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TNA Impact Wrestling results: Bound for Glory playoff finals


Previously on Impact:

Last week on Impact, Ethan Carter III defeated Broken Matt Hardy and “The Miracle” Mike Bennett defeated Drew Galloway in the semifinals of the Bound for Glory playoffs.

Tonight on Impact:

On tonight’s show, EC3 will battle it out with his old foe The Miracle in the finals of the BFG playoffs to determine the number one contender for the TNA World Championship. Also on tonight’s show, Eli Drake will defend the King of the Mountain title against James Storm.

Show Recap:

- Last week after losing to The Miracle, Galloway was interviewed and blamed his loss on EC3’s interference.

- In the arena, Jeremy Borash brought out both EC3 and The Miracle to the ring. Borash reminds us that one of these two will be challenging for the TNA title in the main event at Bound for Glory.

The Miracle accused EC3’s aunt Dixie of trying to screw him over. He thanked EC3 for his help with defeating Galloway by accidently hitting him with the kendo stick.

Moose came out and distracted EC3 long enough for The Miracle to jump EC3 from behind for a double team. They placed EC3 on the top in the corner and Moose gave him the Sky High Powerbomb.

Rosemary’s Story

- We get a recap of the events that resulted in Rosemary falling from a tree. When she awakes, she can communicate with the tree that told her about her little brother Montgomery. Her first true love, the unseen Johnny, did something unspeakable to her.

“Cowboy” James Storm defeated King of the Mountain Champion Eli Drake

Finish of the match came when Drake attempted a springboard move from the apron, but Storm caught him in mid-air with the Last Call Superkick for the win.

James Storm is the new King of the Mountain champion, but his celebration is cut short when TNA and X Division champ Bobby Lashley interrupts.

Lashley challenges Storm to a title-for-title match with the TNA and KOTM titles on the line. Storm agrees to the match.

- In the back, Maria announces that Gail Kim will take on Allie next. Both Gail and Allie are pretty shocked.

Rosemary’s Story Continues

- In the barn, Rosemary struggles to tell Bram about what Johnny did to her. Bram wants to leave but she promises to tell him.

Gail Kim defeated Allie & TNA Knockouts Champion Sienna

Before the match started, Maria came out and announced Gail would actually have two opponents, then brought out Sienna.

The finish came when Sienna accidently hit the Silencer on Allie. Gail dumped Sienna out of the ring and pinned Allie for the win.

- Broken Matt comes out and calls his obsolete mule Jeff Hardy to the ring. Broken Matt told Jeff he must go on a journey and win the TNA tag titles for them on his own. He also banned Jeff from jumping off the top rope.

Jeff Hardy & Broken Matt Hardy defeated Chuck Taylor & JT Dunn

This was a handicap match for most of the match, with Jeff having to fend for himself. Matt stayed on the floor and yelled at the audience on the mic to stop chanting for Jeff. At one point, Matt pulled an audience member over the guardrail and bit him.

Jeff hit the Twist of Fate on Dunn and went up to the top. Matt tried to stop him, but Jeff defied him and hit the Swanton Bomb. Matt hit the Twist of Fate on Jeff and tagged himself in. Matt pinned Dunn to win the match for his team.

Mahabali Shera & Grado defeated The Tribunal (Baron Dax & Basile Baraka) & Al Snow

Finish came when Shera and Grado cleared the ring of The Tribunal. Snow attempted to use an illegal object, but Shera blocked it and scored the pin with the Sky High.

- Rosemary’s Story Conclusion

Rosemary tells Bram she was so happy to be with Johnny on Valentine’s Day. Johnny put her hand on her knee. Basically, Johnny broke her heart. She snapped and mixed several different potions to get revenge.

Bram tells her to get over having her heart broken on Valentine’s Day. She snapped again and grabbed a weapon. Crazzy Steve and Abyss appeared, attacking Bram. They dragged an unconscious Bram to a car.

Decay threw Bram in the trunk and Rosemary happily climbed in with him. The segment ended with Steve and Abyss driving off in the car, laughing hysterically.

Ethan Carter III defeated “The Miracle” Mike Bennett w/ “The First Lady of Wrestling” Maria Kanellis-Bennett

Story of the match was that EC3 has injured ribs because of the attack by Moose and The Miracle earlier. Miracle worked over the ribs for the entire match. Maria tried to slip a kendo stick to Miracle, but the referee caught her and threw her out from ringside. Miracle used the kendo stick but only got a near fall.

Moose showed up at ringside, but Eddie Edwards ran down and took out Moose with a flip to the outside. Miracle and EC3 both countered out of each other’s finisher until EC3 hit the One Percenter for the win.

EC3 wins the BFG playoffs and will challenge for the TNA title at Bound for Glory.

Next time on Impact:

Next week on Impact, TNA Champion Bobby Lashley will take on King of the Mountain Champion James Storm in a title vs. title match.