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TNA Impact Wrestling results: EC3 vs. Drew Galloway


Previously on Impact: Last week on Impact, Bobby Lashley vacated the King of the Mountain and X Division titles but remains the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Also, The Hardy Boys won a four team Ascension to Hell ladder match to become the number one contenders for the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

Tonight on Impact: Tonight’s show has been dubbed “Turning Point." In the main event, Ethan Carter III defends his Bound for Glory title shot against Drew Galloway with Aron Rex as the special guest referee. Additionally, Impact will feature a Battle Royal with the winner getting a shot at the TNA World Championship.

Show Recap --

- EC3 and Galloway meet on top of a hotel near the pool for a “summit." They’re going to have some drinks and hash out their problems.

- Lashley makes his way to the ring and joins Josh Mathews on commentary. The Pope leaves for a “coffee break."

“The Miracle” Mike Bennett won a Battle Royal

The order of eliminations was: Baron Dax, Mahabali Shera, Robbie E., Basile Baraka, Grado, Eli Drake, Jesse Godderz, Moose, and Eddie Edwards.

Miracle and Moose double teamed Edwards until he made a comeback. Edwards went for a hurricanrana but Moose blocked it and tried dumping him out of the ring. Edwards held on, but Miracle snuck up from behind and dumped out both men to pick up the win and earn a shot at the TNA World Championship.

- Next, we get an infomercial for “The Fixer” Tyrus.

- Backstage, Moose was irate over Miracle double-crossing him but Bennett put the blame on Edwards.

- Broken Matt Hardy came out to the ring. He started to talk about the tag title shot contract but was interrupted by Jeff Hardy. Jeff said that he’s here to fight for himself and the creatures. They were then interrupted by Decay.

Matt said the he knows which member of Decay abducted King Maxel in his premonition and he’ll eat that person tonight. Matt challenged any member of Decay to face Jeff. Abyss agreed and Jeff gave him a sliding dropkick.

Abyss defeated “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy

Jeff set up for the swanton bomb but Matt told him not to. Instead, Jeff hit a crossbody on Crazzy Steve and rolled him in the ring. Steve accidentally spit mist into Abyss' eyes but Jeff only got a near fall with a twist of fate.

Matt revealed that it was Steve in his premonition abducting Maxel, so Matt started to bite Steve’s ear. Rosemary spit mist into Jeff's eyes and Abyss scored the pin after the Black Hole Slam.

Post-match, Matt blamed Jeff’s loss on trying to do high-risk moves. Matt tells Jeff he needs to embrace being broken.

- In the back, Maria and Knockouts Champion Sienna were mad at Allie because Maria didn’t know about Sienna's upcoming title defense. They ran into Billy Corgan who informed Sienna her match was next and might be against more than one person.

- Backstage, The Miracle and Lashley argued about next week's title match. Miracle told Lashley to worry about next week but Lashley told him to worry about Moose.

Allie defeated Madison Rayne, Marti Bell, Jade, and Knockouts Champion Sienna to win the championship

Sienna and Allie worked together but Allie didn't know what she was doing. Maria came down to ringside mid-match.

Finish of the match saw Jade hit the package piledriver on Madison Rayne. Marti Bell took out Jade. Bell and Allie fought over the baton and accidentally hit Sienna. Bell hit Allie with the baton and she landed on top of Rayne. Jade dropkicked Bell and the referee counted the pin. Allie is the new Knockouts Champion. Maria and Sienna were shocked.

- Backstage, Allie was overcome with joy after her victory and title win. The interviewer asked her what Maria is going to think and Allie was suddenly stressed out.

- We return to EC3 and Galloway drinking shots by the pool. They discuss the problems they’ve had. The conversation is intercut with recaps of the events that have transpired between them.

They work things out and look forward to facing each other. The segment ends with Galloway shoving EC3 into the pool. But despite that, they’re friends who respect each other.

- Moose is leaving the arena when Lashley drives by. Lashley continues to create problems between Moose and Miracle. Lashley gives Moose a card and invites him to dinner.

Facts of Life with Eli Drake

The guests are DJ Z, Braxton Sutter, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Rockstar Spud, and Mandrews. Next week they’ll be fighting for the vacant X Division title. They all took turns talking on the mic.

Drake brought up that none of them are on the same level as former champion Lashley. DJ Z got in Drake's face and promised to beat Lashley. They all ended up brawling, but it ended when DJ Z jumped over Drake and dove onto the rest of the guys on the floor.

Ethan Carter III defeated Drew Galloway w/ Aron Rex as the special guest referee

This was a really good competitive match. Aron Rex was a legit referee in this match and played no role in the match besides his referee duties. Galloway countered out of the One Percenter into a tombstone piledriver.

Galloway set up for the future shock DDT, but EC3 rolled him up for the pin and got the win. EC3 will challenge for the TNA World Championship at Bound For Glory.

After EC3 left, Rex applauded Galloway for his effort. Galloway snapped and turned on Rex by hitting him with a headbutt. Galloway beat Rex all over ringside and bashed his head repeatedly into the ring steps. Impact ended with Rex knocked out and Galloway walking away.

Next Week on Impact: Bobby Lashley will defend the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against “The Miracle” Mike Bennett. Also, Impact will feature an Ultimate X gauntlet match to crown a new X Division Champion.