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Impact Wrestling results: Ultimate X returns


Previously: Alberto El Patron defeated Magnus to win the GFW Global Championship.

Tonight: X Division Champion Low Ki defends against Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett in Ultimate X. Plus, Ethan Carter III battles James Storm.  

Show Recap --

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions LAX (w/ Konnan, Homicide & Diamante) defeated Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. in a first round GFW tag title tournament match

The other members of LAX attacked Laredo Kid on the floor. Garza Jr. ran wild on the heels but got caught by a hurricanrana from Diamante from the apron to the floor. LAX used the powerbomb/blockbuster combination on Laredo Kid to advance to the semifinals.

- Josh Mathews was overcome with joy when he noticed that Jeremy Borash wasn't in the audience this week.

- In the back, Bruce Prichard was on the phone when Magnus approached and blamed him for losing the title. Magnus promised to show what he’s made of.

Kongo Kong (w/ Laurel Van Ness) defeated Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie)

Kong missed the cannonball in the corner and Sutter made a comeback. However, he couldn’t knock Kong off his feet. Kong splashed Sutter and drove him head-first into the mat for the win.

After the match, KM and Sienna ran out and joined in on beating Sutter while Van Ness forced Allie to watch. Mahabali Shera ran out to make the save. Sutter challenged KM and Kong to a tag match next week.

- McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Karen Jarrett. She announced that next week Eddie Edwards & Alisha will face Davey Richards & Angelina Love. Magnus showed up and pushed her out of the way.

James Storm defeated Ethan Carter III by DQ

Magnus joined the announcers on commentary for the match. Storm brought a leather strap to the ring. They brawled until EC3 took over and controlled the match. Storm made a comeback and they brawled on the floor. Storm grabbed the leather strap, but Magnus stopped him. Bruce Prichard ran out and sent Magnus to the back.

During the commercial, EC3 jumped Storm from behind as Magnus was ejected from ringside. EC3 hit the TK3 and brought in the strap. EC3 knocked down referee Brian Stiffler and viciously whipped him with the belt for the DQ.

James Storm attacked EC3 and set up for the Last Call when Magnus ran back out and attacked Storm. Magnus and EC3 argued until Prichard ran back out. He announced a three-way number one contender's match for next week. EC3 knocked him down to end the segment.

- A Rockstar Spud rehabbing video aired. Doctors told him to retire, but he will defy their orders and return next week.

GFW Global Women’s Champion Sienna (w/ KM) defeated ODB to retain her title

Sienna mocked ODB but missed a splash in the corner and ODB took over. Sienna yanked ODB off the turnbuckle and hit the Silencer to retain the title.

- Jeremy Borash came out to the ring, which infuriated Mathews. J.B. hired an attorney and announced that he has been reinstated effective immediately. J.B. introduced his attorney -- the returning Joseph Park.

Mathews pointed out that Park is Abyss and called him an idiot. Park challenged Mathews to find a partner to face him and J.B. at Slammiversary. Mathews left and J.B. was now on commentary.

X Division Champion Low Ki defeated Trevor Lee (w/ Gregory Shane Helms) and Andrew Everett in Ultimate X to retain his title

This was one of Impact’s best main events in a long time. Low Ki and Everett fought on the apron and Lee shoved them both off into the guardrail. Everett nailed a springboard shooting star press to the floor on Lee.

Lee brought in a chair, but Low Ki punched it back into Lee’s face and injured his hand in the process. Due to the injured hand, Low Ki struggled to grab the cable several times. Lee caught Low Ki and executed a German suplex, but Low Ki landed on his feet and hit a double foot stomp on Lee.

Low Ki tried to climb up again, but his hand was still hurting. Everett knocked off Low Ki, then Helms hit a neckbreaker off the top on Everett. Lee stood on Helms' shoulders and they tried walking across. Low Ki took them both out with a kick.

Low Ki still couldn’t grab the cable because of his injured hand from punching the chair. So he climbed above the cable and onto the X structure surrounding it and crawled to the center. At the same time, Lee and Everett climbed the cable to the center. Low Ki knocked them both off and grabbed the belt to retain.

Next Week: James Storm, Ethan Carter III, and Magnus face off in a three-way number one contender's match. Braxton Sutter & Mahabali Shera vs. KM & Kongo Kong will take place as well. Also, Eddie Edwards & Alisha face Davey Richards & Angelina Love in a mixed tag.