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Impact Wrestling results: Two title matches at ReDefined


The show opened with a new video and musical vignette. The special episode was named "Impact ReDefined,” with lots of news and new directions coming out of the show.

X Division Champion Brian Cage defeated Fenix to retain his title

Solid match. Commentator Josh Mathews said of Cage, “He’s never been pinned. He’s never been submitted. He is the machine. He is the X Division Champion. He is Brian Cage.”

At 275 pounds, Cage somehow works like a small guy. He hit a 619 early on Fenix.

Fenix tried everything he could to take out the big champ. He hit several spinning kicks. Despite Fenix’s high-flying moves, this was a showcase match for Cage. He hit a delayed vertical superplex. Cage threw Fenix over the top rope onto the ramp. Fenix hit a rolling cutter on the ramp. The crowd chanted “fight forever.”

Fenix dove through the ropes, but Cage caught him in a suplex position and suplexed him on the floor. Cage hit a flying DDT. He then powerbombed Fenix from the top rope for the win.

After the match, oVe (Sami Callihan and the Crist brothers) attacked Fenix and Pentagon, who were saved by Cage. He cleaned house on oVe.

There was another advertisement for Chris Jericho’s wrestling cruise.

In the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week, Grado pinned Al Snow inside the hexagon after a kick to the head. Following the match, Low Ki, Kenny King, and Samoa Joe attacked Grado and Snow. Drew Galloway ran into the ring to make the save.

They showed several backstage segments, including ones with LAX and Tessa Blanchard.

Wearing street clothes, Eli Drake went to the ring and introduced hometown wrestlers Mr. Atlantis and Brandon Tidwell, who surprisingly defeated Caleb Konley & Trevor Lee a week ago.

Drake challenged one of them to step up and fight Drake. Mr. Atlantis volunteered -- so Drake picked Tidwell. He pinned Tidwell in seconds with his sideways slam Gravy Train finisher.

Mathews said “Eli Drake sending a message to everyone.” Drake then hit the Gravy Train on Mr. Atlantis.

Impact’s Alicia Atout interviewed Moose and Eddie Edwards. Edwards said he values Moose more than his kendo stick.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Su Yung and Allie to win the Knockouts Championship

Mathews said Blanchard is “next level good.” Yung has a great entrance, led to the ring by her undead zombie bridesmaids.

Blanchard was very vocal in the ring. Allie was noticeably more aggressive in the match. Blanchard threw Yung from the top rope outside the ring onto her bridesmaids. Yung went for her patented four-fingers-in-the-mouth choke hold on Blanchard, but Allie made the save with a superkick.

Yung then applied the move on Allie, but she broke it with a codebreaker. Blanchard took advantage of the moment and rolled up Yung for the victory. The crowd didn’t really pop for the win, probably because the finish was abrupt and there was no build to it.

Commentator Don Callis said of Blanchard, “she’s the best women’s wrestler in the world and one of the best wrestlers in the world period.” Blanchard gave an interview backstage and said she exposed Allie and took Yung’s title and there was nothing she could do about it.

“I am the measuring stick and if anyone wants to see how tough a diamond is, be my guest,” Blanchard said.

Gama Singh attacked members of his Desi Hit Squad because they lost a week ago.

There was another interview segment with Atout, Killer Kross, and Impact World Champion Austin Aries.

Another LAX backstage segment. They hyped the Impact tapings in Mexico City on September 13 and 14.

The Smokeshow with Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry

These “Smokeshow” segments featuring Scarlett Bordeaux are probably the worst thing on Impact. Bordeaux whispered into Grado’s ear and Grado squirted water out of a water bottle. Grado was so nervous he left the set. Hendry tried to promote their match with the Desi Hit Squad next week. Hendry chased Grado. Bordeaux tried to offer Katarina a “secret about men,” but Katarina cut her off and told her to stay away from her “boys.”

Odd segment.

Rich Swann defeated Petey Williams

Surprisingly subpar match between the two high-flyers. Williams hit an early codebreaker, which by far is the most overused move on Impact. Swann missed a flip off the apron and landed on his back outside the ring. Williams applied a Sharpshooter on Swann, an homage to Bret “Hitman” Hart, from one Canadian to another.

Swann went for a Phoenix Splash but missed. He recovered, and then Swann hit a standing Shooting Star Press for the win.

Swann gave a backstage interview but was interrupted by Matt Sydal. Sydal said he could help Swann open his third eye. Nearby, a woman was screaming over Moose, who had been laid out minutes before his main event match.

Impact World Champion Austin Aries & Killer Kross defeated Eddie Edwards

Edwards took them on by himself after Moose was injured. Aries oozes arrogance and portrays himself as a big star. Edwards hit several chops. He pushed Aries off the apron into the ringside barrier. He went for a splash through the ropes, but Kross hit him with a knee as he was sliding through the ropes.

Kross hit a fallaway suplex on Edwards outside of the ring. Aries went for a brainbuster, but Edwards countered and hit a double underhook suplex. Moose then ran into the ring to join the match. He went after Aries, but then turned around and speared his partner Edwards.

He then hit him with several right hands. Later, Moose hit Edwards with a steel chair. Edwards’ wife Alisha Edwards ran to the ring and slapped Moose.

“Moose has turned his back on Eddie,” Mathews screamed. The crowd chanted “you sold out,” like it was the 1990s.

“I am shocked at the behavior of Moose,” said Callis. “This is a tandem that scares the hell out of me and should scare the hell out of everyone at Impact Wrestling.”