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VIDEO: The Rock's Impact HOF induction speech for Ken Shamrock


At Saturday's Bound For Glory pre-show, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson appeared on Impact Wrestling via pre-recorded video to induct new Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock.

Above is a short clip that aired on the pay-per-view, but in the full version that was on the pre-show, Johnson said he shared the ring with many people, but the one man he owes debt and gratitude to is Shamrock.

At a time where he was cutting his teeth as a heel in WWE, he needed the best hero or badass to establish himself and that was Shamrock. He said Shamrock could have refused working with this kid, but he did it. He put over Shamrock's accomplishments as a founder father and Hall of Famer in the UFC and WWE's Attitude Era, "the greatest era in professional wrestler."

He said he was extremely proud of Shamrock, thanked him for the memories and "sweat equity" and said he'll send him some of his tequila to enjoy.