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UFC 205 live results: Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

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Preew by Ryan Frederick

Welcome to's live coverage of UFC 205: Alvarez vs. McGregor, eminating from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

This is the much anticipated debut of the UFC in New York, and they are bringing the most stacked card in company history for the Octagon's first visit to famed Madison Square Garden, capping off a night of action with the biggest draw in company history looking to make history.

In the main event, UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor looks to become the first fighter to hold championships in two divisions at the same time as he challenges Eddie Alvarez for the UFC Lightweight Championship. McGregor is coming off two high-profile fights with Nate Diaz while Alvarez makes his first title defense after knocking out Rafael Dos Anjos in July.

In addition, there are two other championship bouts. UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley makes his first title defense against top contender, Stephen Thompson, winner of seven straight fights. Woodley knocked out Robbie Lawler to win the title at UFC 201 in July, while Thompson is getting his title shot on the heels of a dominant win over Rory MacDonald.

UFC Strawweight Champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk makes her fourth title defense against fellow Polish strawweight, Karolina Kowalkiewicz, in the third title fight on the card. Jedrzejczyk last fought in July, successfully defending against Claudia Gadelha, while Kowalkiewicz is coming off a decision win over Rose Namajunas in July. Both women are undefeated in their professional careers, but Jedrzejczyk holds a win over Kowalkiewicz in an amateur bout.

The main card also has a middleweight bout as former champion Chris Weidman takes on Yoel Romero, and Miesha Tate battles Raquel Pennington in women's bantamweight action. The most stacked prelims of all-time includes featherweights Frankie Edgar and Jeremy Stephens doing battle as well as top lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov taking on Michael Johnson.

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Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7 PM eastern time with preliminary action all the way thru the main card.

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By Dave Meltzer


> Liz Carmouche (#9, 10-5, 2-3 UFC) vs. Katlyn Chookagian (#14, 8-0, 1-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

The place is fairly empty at this point.  More than a Las Vegas crowd but not like a lot of first-time markets.  Carmouche is ripped, more than most of the guys.     

First round:  Carmouche with low kicks.  Chookagian landed a right., Carmouche back with a right.  Carmouche with a low kick and a right and a takedown.  Carmouche is in side control  Chookagian back up with minimal damage.  Carmouche trying for another takedown.  Carmouche has her against the fence.  High slam by Carmouche with 1:05 left.  Carmouche is just holding her down.  Fans chanting Ole for no reason.  Carmouche with some short elbows.  Carmouche 10-9

Second round:    Carmouche has her and trying to throw her.  Both landed knees.  Chookagian broke the clinch.  Chookagian with a low kick.  Carmouche took her down with a back suplex.  She moved to side control.  Carmouche with short elbows.  Chookagian regained guard and wants a triangle.  Carmouche with some short punches.  The crowd is starting to boo them.  Carmouche is staying busy but they could stand them up.   Chookagaian up.  Knee by Chookagian.  Left by Chookagian.  Chookagian whiffed on a combo.  Right by Chookagian landed.  Low kick by  Chookagian.  Carmouche’s round 20-18.

Third round:  Chookagian dropped her with a great head kick.  Carmouche back up.  The crowd exploded.  Knee by Chookagian.  Carmouche going for a takedown.  Chookagian momentarily got behind her but Carmouche turned her into the fence.  Knee by Carmouche.  Chookagian landed a combo.  Big right by Chokagian.  Chookagian landed solid punches now.  Carmouche is bleeding from the nose.  Carmouche took her down which drew a groan from the crowd.  Carmouche is holding her down.  Chookagian up and Carmouche threw a knee.  Chookagian broke free.  Head kick by Chookagian.  Low kick by Carmouche. Chookagian in with punches.  Low kick by Carmouche.  Good right by Chookagian.  Carmouche shot for a takedown but doesn’t have it.  But she’s taking seconds off the clock.  Chookagian’s round but Carmouche should win 29-28.

Scores:  29-28 Chookagian 29-28 Carmouche 29-28 Carmouche.   

> Jim Miller (27-8 1 NC, 16-7 1 NC UFC) vs. Thiago Alves (21-10, 13-6 UFC)

Catch weight of 162.5

Alves missed weight by 6.5 pounds. 

First round:  Knee by Alves.  Miller with a left.  Miller in with an uppercut.   Miller landed a punch and took Alves down off a kick.  Miller is working to get his back.  Alves scrambled up.  Left kick to the body by Miller.  Both landing now with Alves landing a good knee.  Right by  Alves and head kick by  Alves.  Alves came on strong at the end but 10-9 Miller.

Second round:  Body kick by Alves.  Body kick by Alves.  He tried another and Miller tried to take him down off it.  Alves defended the takedown.  Miller with a blast double leg takedown.  Miller cradled him on the ground.  Miller is keeping him down.  There was a USA chant.  Miller landed a few punches as Alves got up.  Miller with a left.  Alves with a right.  Body kick by Alves.  Punch and knee by Alves.  Alves missed a spinning backfist.  Alves landed the backfist.  Miller is bleeding.  Close round. 20-18 Miller.

Third round:  Body kick by Alves.  Mller slipped.  Alves landing punches and a body kick.  Both swinging.  Miller hit the blast double again.  That could clinch him the fight.  Alves back up.  Alves with a body kcik.  Miller got another takedown.  Miller got his back.  Alves almost got up but Miller wrestled him back down.  Miller tried a guillotine and Alves slipped out and on top.  Alves landed some elbows and punches from the top as the round ended.  Another close round.  Miller 30-27.

Scores:   30-27, 29-28 and 30-27 for Miller    


> Vicente Luque (10-5-1, 3-1 UFC) vs. Belal Muhammad (10-1, 1-1 UFC)

First round:  Luque dropped him with a left hook and landed a few brutal shots on the ground before it was stopped.   1:19'

Luque said he dropped 30 pounds for the fight.

> Rafael Natal (#14, 21-7-1, 9-5-1 UFC) vs. Tim Boetsch (19-10, 10-9 UFC)

First round:  Boetsch landed a right as Natal went for a takedown.   Boetsch is the one moving forward.  Natal missed a spinning backfist.  Trading punches and Boetsch got the better of it.  Body kick by Natal.  Boetsch dropped him with a right hook  that knocked Natal flying and finished him on the ground.  It was weird.  It was like Natal wasn’t himself at all.  3:22

Boetsch credited the win to the Irish Hand Grenade Marcus Davis for the win.  Joe Rogan and Boetch said the first punch early shook up Natal and he was tentative from there.

> Khabib Nurmagomedov (#2, 23-0, 7-0 UFC) vs. Michael Johnson (#6, 17-10, 9-6 UFC)

First round:   Johnson throwing early.  He landed a nice left.  He’s landing good punches on Khabib.  He’s got Khabib hurt now.  Johnson landed a hard left.  Johnson blocked the takedown attempt.  But Khabib powered him down into side control   USA chants  Khabib with lefts.  Now he’s dropping elbows  and throwing hard punches on the ground.  Khabib dropping more elbows.  Big punches by Khabib.  He’s got his back and throwing more punches.  Khabib 10-9.  The crowd went nuts giving both a standing ovation after the round.   

Second round:  Johnson landed a left.  Left to the body by Johnson.  Khabib landing punches now and tied him up.  Johnson got away from the takedown attempt.  Johnson blocked another takedown,.  Knee and punch and Johnson sprawled.  Johnson going for a guillotine but Khabib popped out and is on top.  Khabib immediately passed to side control and throwing punches.  He’s got a crucifox position on Johnson and punching.  More punches by Khabib.  Khabib with hard lefts from the top.  Now Khabib has back position and is throwing a ton of punches.  More punches from side position.  Now he’s throwing hard rights.  10-8 Khabib’s round so 20-17 after two.

Third round:  USA chant to start the round.  Both throwing punches.  Khabib took him down again.  The crowd booed.  Khabib is landing punches again from that position.  Khabib is trying for a finish with punches but Johnson can take his shots.  Johnson tried to kick off the cage to reverse.  Now Khabib is working for a Kimura and got the tap.  Very interesting because his win was more dominant than Ferguson but Ferguson is a more entertaining fighter  2:31

Khabib said I want to stay humble but I have to talk.  I show the crazy power the UFC PR is.  He cut a promo on Conor and the crowd stared to boo him.  He wanted to face the Irish chicken, said
Irish only six million, Russia 150 million.  He then talked Russian.  He got great heat.  The crowd hated him.  He said Joe Rogan knows MMA for 20 years and asked Rogan if he desreved a title shot.  Rogan said he deserved it which the crowd didh't like.

> Frankie Edgar (#2, 20-5-1, 14-5-1 UFC) vs. Jeremy Stephens (#7, 25-12, 12-11 UFC)

First round:  Edgar got the biggest pop so far.  The place is pretty packed now, I’d say 90-95%.  Stephens looks 15 pounds heavier in the cage.  Edgar tried a takedown and Stephens sprawled.  Low kick by Stephens.  Edgar moved in for a takedown but Stephens disengaged.  Body kick by Edgar.  Knee by  Stephens.  Low kick by Stephens.  Edgar with a two punch combo.  Let’s Go Frankie chant pretty loud.  Edgar with a front headlock and throwing knees.  He’s working for the takedown and not getting it.  Edgar slammed him  but Stephens right baacck up.    Edgar slammed him again but Stephens up.  Stephens poked Edgar in the eye and a time out was called.  Stephens with punches.  Edgar 10-9 but closer than you’d think.

Second round:  Stephens complained of a low blow.  Edgar with a right.  Jumping kick by Stephens.  Body kick by Edgar.  Low kick by Edgar.  Edgar got a momentary takedown .  He got a back slam takedown.  Stephens right back up again.  Edgar in with punches.  Good right by Edgar.  Edgar with punches.  Stephens with a great kick to the chin and  Edgar went down.  Edgar is hurt.  Stephens with a right.  Stephens going for the finish.  Another right by Stephens.   Stephens with a left.  Hard left by Stephens.  Let’s go Frankie chants.  Stephens with a right.  Edgar back with a combo, and got the takedown and got a guillotine.  Stephens out of it.  What a great round.  Edgar on top.  Loud Frankie chants.  He’s going for the guillotine again.  Edgar landed punches from the top late.  10-9 Stephens for 19-19 after two.  Standing ovation for the round.

Third round:  Let’s go Frankie chants.  Stephens threw a kick and Edgar used it to take him down.  Stephens working for a  Kimura but Edgar out of trouble.  Edgar elbowing the ribs.  Edgar staying on top.  Edgar trying to work for a choke.  Edgar with a back suplex slam.  Edgar is behind him working for a choke again.  Stephens up with 2:13 left.  Big right by Stephens.  Edgar went for a takedown and couldn’t get it.  Edgar with a left.  Edgar with a right.  Uppercut by Stephens.  Both throwing and Stephens landed some good shots and Edgar back as the fight ended.  Edgar 29-28.  The crowd gave them a standing ovation again.

Scores:   30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 for Edgar.

Edgar said he wants to be on the Brooklyn show.


> Miesha Tate (#1, 18-6, 5-3 UFC) vs. Raquel Pennington (#8, 8-5, 5-2 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

First round:  Tate didn’t get nearly the reaction she usually gets.  Tate with a right.  Pennnington landing jabs.  Pennington hurting her with punches.  Rocky chant.  Tate landing punches to the body and head and working for a takedown.  Pennington lifted Tate up with a guollotone.  It was crazy.  Tate tried to kick off the cage.  Tate finally go the takedown.  Pennington back up.  Pennington looks like she wants to do the old pump handle move.  That’s a pro wrestling joke.  Nothing much happening and crowd starting to get restless.  Tate had her back.  Tate did control the positioning but Pennington did more damage.  Hard to score, 10-9 Pennington.

Second round:   Pennington with a nice right.  Left by Pennington.  Anohter left by Pennington.  Penningotn landed solid shots.  Tate with lefts.  Knee by Tate from the clinch.  Tate trying for the takedown.  Knee by Tate.  Both throwing punches.  Pennington got behind Tate.  Tate throwing elbows.  Crowd is bored by this fight.  Pennington landing punches from the clinch.  Tate with knees and Pennington with body shots as they’re in the clinch.  Body shots by Pennington.  Both landed punches as the round ended.  Pennington 20-18.

Third round:  Both the rounds were close so it’s anyone’s fight.  Tate tried to pull guard to get it to the ground.  She almost got an armbar.  Pennington landing punches from the top.  Tate again working for an armbar.  Pennington landing punches from the top.  Tate now trying for a triangle but doesn’t have it.  Tate now going for a leglock.  She tried a heel hook but didn’t get it.  They’re in a clinch and Pennington is landing some short punches.   Pennington took her down and is throwing more punches.  Rare boring fight from Tate.  Pennington landing a lot of punches late.  Pennington 30-27.

Scores:   29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 Pennington.  Bad time for a loss for Tate.

Tate announced her retirement after.  She said it's not her time anymore and she's been around for a long time and she couldn't pull it off.  

> Chris Weidman (#2, 13-1, 9-1 UFC) vs. Yoel Romero (#4, 12-1, 7-0 UFC)

First round:  This is a really big fight because a strong Weidman win can make him a New York superstar.  Not to mention he’ll probably get a title match with a win.  Romero is a freak athlete, but he’s also 39 years old.  They showed Bisping watching the fight.  USA chant to start.  Hard body kick by Romero.  Weidman tried a takedown but not hard, more diversion.  Body kick by Weidman.  Ole chants.  Weidman took him down once but Romero back up.  Body kick by Weidman.  Body kicks by Weidman. Another takedown by  Weidman and Romero back up.  Low kick by Weidman.  Left by Romero.  Romero with lefts.  Body kick by Romnero.  Weidman took him down and got his back.  Weidman 10-9.

Second round:  The referee wiped Vaseline off Romero’s back at the start of the round.  Left by Romero.  Left by Romero.  Body kick by Weidman.  Knee by  Weidman.  Romero claimed an eye poke after the knee.  Weidman in on the single but gave it up to land a head kick.  Romero took Weidman down and got his back after Weidman got up.  Romero with another takedown.  Weidman escaped and Romero took him down again.  Romero has his back on the ground.  Romero’s round so 19-19.

Third round:  Boyd kick  by Weidman.  Romero killed him with a flying knee that nailed Weidman in the left eye and and pounded on him and finished him.  That’s not a good thing for UFC.  Romero is strutting around the ring like he’s a foreign military soldier saluting the crowd.  The crowd didn’t even boo him.  They were just stunned.  The two hugged.  :24  The crowd was eerily quiet when this ended.

Romero said he wanted the belt.  Joe Rogan said that Romero will be challenging for the title next.  Michael Bisping said he wouldn’t face Romero.  Bisping gave Romero the thumbs down and then flipped him off with both hands.  Romero kept saying “I love you Mike, see you soon, boy.”  Romero said you see now the real champion.

> Joanna Jedrzejczyk (C, 12-0, 6-0 UFC) vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (#2, 10-0, 3-0 UFC)
UFC Women's Strawweight Championship

First round:  Joanna with low kicks.  Ole chants.  Joanna with a combo.  Both landing.  Nice combo by Joanna.  Karolina landed some punches.  The Irish are singing to entertain themselves.  Joanna with another combo.  Joanna 10-9

Second round:   Karloline pushed her against the fence and went for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Joanna with a flurry.  Karolina working for a takedown.   Joanna has her against the fence and threw a knee.  Front kick by Joanna.  Spijnning backfist by Joanna.  Joanna 20-18.

Third round:  Joanna with a knee and punches.  Joanna outlandig her.  Arolian landed a right.  The crowd is so quiet for this fight except a few chants having nothing to do with the fight.  It’s like this is Raw from last Monday.  Body kick by Karolina.  Karolina with a floury.  Joannan back  and landed a body kick and knee.  Elbow and punches by Joanna.  Trading punches.  Joanna 30-27.   Some boos at the end.   I can’t tell you how little the people care about this fight.

Fourth round:    Joanna with a few kicks and they are back against the fence.  Karolina with elbows.  Spinning backfist by Karolina.  Karolina hurt her bad with a right to the nose.  Both are trading.  Both trading some more.  Karolina landed a big right.  Karolina is landing big rights.  Joanna took her down but Karolina back up.  Joanna looking at the clock.  Karolina with more punches from close range.  Joanna landed aan elbow.  Karolina landed a good right.  Trading punches.  Joanna seems recovered now.  Backfist by Karolina.  Joanna tried the same.  Joanna with a combo.  Both traded punches.  Hard knee by Joanna.  Joanna got good shots In late in the round.  The crowd completely turned and gave both a huge ovation.  Karolina’s round 39-37 Joanna.

Fifth round:  Good combo by Joanna.  Karolina with punches and Joanna with an elbow.   Joanna using her kicks to keep Karolina at a distance by Karolina got in and landed a punch.  Front kick by Joanna.  Joanna landing more punches.  Joanna with a left.  Karolina back with punches.  Joanna with solid punches now.  The crowd came alive.  Karolina with a spinning punch and Joanna back with punches.  Joanna landed punches and elbows.  Knee by Joanna.  Body kick by Joanna.  Joanna 49-46.  After all that, the whole place is standing.  The fourth round turned the crowd around.

Scores:  All three had it 49-46 for Joanna.

Joanna was charming, said she wasn’t hurt in the fourth round.  The crowd cheered Karolina a lot after the fight.  Karolina said Joanna was the best in the world.  She said she’s proud she gave a good fight and the crowd cheered big. 

> Tyron Woodley (C, 16-3, 6-2 UFC) vs. Stephen Thompson (#2, 13-1, 8-1 UFC)
UFC Welterweight Championship

First round:  Body kick by Thonpson.  Thompson threw a kick, Woodley countered with a right and took him down.  Woodley with body shots.  Woodley  with a lot of short punches on the ground to smother him .  He land hard body shots late, bloodied him with elbows and landed a hard shot at the horn.  10-9  Woodley, almost a 10-8.

Second round:  Thompson landed some punches and Woodley tied him up.  Thompson turned him around and then Woodley turned him back around.  Spin kick to the body by Thompson.  Left by Thompson.  Right by Thompson.  Thompson with punches.  Thompson landing more.  Woodley with a nice right.  Body shot by Thompson.  Another body shot by Thompson.  Woodley with a nice right.  Thompson’s round so 19-19 after two.

Third round:  Side kick by Thompson.  Woodley moved forward with punches.  Woodley moved forward and landed again.  Ole chants.  Head kick by Woodley.   Low kick by Thompson. Thompson moved in with punches. Good right by Thompson.  Left by Woodley.  Left by Thompson and landed more punches.  Woodley moved in but didn’t connect.  Thompson landed a few.  Woodley  with two nice rights late in the round.  Close round.  Thompson’s so 29-28 Thompson after three.

Fourth round:  Thompson in with a few punches.  Woodley dropped him with hard right.  Woodley throwing punches.  Woodley dropped him again with a right and throwing punches on the ground.  Thompson is in trouble.  Woodley is landing shot after shot.  Knees by Woodley and punches.  Woodley going for a guillotine.  Thompson out of it but he’s hurt.  Woodley went for a guillotine again and it’s tight.  Thompson is surviving so far.  Thompson punching back.  The crowd went nuts seeing  Thompson punch back.  He popped out for the biggest pop so far this show.  Wonderboy chants.  Thompson landing big punches late.  This place is now really alive.  10-8 but that comeback could keep it 10-9, but I’ve got 38-37 Woodley after four.  This is going to be very interesting how it’s judged.

Fifth round:    Jumping kick by Thompson.  Body kick by Thompson.  Low kick by Thompson.  Loud Wonderboy chants.  Right and a head kick by Thompson.  Body kick by Thompson.  Spin kick to the head by Thompson.  Left and right by Thompson.  Right by Thompson.  Left and right by Thompson.  Body kick by  Woodley.  Left by Thompson.  Low kick by Thompson.  Woodley landed a right.  Body shot by Thompson.  Left and right by Thompson. Thompson with a left.   Two lefts by Thompson.  Thompson with a good right.  Thompson’s round, I’ve got it 47-47 all.  This could go either way depending on a 10-8 in the first or fourth rounds. 

Scores:  Derek Cleary scored it  47-47, Doug Crosby scored it 47-47, Glenn Trowbridge 48-47 Woodley.  That’s a screw-up, as that’s a majority draw but Woodley would still retain on the draw.  Bruce Buffer later corrected himself a majority draw.  The problem is Trowbridge looks to have given 3 rounds to Woodley and Thompson won three rounds and it came down to 10-8s in round one or four.  Either way, Woodley retains on the draw.

> Eddie Alvarez (C, 28-4, 3-1 UFC) vs. Conor McGregor (C FW, 20-3, 8-1 UFC)
UFC Lightweight Championship

This crowd is now totally electric.  They’re booing the hell out of Alvarez.  Not the number of Irish flags as Vegas but a totally pro-McGregor crowd.  Alvarez is called The Underground King.  I wonder if he knows Sami  Zayn.

First round:  McGregor landed and stumbled.  Low kick by Alvarez.  Body kick by McGregor.  McGregor dropped him with a left and Alvarez back up.  Head kick by Alvarez.  The crowd is really loud.  Alvarez shot for a takedown.  McGregor with a body kick.  Alvarez landed punches and then slipped.  Head kick by McGregor.  McGregor dropped him with a left .  McGregor with punches on the ground.  Now he’s dropping elbows on him.  Alvarez back up.  Loud Conor chants.  Alvarez shot in and McGregor evaded and landed an elbow.  McGregor with a left.   Body kick by McGregor.  Right by McGregor.  Alvarez with body shots.  Alvarez with a body kick.  Alvarez landed a good left.  Body kick by  Alvarez.  McGregor 10-8.

Second round:  Big left by McGregor hurt him.  Alvarez shot for a takedown and it was easily stuffed.  McGregor put his arms behind his back and dared Alvarez a free shot.  Alvarez didn’t do anything.  Body kick by McGregor.  Right and left by McGregor.  Alvarez with a right.  He missed a left and McGregor put him down with a left.  Alvarez working for a takedown.   Alvarez pushing hard and couldn’t get the takedown.  Push kick by Alvarez.  McGregor with a series of punches put Alvarez down and ref John McCarthy waved it off.  McGregor is the first two division champion in UFC history.  It was a left hook, a right, a left and another right that put Alvarez down.  A great combo, all four shots landed hard and McCarthy waved it after two punches on the ground.  3:04 

McGregor wanted his second belt.   McGregor said they’re not on my level,  you need size and reach to beat him.   He kept saying he wants that second belt.  He I’ve ridiculed everyone on the roster, and I’d like to apologize to absolutely nobody.  The place erupted on that one.  Then he had both belts.  He made no big announcement or anything.