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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Total Nonstop Deletion


Previously: Eddie Edwards defeated Ethan Carter III to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship in the main event.

Tonight: Broken Matt presents Total Nonstop Deletion from the Hardy Compound in Cameron. It will feature the Hardys defending the tag championships in Tag Team Apocalypto. Plus, Maxel Hardy will make his in-ring debut.

Show Recap:

- Senor Benjamin read a warning to start the show, reminding us that these are trained professionals and not to attempt this at home.

- We get an Action News 7 Special Report: Chaos in Cameron. The anchor informs us that a volcano is forming on the Hardy Compound. He throws it to the reporter on the ground who interviews Jeff Hardy playing Itchweed. He had a weed whacker and went crazy.

- Broken Matt, Jeff and Benjamin arrive at the Dome of Deletion. The ring is set up in the Hardy Compound with a small audience. The entrance is a cartoon version of Matt’s head. Matt talks about defending the titles later tonight and mentions that Maxel will make his debut. This brings out Rockstar Spud who challenges Maxel to his first match. Matt accepts and makes it a No Disqualification match.

Maxel defeated Rockstar Spud

Maxel drove to the ring in a toy car Mercedes Benz. Benjamin shocked Spud with a tazer and Maxel covered Spud to pick up the quick win.

- Back to the Action News special report, the anchor throws it to the reporter on location who informs us that the roads are closed. The Helms Dynasty drives up to the Hardy Compound despite the warning. The Rock & Roll Express then arrive at the Hardy Compound and go up to the house. Matt is happy that they’re participating in Apocalypto later tonight. The anchor was shocked to see Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.

- In the ring, Sienna issues an open challenge. Vanguard 1 accepts but the referee won’t let a drone fight a woman, so ODB returns to accept the challenge.

Sienna defeated ODB in a Knockouts #1 Contender Match

The referee got knocked down and ODB covered Sienna. Vanguard 1 came out to make the count but the referee pulled him out. Sienna hit ODB with a chair and hits the Silencer to pick up the win.

- The Helms Dynasty approached Matt in the back. Matt had a premonition that someone will be reincarnated tonight.

 - Itchweed (Jeff Hardy) defeated Chet Sterling in a House Hardys Rules Match

Itchweed locked on a sleeper and both of them fell asleep but quickly woke up. Itchweed splashed Sterling through a table and hit the Pesticide elbow to win the match. After the match, Itchweed used the weed whacker to cut up Sterling’s ring gear.

- TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards wrestled Bobby Lashley to a no contest

They brawled on the floor and Lashley pushed a guy from the crowd so members of the audience held him while Edwards hit him with a running knee. Lashley caught Edwards on the floor and powerbombed him into the crowd. Lashley speared Edwards through a door and both ended up outside. Lashley and Edwards continued to brawl in the woods, so the rest of the show will continue with them brawling outside.

- TNA Tag Team Champions The Hardys won Tag Team Apocalypto 

The match included The Rock & Roll Express, The Helms Dynasty, Decay, The DCC and a few surprises along the way. Lashley and Edwards continued to brawl throughout this match.

The Hardys and the Rock & Rolls chased everyone with fireworks. The Hardys fought the Helms Dynasty all over Cameron including in the back of a pick-up truck, at the city limits, and train tracks. The Bravados sneak into the compound. Spud introduces his partner Swoggle, formerly WWE's Hornswoggle. 

Trevor Lee covers Matt but Skarsgard The Dilapidated Boat makes the save. The Helms Dynasty triple-teams the boat. Matt pushes Shane into the Lake of Reincarnation which leads to The Helms Dynasty turning into Three Count until Lee and Everett turned on Shane. The Rock and Rolls and Hardys battle in a ring set up outside near the volcano. Matt then pins Gibson to eliminate them.

Back in the Dome, Swoggle and Spud eliminate The Bravados and Swoggle turns on Spud, which leads to their elimination.

James Storm and The DCC attack Decay. Suddenly, the guy from the pick-up truck that Decay "killed" a long time ago showed up claiming to be a member of DCC. He was pinned, which eliminated DCC.

Decay, The Hardys, Edwards and Lashley brawled near the volcano when it exploded, sending all the guys flying. Vanguard 1 showed up and shot fireworks at Abyss. Lee and Everett double-teamed Matt until Hurricane Helms made the save to help eliminate Lee and Everett. Lashley and Edwards, still brawling, end up at Matt’s front door.

The finish came when Jeff gave Crazy Steve the Twist of Fate. He then fell into the volcano and was shot up into the sky, landing in the ring. Matt then covered him to win the match.

After the match, Reby reveals that she is pregnant.

Next Week: It’s the second to last show of the year and will likely feature a year in review special.