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Impact Wrestling results: Fallout from Bound for Glory


Previously: At Bound for Glory, Impact Global Champion Eli Drake defeated Johnny Impact after Alberto El Patron interfered.

Tonight: GHC Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards defends against El Hijo Del Fantasma.

Show Recap --

Eli Drake and Chris Adonis came down to the ring. Drake bragged about retaining the championship at Bound for Glory. He’s taking the night off because there are no challengers left and he wants to leave Canada.

Petey Williams came out and said he’s not going to stop him from leaving because nobody wants him to stay. Williams and Drake agreed to face each other next week. Williams ended up brawling with Adonis and Drake, then Williams attempted the Canadian Destroyer on Drake until Adonis pulled him to safety.

- Jimmy Jacobs came out and joined Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash on commentary. Mathews and Jacobs took a selfie together.

Matt Sydal defeated Sonjay Dutt

Jacobs being on commentary was the focus early in the match. Eventually, he got upset with Borash for ignoring him and left.

Sydal gained the advantage by working over Dutt’s leg. Dutt used a superplex to briefly take over, but Sydal went back to the leg. Dutt made another comeback but was slow climbing to the top. Sydal cut him off and won with the Shooting Star Press.

After the match, Impact Grand Champion Ethan Carter III came out. He said Sydal chokes every time it’s a big match and that maybe in another lifetime he could be reborn a winner.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Team International (Hector Garza, Sonjay Dutt & Amazing Red) defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams, Bobby Roode & Eric Young)

This match was the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week and took place back in 2004. The heels isolated Red in their corner and worked him over, then Garza got the hot tag and ran wild until Roode cut him off. Dutt nailed Roode with a hurricanrana and Garza hit a twisting moonsault for the win.

GHC Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards defeated El Hijo Del Fantasma to retain his title

Edwards scored a close near fall with the Blue Thunder Bomb. Fantasma caught Edwards with a knee for a two count. Edwards attempted a Tiger Driver on the apron, but Fantasma fought it off. They both ended up nailing each other with suicide dives.

Edwards attempted the Tiger Driver again before Fantasma countered for another near fall. Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party and followed up with the Die Hard Flowsion to win.

Sami Callihan & OVE defeated Phil Atlas, Ray Steele & Marcus Burke

Callihan and OVE completely dominated and won easily. After the match, LAX came out and brawled with OVE.

- In the back, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Global Forged winner Hakim Zane. Suddenly, Johnny Impact jumped Zane and promised to get revenge on Alberto El Patron.

Allie defeated KC Spinelli from BCW in Windsor, Canada 

Spinelli scored a two count with a fisherman’s suplex before Allie came back with a codebreaker for a very close near fall. Spinelli missed a moonsault, with Allie hitting the Death Valley Driver for the win.

- In the back, Mitchell tried to interview Alberto El Patron when Johnny Impact suddenly jumped him. Braxton Sutter and Caleb Konley got involved and ended up brawling with each other.

Impact and El Patron fought all over the back and went outside to the streets of Ottawa. El Patron told Impact the championship is his and they fought back inside the arena. Security tried to get involved, but they couldn’t keep these two from destroying each other.

El Patron climbed up a ladder onto a small restroom building to get away from Impact. El Patron kicked over the ladder, so Impact ran up a vending machine to get on top. El Patron dangled from the top and Impact kicked him off. Impact then leaped off the top of the building and landed on El Patron and security. This was a pretty epic backstage brawl.

After the commercial break, El Patron and Impact fought down to the ring. El Patron sent Impact into the steps and security came out to break it up again. El Patron said this is his company and he ordered security to hold Impact back.

El Patron teased having a match with Impact, but he walked away instead. Impact said El Patron wasn’t the pride of his father, and this caused El Patron to charge the ring. He nailed Impact with a cheap shot and a DDT. He then locked on the cross armbreaker in the ropes.

Next Week: Impact Global Champion Eli Drake defends against Petey Williams. Also, Sami Callahan & OVE face LAX. Plus, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has a major announcement to make.