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Impact Wrestling results: Homecoming go-home show


This week's opening video had a special emphasis on Sami Callihan and Rich Swann’s efforts to not have each other’s partners fight. The video also featured the top feuds going into Sunday's Homecoming pay-per-view.

Josh Mathews did a voiceover bidding farewell to Pop TV and announcing their move to the Pursuit Channel starting at 10 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, January 11.

Rich Swann, Willie Mack, Dezmond Xavier, Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz defeated Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, Matt Sydal & Ethan Page

Miguel and Jake Crist started the match with a series of counters and reversals. There were quick tags to Xavier and Callihan, and once again, after one move, Wentz got tagged in. Swann tagged in with a double axe handle. Mack came in and within a minute, all members of the babyface team had been legal.

Everyone got in the ring and faced off. They started brawling around the ring, leaving Miguel and Callihan inside, with the latter dropping Miguel with a huge lariat and then another one on the apron. Miguel countered and hit a rana to the outside, starting a sequence where everyone did dives to the outside one by one, ending with Xavier’s Space Flying Tiger Drop.

Miguel went to the top rope, but Jake Crist caught him and hit a cutter from the top to the floor on top of everyone. We got “This is awesome” chants.

Back from commercial, Callihan worked over Miguel in the ring. Dave Crist tagged in and worked over Miguel's legs for a bit. Sydal came in and choked Miguel until he reached the ropes. Finally, Page came in, but Miguel managed to make a small comeback and make it to his corner.

Swann came in with the hot tag and took out everyone, including a double cutter on Callihan and Dave Crist and a Phoenix Splash on Page for a two count. Mack tagged in and was going for a piledriver, but Callihan came in and hit a big kick -- followed by everyone taking turns to hit their finishers. Page finally got a two count on Mack.

Mack took out Page to the floor, only for Dave Crist to get a blind tag, but Mack caught him with a top rope stunner for the pin.

After the match, Callihan attacked Mack with his bat. oVe set up a table in the ring and hit the All Seeing Eye on Mack through the table. Swann dragged himself to protect Mack’s body, but oVe walked away, letting Swann live another day.

We got a video package recounting the complete Eddie Edwards and Moose saga.

Eli Drake came to the ring to address his Monster’s Ball match with Abyss at Homecoming. Drake brought up that he is being forced into the Monster’s Ball match by Impact’s management, but he has already taken out Joseph Park -- so Abyss is not coming back.

Drake threatened that if Abyss makes it to Homecoming, he’ll be forced to become what he hates and take out Abyss, because he is "hardcore."

Tommy Dreamer came down with a chair. He hit a DDT on Drake, but as he went for a Pillmanizer, the lights went out and Raven appeared. Raven and Dreamer went face-to-face, but instead of fighting, they teamed up against Drake as they ran him out. ECW will never die.

Back from commercial, Gama Singh introduced the Desi Hit Squad and dedicated this match to Scarlett Bordeaux. She came out to watch the match from the ramp.

Fallah Bahh & KM defeated The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh)

The match started with the Desi Hit Squad jumping Bahh and KM, tossing the latter outside and going for Bahh inside the ring. Thanks to some dirty tactics, Raju and Singh got some offense and double team moves every time that Bahh showed signs of a comeback.

Singh went for a scoop slam, but the weight of Bahh was too much and his knees buckled, allowing Bahh to escape and tag in KM.

KM came in strong until getting taken out after Singh raked his eyes. Bahh recovered and hit a flying crossbody on both Desi Hit Squad members, followed by a Banzai Drop on Singh for the pin. Bordeaux seemed impressed before leaving to the back.

Pentagon Jr. and Fenix cut a promo on LAX saying that both teams are similar, but history shows that when Konnan is not with Santana and Ortiz, they tend to lose. Pentagon said that last time, Santana pushed him and thus all respect is out the window. Fenix said that come January 6, they’re winning the Tag Team titles. Well, this escalated out of nowhere.

Dark Allie (w/ Su Yung) defeated Kiera Hogan

Hogan started the match all fired up going after Allie with a series of kicks and a bulldog for a one count. Hogan hit a tope suicida on Yung when Allie dodged the attack, but the distraction allowed Allie to blindside Hogan and get control of the match. Allie's offense was mostly stomps and clotheslines.

Hogan made a comeback, but she couldn’t finish up Allie, who actually landed a codebreaker out of nowhere for the pin. This was a sloppy match.

After the match, Allie and Yung attacked Hogan in the corner until Jordynne Grace came out for the save. Grace hit a Samoan slam on Allie, a sit-down powerbomb on Yung, and finished them off with some running knees. This story just took a weird direction -- Jordynne Grace is not someone that should be fighting for souls right now.

We got a video from “earlier today” with Trevor Lee going to Impact management asking for a match.

LAX cut a promo from outside the venue. Ortiz said all they wanted was to be pro wrestlers and brought up that Santana and he have always had each other’s back. They talked about losing when Konnan wasn’t there, but they need to prove it to everyone and themselves that they can get the job done with or without Konnan. Great babyface promos by both.

Killer Kross defeated Trevor Lee

This started with both men locking up, with Kross overpowering Lee to get control and Lee reversing out of Kross’ locks. Kross eventually was too much for Lee and started tossing him around in the corner. He hit the Doomsday Saito and locked in the Kross Jacket to choke out Lee. A squash match that reminds us of Kross' dominance.

Kross then wished Johnny Impact luck against Brian Cage at Homecoming. Kross ordered the timekeeper to hold a cinder block to Lee’s head as Kross punched the block into pieces. The timekeeper ran off and Lee was written off Impact Wrestling.

The Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) defeated Impact World Champion Johnny Impact & Brian Cage

Cage and Fenix started the match -- a speed and power matchup with Cage catching Fenix’s every move by using his strength alone. Pentagon came in and Cage also manhandled him until Impact blind tagged himself into the match.

Impact did a good job at first, working on Pentagon and dodging his attacks, but out of nowhere, Pentagon hit a slingblade and a backstabber and turned things around. After some offense by Pentagon, Cage was now the one with a blind tag, but the Lucha Brothers cut Cage off before he could take control.

Cage and Pentagon fought outside the ring as Fenix went for a suicide dive, but Impact cut him off with a kick and hit an Asai moonsault on Pentagon. Fenix recovered and hit a tornillo to take everyone out.

Back from commercial, Impact and Cage continued blind tagging each other as they worked over Fenix. Impact hit a huge Spanish Fly from the top rope for a near fall that Pentagon broke up. Pentagon hit the Pentagon Driver on Impact, but Cage saved him from the pin.

Everyone got in the ring and traded kicks, with Cage hitting Impact with a discus clothesline by mistake, leaving Impact open for Pentagon and Fenix to hit the foot stomp/Fear Factor combination for the win. Fenix got a clean pin over the champion. This match did a good job displaying Pentagon and Fenix's synchronicity and the tension between Impact and Cage.

After the match, Cage and Impact blamed each other for losing. They pushed each other’s buttons until they came to blows, with them having a big pull-apart with security and the locker room coming out.

The show closed with Homecoming’s cold opening video. A lot of nostalgia footage from the Asylum years.

Overall, this was a good go-home show that touched on all previously announced matches and finished building up Homecoming card.