodged and tagged in Crunching. 

Crunching slammed Strangler with a spinebuster for a two count. He went for a sunset flip for a two count, but then hit a double team move with Brosky for the win.

S.T.O.M.P. In Paradise celebrated drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.

- Petticoat interviewed Sex Ferguson, who talked trash about Santa Claus, claiming that it was Daddy Brown in a costume. 

Santa Claus defeated International Commonwealth TV Champion Sex Ferguson in a North Pole street fight to become the new champion

Santa started the match with the upper hand, but Ferguson relied on cheap tricks and poked Santa’s eye. The match spilled to the floor where Santa regained momentum, using some of the weapons that Ferguson had brought out. Santa put a unicorn mask on Ferguson and rode him before a low dropkick to the head.

Once again on the floor, Ferguson poked Santa’s eye again and caught Santa with the ropes between the legs. Santa went for a stunner, but hurt his foot by accidentally kicking Ferguson’s cup. Ferguson rammed Santa’s head to a chair for a near fall. 

Ferguson took off his book and tried to use it like he did against “Downtown” Daddy Brown, but Santa took it. Ferguson took his other boot off and they both knocked each other out with boot shots.

Santa came back with strikes and a crossbody, tried to follow up, but once again, Ferguson low blowed Santa as the fans chanted “Let’s have Sex”. 

Ferguson got a beer and came close to using it against Santa, but he couldn’t bring himself to waste beer, and instead drank the beer, allowing Santa to recover, hit a low blow, a stunner, and the running falling elbow for the win. 

After the match, Santa Claus took off his mask and revealed to be “Downtown” Daddy Brown. The locker room came out to celebrate with Brown and drink some Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Brown gave out gifts to the fans as the show went off the air.