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Impact Wrestling results: Emergence go-home show


Impact Wrestling returns from Nashville, TN for tonight’s episode, leading up to the two week Emergence event starting next week.

Opening video focused on Rich Swann’s story, from the injury, to his return at Slammiversary XVIII, to Eric Young’s initial attack at the pay-per-view, and ending with Swann’s retirement speech and second attack by EY. 

Willie Mack and Eric Young were already fighting as the show began. We were told that Mack didn’t wait and went after Young backstage. They brawled for a bit until security tried to break them up, but EY and Mack kept brawling towards the ring.

The referee wouldn’t start the match, so Mack took the microphone and told EY and the referee to start the match already. EY tried to leave, but Mack brought him back the hard way, and once in the ring, the referee finally started the match.

Eric Young defeated Willie Mack

Mack started with control taking down EY with some spinning back kicks and a couple of elbows. EY did manage to snap Mack’s neck on the ropes, but Mack was still able to toss EY to the floor and land a pescado to maintain control and get a two count.

Mack went for a superplex, but EY dropped him after he bit him and hit a diving elbow for a two count. Young dropped a couple of knees and elbows for another pin attempt. Young choked Mack in the corner and went for a double axe handle from the second rope, but Mack caught him with a northern lights bridge for a two count, Young responded with a clothesline to regain control.

EY went back to work for the neck, almost choking out Mack, but Mack made a comeback. He took down EY with a sidekick, a scoop slam, and dropped a knee to the face. Mack hit the Samoan drop and standing moonsault combo for a two count. 

Mack went for the stunner, but EY raked Mack’s eyes to counter. Mack was able to still hit the stunner. Mack teased going for the 6-star frog splash, but instead took out a chair. The referee told him he’d DQ Willie, but Mack said he didn’t care this time, set up a Pillmanizer and went for the top rope. However, Mack wasted too much time talking to the referee, allowing EY to recover, block Mack, and dropped him with a piledriver to pick up the win. Pretty good opener.

After the match, EY called out Eddie Edwards.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne ran down the card for tonight, and some of Emergence’s matches. 

Backstage, The Good Brothers were out looking for Ace Austin and Madman Fulton.

We now went to Wrestle House. Taya is getting everyone together to give them good news and another activity. She wants to show them Taya’s Greatest Hits. Cody Deaner told us that Cousin Jake was sick. Alisha Edwards said that Susie was sick too. So Taya played her Impact debut to everyone while she made Bravo give her a massage. 

Johnny Swinger is telling stories to Crazzy Steve, who is eyeing Rosemary, who is eyeing Bravo. So Crazzy Steve sat down with Rosemary and asked her if she’s troubled or something, jealous maybe. 

In another room, Susie and Cousin Jake are going on a date. 

Back on Impact, Reno Scum jumped Rhino and stole back the money for Hernandez.

Jordynne Grace defeated Kimber Lee

Collar and elbow to start the match. Grace got the early advantage with a couple of clotheslines and a sidewalk slam for a two count. Grace whipped Lee from corner to corner; she went for another clothesline, but Lee pulled the referee between them, allowing Lee to catch Grace with a roundhouse kick and gain control.

Back from commercial, Kimber Lee has been working on Jordynne’s left knee, stomping it against the ring and locking in a kneebar. Lee chopped Grace a bit and went for a suplex, but Grace blocked it and reversed to one of her own. 

Grace came back with shoulder blocks and an elbow to the back, ending with a spinebuster for a two count. Lee tried to go for a sunset flip pin that triggered a couple of pin reverses until Lee hit an enzuigiri and German bridge for a two count.

Kimber Lee went for a swanton, but Jordynne blocked her and went for a superplex. Lee heatbutted Grace down and hit the swanton,  but Grace got the knees up, took a hold of Lee with a sleeper, and tapped out Lee. Good short match. 

We got a new episode of Locker Room Talk with Madison Rayne, with guests Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes. Madison asked how they felt being back to their normal selves. They said it was great and started making out, so Madison just walked out on them. They took over and Katie interviewed Rob instead, they mostly talked about themselves when suddenly Sami Callihan appeared and jumped on Rob. Katie saved Rob from a Cactus special by spraying Sami’s eyes, allowing Rob to recover. They both stomped on Callihan before leaving.

Heath Miller bought a 30-second ad from Locker Room Talk to make a case to get signed by Impact.

Somewhere backstage, Trey Miguel surprised Wentz and Xavier with a Suicide mask. Moose stumbled up to them and berated Wentz who had an ECIII hoodie. Trey had the Suicide mask on, so Moose mistook him and got an invitation from Moose for a title shot next week.

Back at Wrestle House, Taya was still making everyone watch her matches, while Rosemary started eyeing someone that she could make Bravo jealous with. She put a love curse on Larry D. Acey Romero noticed something odd in Larry D when he said that there’s more to life than food, and so they got into a fight so Acey could knock some sense into Larry. 

Wrestle House: Larry D defeated Acey Romero

They started punching each other, Acey hit the first body block to bring Larry down. Acey hit a dropkick, but failed to hit a senton when Larry D moved away. Larry went for the clothesline, but Acey dodged the first, Larry landed a second one and won the match. Larry D dedicated the match to Rosemary.

Susie and Cousin Jake went to their date. They had nothing to talk about. Susie just said she had the runs for some reason.

Deonna Purrazzo cut a promo on Jordynne Grace. She said that Grace had been acting aggressive and ruthless, not apt for a champion, but she did deserve a rematch. She challenged Jordynne Grace to a 30 minute Knockout’s Ironman match at Emergence.

We got a video package for The North vs The Motor City Machine Guns for Emergence. MCMG talked about new teams copying them, while The North talked about being the best because they studied their opponents and were caught unprepared. Winning one time doesn’t mean they’re better than The North.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeated Havok & Nevaeh in a No DQ match

Tasha and Hogan came out but hid from their opponents. Havok and Nevaeh came out for their entrance, but Tasha and Hogan were there to jump them from behind to start the brawl. Tasha choked Havok on one side, while Hogan and Nevaeh brawled on the other side. 

In the ring, Havok caught Tasha from the top rope and dropped her with a black hole slam. She set her up on the tree of woe and dropped her with an elbow. Havok followed with the running boot, but Hogan grabbed at Havok’s leg to save Tasha, allowing her to take a chair and drop Havok. Hogan and Tasha superkicked Havok to take her out.

Nevaeh jumped to the ring and clotheslined both Hogan and Tasha, then followed with suplexes on Tasha, getting a two count. 

Outside the ring, Hogan tricked Havok into running knee first into the steel steps. Hogan helped out Tasha, attacking Nevaeh from behind with an object. They connected a couple of running dropkicks to Nevaeh in the corner while they kept Havok at bay. Hogan hit a neckbreaker on Nevaeh for another two count.

Havok brought out a table outside the ring. Havok and Nevaeh tried to toss Hogan to the table, but Tasha saved her and all four started trading strikes, ending with everyone getting a kick. Havok went for a tombstone on Tasha, but was saved by Hogan, and instead went for a double suplex, blocked by Havok and reversed into a suplex of her own. 

Havok charged at Hogan and Tasha, but was sent into the apron instead. Havok tried to suplex Tasha to the table, but Tasha blocked and locked in a sleeper. Tasha released, superkicked Havok, and Hogan hit a second, sending Havok to the table.

Nevaeh attacked them with a street sign, but Hogan dodged, hit a swinging neckbreaker, and pinned Nevaeh for the win. Good match, went by quick. Tasha and Hogan are great.

Gallows and Anderson asked D’Amore about Ace Austin’s whereabouts, but he said he didn’t know.

Moose was walking backstage when a video played of ECIII saying he was going after Moose because Moose had decided to become synonymous with TNA.

Dezmond Xavier (with Zachary Wentz) vs Suicide was a no contest

Match started with a sequence of counters and reversals, wrestling for wrist control. Xavier was going for some punches, when suddenly, The Good Brothers came down. 

Gallows and Anderson took out The Rascalz and Suicide, the latter with the magic killer. This felt totally WCW/WWE how they treated their young talent.

Anderson cut a promo saying that they were going to wait all night for Ace Austin and Fulton to come out and fight. Ace and Fulton appeared on the tron, telling them they’re not there, not even in the same state. Ace said they’ll get their fight next week at Emergence. 

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Cody vs Eddie Edwards from October 2nd, 2016’s episode of Impact.

Backstage, Rohit Raju approached Chris Bey about losing last week. Rohit tried to get himself into a three-way at Emergence so they could gang up on TJP. Bey accepted since he had already beaten Rohit before. 

We got yet another vignette for Brian Myers. He called himself the most professional wrestler. 

Back at Wrestle House, Susie and Jake ended their really awkward date with Jake kinda provoking Su Yung to come out. Alisha asked Susie if she had done everything she told her for the date, but Susie said her advice was bad. This was enough for Alisha to ask for a match with Susie. Zero patience this lady.

Wrestle House: Susie defeated Alisha Edwards

Alisha started pushing around Susie, causing her to slap Suzie. They had an overplayed catfight spot before the referee, Crazzy Steve, separated them. Susie caught Alisha with a palm strike, but when she tried to follow up, Alisha caught her with a clothesline. They traded some strikes in the middle of the ring before Alisha dropped Susie, but the latter schoolgirled Alisha for the win. The best thing about this was Crazzy Steve as the referee.

After the match, Taya told them all to go back to the house to watch more Taya matches. Kylie Rae objected. Taya told that Rae had never beaten a champion, so Rae challenged Taya. Rosemary stopped Dreamer from calling the match.

Matthews and Rayne ran down the card for Emergence. Next week is Kylie Rae vs. Taya, Moose defending the TNA World title against Trey Miguel, Chris Bey vs. TJP vs. Rohit Raju for the X-Division title, The Good Brothers vs. Ace Austin and Fulton, and finally, The North vs MCMGs for the tag titles.

In Emergence night two, Deonna Purrazzo will defend against Jordynne Grace in a 30 minute ironman match, and Eddie Edwards will hold another open challenge if he can defend tonight.

Eddie Edwards came down for his open challenge. He took a microphone and called out Eric Young for the challenge. Instead, Brian Myers came out. Myers said that in his hands, that belt would become a ‘championship’.

Impact World Champion Eddie Edwards defeated Brian Myers to retain the title

Match started with Myers relying on the ropes to escape Edwards as he was getting pushed around. Eventually, he managed to be the one to push Eddie to the ropes but instead he went for the strike that Eddie dodged, but not the clothesline that followed. 

Eddie and Myers traded some shoulder tackles, but it was the latter that managed to capitalize for a bit, at least until Eddie clotheslined him to the floor.

Back from commercial, Myers is back in the ring, trading momentum with Eddie, who hit an atomic drop and over-the-head suplex. Myers caught Eddie in the ropes and sent him shoulder first to the ring post to finally stop Eddie’s momentum. 

Myers worked on Eddie’s back, ramming him to the apron and a couple of knees for a two count. Myers kept the offense until Eddie managed to send him to the floor and follow with a quick suicide dive. Eddie seemed to hurt his knee, which Myers took advantage of. 

Back in the ring, Myers hit a backplex for a two count, then went into a sleeper. Eddie made a comeback, suplexing Myers into the turnbuckles. Eddie hit a step-up enzuigiri and the backpack stunner for a two count. 

Eddie went for the tiger driver, but Myers escaped and hit an evenflow DDT for a two count. Eddie caught Myers with a superkick, a forearm, and hit the tiger driver, but Myers kicked out at two. Eddie set up for the BKP, but Myers dodged and hit a pele kick. Myers hit the ropes, but Eddie caught him with the BKP on the comeback and picked up the win. Good match, Myers looked okay.

Final thoughts -- 

Good show by Impact, quite strong in the ring, and it worked as a go-home show for next week’s Emergence show.