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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Matt Hardy is once again broken


Image: TNA Wrestling

Previously: The DCC defeated Eddie Edwards and Jeff Hardy in last week’s main event. Also, Ethan Carter III won a four-way number one contenders match for a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Tonight: Broken Matt Hardy will host a special Thanksgiving ice cream social from his home in Cameron, North Carolina. Additionally, EC3 will defend his title shot against Eli Drake; if Drake loses he can’t talk for the rest of 2016.

Show recap:

- Jeff Hardy came out alone with the TNA Tag Team titles draped over his shoulders. He’s going to invade the memory of Matt to bring it back. He challenged anyone from DCC to a fight. The DCC accepted the match for later and attacked Jeff. Jeff fought them off and avoided the Last Call superkick.

- In Cameron, Broken Matt was getting ready for his Thanksgiving ice cream social. Senor Benjamin was reading a dirty magazine and Vanguard 1 was drinking Matt’s freshly squeezed lemonade.

Go For Broke defeated Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett & Marshe Rocket and Rockstar Spud & Decay in a three-way elimination Team X Gold match

The winning team will get a future shot at the X Division title. The order of elimination was: Abyss, Mark Andrews, Crazzy Steve, Andrew Everett, Trevor Lee, and Rockstar Spud. The finish came when Marshe Rocket knocked DJ Z off the apron but Braxton Sutter hit the flatliner to win the match. Sutter and Andrews each earned shots at X Division Champion DJ Z.

- In the back, Maria and Laurel Van Ness continued to bully Allie. They’re forcing Allie to dress like a pilgrim and serve them Thanksgiving dinner on their double date later.

- Broken Matt continued to get ready for his ice cream social. He said his tangerine custard sorbet will make Chef Robert Irvine’s obsolete. That almost brought his memory back. A referee arrived and was going to show Matt something in an attempt to bring his memory back.

- Mike Bennett, Maria, and Laurel came down for a feast, which was set up in the ring. Allie came out dressed like a pilgrim. Braxton Sutter was Laurel’s date. Laurel asked Sutter to hang out later and said in college they called her Laurel Van Yes. Allie had enough and threw a pie at Laurel but she ducked and it hit Maria instead.

- Jade promised to defeat Rosemary inside a cage in next week’s main event to become the TNA Knockouts Champion.

- The referee showed Matt the times he defeated EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Matt was shocked by what he did and still doesn’t remember a thing.

Ethan Cater III defeated Eli Drake to retain his TNA World Championship title shot

If Eli Drake loses he can’t talk for the rest of the year. In the middle of the match, Drake took the mic and started cutting a promo while beating on EC3. EC3 made a brief comeback. Drake went for the Blunt Force Trauma but EC3 countered into the sleeper to win the match. Drake cannot speak for the rest of the year.

- Reby had a hypnotist hypnotize Matt. His memory returned briefly but it wasn't for long. Matt ran out to check on the gelato for the ice cream social.

Al Snow & Mahabali Shera defeated The Tribunal by DQ

The finish came when Basile Baraka used a low blow on Snow and used his belt on Shera. After the match, The Tribunal used their belts to beat down Snow and Shera.

- Aiden O’Shea announced that Grado will face Robbie E in a turkey suit challenge where the loser will have to wear a turkey suit.

Robbie E defeated Grado in a turkey suit challenge

Aiden O’Shea was at ringside. There was lots of dancing and nipple twisting in this match. Robbie E countered a sunset flip attempt into a pin for the victory. After the match, Grado put on the turkey suit and danced around with Robbie E.

- Rosemary promised to defeat Jade next week to win the Knockouts title.

Bram w/ DCC defeated Jeff Hardy in a no DQ match

Jeff had the advantage early in the match but Bram threw him outside the ring and James Storm and Eddie Kingston double teamed him. Storm and Kingston interfered freely throughout the match.

Jeff hit the Twist of Fate and climbed to the top. Storm shoved him off and hit the Last Call superkick. Bram then hit the Brighter Side of Suffering DDT for the win. The DCC posed with the TNA World Tag Championship over the fallen Jeff Hardy after the match was over.

- In Cameron, Broken Matt and Reby argued about Matt not remembering anything. Matt was frustrated and left the house. He asked for the deities to send him a sign and he was struck by lighting. Reby came out and asked if he was okay. Matt opened his eyes, regained his memory and said, “Yes, I am Broken.”

Next week: Jade takes on Rosemary in a Six Side of Steel cage match for the vacant Knockouts Championship.