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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Bobby Lashley vs. The Miracle


Previously on Impact: Ethan Carter III defeated Drew Galloway on last week's show to earn a shot at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Bound For Glory, and Galloway attacked special guest referee Aron Rex after the match.

Tonight on Impact: In tonight’s main event, Bobby Lashley will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. Miracle won a battle royal last week by eliminating Moose and Eddie Edwards to earn the title shot.

Also, tonight’s show will feature an Ultimate X Gauntlet match to crown a new X Division champion.

Show Recap --

- Impact kicked off with the Hardy family at the Hardy estate. Reby played the piano and led Broken Matt, Jeff, Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard 1 in singing Jeff’s new entrance music.

King Maxel played his toy piano, while Matt had another premonition. He believes Decay is coming for Maxel. The Hardy Boys are going to the Impact Zone, so Matt ordered Senor Benjamin and Vanguard 1 to look after Reby and Maxel. Reby told Matt she’ll be okay and revealed a samurai sword.

- In the Impact Zone, The Miracle and Maria made their way to the ring. Miracle promised to win the title later. He pointed out that Moose wasn’t in the ring and blamed their problems on Lashley. Miracle called out Moose but instead got Lashley.

Lashley said that tonight’s match would be no disqualification because he doesn’t need to worry about Moose interfering. Lashley teased that he went to dinner with Moose but Miracle didn’t believe him

 Moose came out and said he didn’t meet Lashley for dinner. Miracle celebrated having Moose on his side, but Moose said he didn’t forget what happened last week when Miracle eliminated him from the battle royal. He said he would decide who was leaving with the TNA World Championship.

- Last week after losing to EC3 and beating down Rex, an interviewer attempted to talk to Galloway. But he just stared intensely into the camera.

“Broken” Matt Hardy w/ “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy defeated Crazzy Steve

Crazzy Steve came to the ring alone without Abyss and Rosemary. The finish of the match came when Jeff hit Steve with his boot and Matt used the Twist of Fate to pick up the win.

After the match, Steve told Matt that Rosemary is at the Hardy estate. He said that Maxel is now Rosemary’s baby.

- Backstage, Matt attempts to video call Reby but she’s not answering. At the Hardy estate, we see the ringing phone next to Maxel. And in the background, Rosemary appears.

DJ Z won an Ultimate X Gauntlet match to win the X Division title

The order of entry was: Trevor Lee, DJ Z, Andrew Everett, Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, and Rockstar Spud.

This was a good match and everyone was given a chance to shine. The finish came when Lee and Everett both climbed to the center of the X. They pulled down the belt and had a tug of war over it.

But DJ Z sprung off the ropes and grabbed the belt out of Lee and Everett’s hands. DJ Z is the new X Division champion.

- Backstage, Eli Drake approached EC3 and promised to beat him later. EC3 cut him off and Drake was greatly offended. This was a great exchange between the two.

- Galloway came out to the ring to explain why he attacked Rex last week. He’s upset with the fans for betraying him, and he’s mad that they were cheering for the referee at the end of his match last week.

TNA president Billy Corgan interrupted. Corgan wanted to suspend Galloway, but Rex convinced him not to. Rex ran out and brawled with Galloway. It required several referees, agents, security members, and wrestlers to keep them from fighting.

-  Matt is finally able to get through to Reby. She was just busy doing the laundry. Vanguard 1 discovers Rosemary, and Matt warns Reby that Rosemary is in the house.

Ethan Carter III defeated Eli Drake

The finish of the match came when EC3 used the One Percenter to pick up the win. EC3 continues to build momentum towards his TNA World Heavyweight title shot at Bound For Glory.

- In the back, Jeremy Borash talked to new Knockouts Champion Allie. She had balloons with her and was excited for her celebration later. Maria ordered Allie to get lots of balloons, streamers, and confetti for the celebration.

- Back to the Hardy estate. Reby and Maxel hide in a safe room. Somebody starts to enter, but it’s Senor Benjamin. Reby leaves Maxel with Benjamin and declares she’s going to find Rosemary. She takes her sword with her.

- Backstage, DJ Z discussed winning the X Division title. Eddie Edwards congratulated him on the win.

- Allie was in the ring for her title win celebration, with the crowd telling her that she deserved it. Sienna and Maria charged down to the ring. Sienna was mad at Allie, but Maria blamed Gail Kim for Allie winning the title. Maria ordered Sienna to the back.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett defeated Knockouts Champion Allie to win the title

Maria informed Allie that the celebration isn’t for her. Maria called Allie worthless and told her the celebration was for Allie’s opponent, Maria. Maria told Allie to get down on the ground but Allie refused. Allie finally allowed Maria to cover her.

Maria is the new Knockouts champion. Allie fought back tears as she announced Maria as the winner.

- In the back, Miracle approached Moose and gave him a pipe. He said he knows Moose will do what is right for “us."

- Backstage, Allie cried over losing the Knockouts title.

- At the Hardy estate, Reby found Rosemary but she disappeared up a firemen’s pole. Reby ran out the front door and found Rosemary up in the balcony. Rosemary threw down a fake baby Maxel.

Maxel is safe with Senor Benjamin. Rosemary escaped, but nobody messes with Reby’s family. Reby told Senor Benjamin to prepare the battlefield for a massacre.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion “The Destroyer” Bobby Lashley defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ Mara Kanellis-Bennett to retain his title

This was a no disqualification match. Lashley controlled the early moments. He set up for a spear, but Moose walked down to ringside with the pipe.

The Miracle had the advantage as we got back from commercial. Maria knocked down Lashley with her Knockouts title. Moose threw Lashley back into the ring, but Lashley made a comeback and set up for a spear. Maria grabbed his leg, which gave Miracle the chance to hit a cutter for a near fall.

Miracle asked Moose to hand him the pipe, but Moose pulled it away as Miracle grabbed for it. Miracle turned around and Lashley hit the spear to retain the title.

After the match, Miracle yelled at Moose and slapped him in the face. Moose had enough and clotheslined Miracle.

Next, we got another video from The Hardy’s estate. It was a short video that showed Decay on their way to the estate, and The Hardy’s preparing for the massacre. The video ended with the words “Delete or Decay."

Next week on Impact: Delete or Decay.