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Impact Wrestling results: Tag Team title main event

Impact Wrestling results: The North vs Eddie & Tessa

Impact Wrestling returns from the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta, GA. 

Opening video focused on the ongoing feud between The North and Tessa Blanchard and Eddie Edwards, a feud that took us to tonight’s main event as Eddie and Tessa teamed up to take on The North for the tag team titles. 

We saw Ken Shamrock, who arrived at the arena, to address Sami Callihan’s attack two weeks ago.

Willie Mack came out to the ring and went straight for the mic. He called out Ace Austin and Reno Scum for their attack on Swan. He challenged Ace to fight right now. Mack is not the best ‘angry person’ promo.

Out came Reno Scum. Mack challenged them to a two on one. 

Willie Mack defeated Reno Scum (Luster The Legend & Adam Thornstowe) in a handicap match

Mack started strong over both guys, managing to take down Thornstowe, but Luster cut him off. Mack got Luster down with a Slam, but Thornstowe was there for the tag and the double team battering ram for a two count. 

Reno Scum started working over Willie’s upper body, mostly strikes and slams, with a little bit of eye gouging by Luster. Standing moonsault  by Thornstowe for another two count, and right into the sleeper Lock. 

Mack finally made a small comeback, striking down Thornstowe until he got caught with a big dropkick, but was still good enough to counter Thornstowe’s senton with a double knee. 

Luster tagged in, but Mack recovered, hitting the Samoan drop and moonstault combo for a two count. Thornstowe grabbed Mack’s leg and allowed for Luster to cut him off again. Thownstowe landed a double foot stomp to the back of Willie for another two count. 

Mack managed to toss Luster into his corner, dropping Thorstowe off the ropes, which distracted Luster enough to get caught with the stunner and 6-Star Frog Splash for the win.

After the match, Ace Austin came out and knocked out Mack with a spinning heel kick. Reno Scum held Mack, allowing Ace to hit The Fold from the outside of the ring.

Kylie Rae arrived at the arena and was met by Gail Kim, who welcomed her. She then met up with Susie. They kinda became friends until Kiera Hogan entered the room and told Kylie that there are no friends on Impact and that Rae will be fighting Hogan at Rebellion. Hogan then challenged Susie to a match.

Chris Bey defeated Daga

Match started with Bey and Daga doing a quick sequence of pin reversals into a sequence of lucha moves that Daga won with a Headscissors, sending Bey down. Daga went for a rope Armdrag, but Bey dropped him on the ropes, laughed at Daga, and followed with a kick, sending Daga out to the floor.

Bey started working over Daga, focusing on the back with kicks and slams. Daga tried making a comeback with strikes, but Bey kept him down. 

Back from commercial, Daga is still trying to make a comeback, but Bey maintains control of the match, getting a two count with a Senton. Bey locked in an abdominal stretch for the submission tease, but Daga finally fired up, tossed Bey off and dodged Bey’s kicks. Unfortunately, Bey managed to lock in a leg scissors. 

Daga kept powering up, stood up with Bey on his back and rammed him into the corner to break the sleeper that Bey had locked up. Bey relocked the sleeper, forcing Daga to toss him off. 

Daga made his comeback with a clothesline and dragon screws, getting a two count with a powerbomb. Bey left to the floor, but Daga followed. Bey was ready and went for a moonsault off the ramp, but Daga dodged. Daga followed up with a huge senton that made it look like Dage fell on top of his head. 

Top rope plancha from Daga for a two count. Daga connected with a discus lariat, went to follow with a sunset flip, but Bey blocked, grabbed the ropes, and stole the win from Daga. 

Chris Bey is amazing and oozes charisma, so I’m not sure if debuting him as a heel was the best move, but he plays it well.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week was Lockdown 2011’s 6-way between Amazing Red, Nick Jackson, Matt Jackson, Chris Sabin, Robbie E, and Kendrick. 

Somewhere in a trailer, Taya was training for her Full Metal Mayhem match with Jordynne Grace by hitting John E. Bravo with a chair. Bravo was wearing an armor of pillows which were not working that much.

The Rascalz were in the Treehouse talking about scouting The North tonight, but they can’t because The Deaners were coming in. Deaners brought beers. TJP and Fallah Bahh also arrived and brought food. Finally, XXXL joined them and took all the food. Nothing came out of this.

Havok defeated Madison Rayne

Madison Rayne left the broadcast table to wrestle a match. 

Havok started the match rushing at Rayne, but the latter managed to dodge a bit until she got in Havok’s face and told her she was the locker room leader. Havok responded by kicking her down, hitting a nice backbreaker and a lariat to rock Rayne to the corner. 

Havok followed with a running boot, but when she went for the splash, Rayne dodged again. Rayne hit some strikes and enzugiris, but Havok was only moved a little bit. Havok sent Rayne to the top rope, but she punched her way off. Rayne went for a northern lights suplex, but Havok easily reversed it.

Havok whopped Rayne to the corner, followed with a choke, and once again tried to set up Rayne in the corner. Rayne hit a crossbody, but Havok caught her, hit a tombstone piledriver and got the win. Good one sided squash.

Backstage, Tessa Blanchard told Eddie that she didn’t need him and wanted answers as to why Eddie helped her last week. Eddie told her that maybe he should have left her alone to see what the numbers game was. Eddie said that he knows what not wanting help leads to and so he wants to offer his hand, but Tessa gets to choose what to do with it. Get beat up, or walk out Tag Team Champions.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Ken Shamrock. Jacobs asked about his condition first. Shamrock said he had some damage to his eyes, so he’s been working through that. He said that Sami has no respect for anyone trying to earn a living in the ring. He once tried to take out Eddie Edwards, and now him. 

Next week, Shamrock and Callihan are having their contract signing, to which Shamrock said he will try to keep his composure. 

Suddenly, their stream got hacked by Callihan. Shamrock stormed off the room saying that if Impact can’t control Sami, he would.

Rhino and Tommy Dreamer defeated oVe (Jake and Dave Crist) with Madman Fulton

Dreamer and Dave started the match, collar and elbow with the old timer getting the better of Crist, forcing him to tag in his brother. Dreamer tagged in Rhino, who kept control of the match, taking down Jake with a shoulder tackle and maintaining wrist control. Dreamer and Rhino were going for a team move when Fulton got involved and grabbed Dreamer. The referee expelled Fulton to the back.

Back in the ring, Dreamer hit the bionic elbow on Jake, followed by a crossbody, but the referee was distracted. Dave kicked Dreamer in the back to cut him off. 

oVe started working over Dreamer, keeping him at bay by focusing on Dreamer’s arm, with quick tags and double team moves. Dave went for a top rope move, but Dreamer was able to get to the ropes and dropped him with a superplex, tagging in Rhino. 

He came in strong, taking out Jake Crist first with clotheslines and a spear to the corner. Belly-to-belly suplex for a two count. Dave Crist went for Rhino, but Dreamer was there to attack him with a cutter. Jake Crist took out Dreamer, but distracted himself from Rhino, who hit a Gore for the win. 

After the match, Madman Fulton returned and beat down Rhino and Dreamer. Fulton hit the End of Days on Dreamer. 

Out at a bar, Rosemary was hitting on men when Johnny Swinger approached her. Swinger offered his soul if she had a nice car. Swinger told Rosemary to not care about the young bucks. He said that next week, he was bringing M.Jackson and is going to show her what he’s got. Rosemary rejected Swinger.

Kiera Hogan defeated Susie

Hogan started by pushing Susie around in the ring until Susie pushed back, slapped her, and took down Hogan over and over again. Susie hit a Bulldog for a two count. 

Hogan, now paying attention, got the better of Susie and pushed her to the corner to kick her and choke her against the ropes. Hogan hit a series of running attacks on Susie for a two count. Hogan locked in a cravate, but Susie punched her way out only to take a dropkick for another two count. 

Kiera went for the Hogan Driver, but Susie escaped, landed a palm strike combo and a Thesz press. They exchanged strikes until Susie made it to the ropes.

Hogan hit a superkick for yet another near fall. Hogan went to the top rope, but Susie caught her with a palm strike and The Spider Walk for a two count. 

Susie looked around for Su Yung’s glove, but she didn’t have it. The distraction was enough for Hogan to hit the Hogan Driver and pick up the win.

The North were in the locker room getting ready when Michael Elgin approached them and said he wanted to replace one of them and get his hands on Eddie and Tessa. Josh Alexander said he couldn’t, while Page told him that this was a Tag Team title match, he couldn’t just get in there. The North were fantastic as champions here, not taking the weasel way out and standing up against Elgin.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Tenille Dashwood. Tenille said that next week, she fights Taya Valkyrie. 

Impact Tag Team Champions The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) defeated Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards to retain the titles

Story of the match was that Tessa Blanchard, hot headed as she is, wouldn’t work well with Eddie, as she kept wanting to do things by herself. Meanwhile, The North are the legit best tag team in the company. 

Eddie and Page started the match for their teams. Eddie got the upper hand with chain wrestling, forcing Page to tag in Alexander. Tessa tagged in, but Alexander easily got the upper hand with strength alone. Tessa used her speed to dodge Alexander, but when she went for the Tornado DDT, Alexander easily blocked her and tossed her off. Tessa failed to clothesline Josh out until the third time when Josh provoked her. Tessa went for a dive, but got distracted by Page, allowing Alexander to run around the rung and attack Tessa from behind.

Eventually, Tessa stumbled into her corner and Eddie tagged in. Eddie ran wild over both North members, chopping them down with atomic drops and landed a belly-to-belly on Page to send him out. Alexander was tossed to the outside and got hit by a dive by Eddie, but as he ran, Tessa blind tagged herself in and hit a plancha on everyone.

Back from commercial, Eddie and Tessa had some control as their team had their first hand-to-hand tag in the match, but as Eddie tried to take on Alexander, Page was there to save him from taking a frankensteiner, successfully cutting him off. 

The North started working on Eddie in their corner, quick tags and teasing Tessa in between them. The North went for their finisher, but Eddie dodged and hit a desperation double rana to finally get the tag on Tessa. 

Tessa came in with a crossbody, taking both North men down. Rana on Page to send him out. She slapped Alexander and hit a shiranui. Tessa followed with two dives, one for each North member. Cutter on Page for a two count. Tessa went for the Buzzsaw DDT, but Alexander cut her off. She went for a leg scissors on Alexander, but was blocked. Page hit a cutter of his own and followed with a Wheelbarrow German for a two count. 

Eddie returned and saved Tessa, but Page kicked them both out. Eddie took out Page, Alexander took out Eddie, and Tessa hit a cutter on Alexander to close the circle.

Alexander hit a discus elbow on Tessa, but Eddie was there for the German. Eddie went for the BKP, but Page caught him with a big boot. Tessa sent Page outside. Eddie hit a Tiger Bomb and Tessa landed a Destroyer on Alexander for a big near fall. Tessa went for Magnum, but Alexander caught her. The North hit a combo of Forearms and kicks, then hit a team move for a two count when Eddie broke it up. 

The North finally went for their finisher, but Tessa fought out. She hit a Samoan Drop on Page, but couldn’t repeat it with Alexander. She did, however, hit a tilt-a-whirl DDT but wouldn’t tag in Eddie because she wanted to do it herself. The North took her out, hit the assisted spinebuster, with Alexander pinning Tessa. Fantastic match!

After the match, Eddie checked on Tessa. Eddie offered her his hand, but Tessa pushed him off. Michael Elgin suddenly appeared and attacked Tessa from behind, but this time, Eddie wasn’t there to save Tessa. Elgin hit the Elgin Bomb, took the title, and posed over Tessa’s fallen body. This storyline is getting heated.

Final Thoughts -- 

An overall good show. It was strong inside the ring, ending with a great match. In addition, the storyline developments surrounding the Impact World title were great.