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UFC on ESPN+ 9 live results: Al Iaquinta vs. Donald Cerrone


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC on ESPN+ 9: Iaquinta vs. Cowboy, emanating from the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The Octagon heads back to Ottawa for the second time with a lightweight main event featuring two men eager to get a title shot in a crowded 155-pound division.

Al Iaquinta will be looking to make it two straight wins in his third straight main event fight when he takes on fan favorite and long-time UFC veteran Donald Cerrone in the night's five-round headliner. Iaquinta is fresh off a dominant decision win over Kevin Lee in December, while Cerrone looks to make it two straight since moving back down to 155 pounds and to add to his overall UFC record of 22 wins.

In the co-main event, it is a middleweight bout as Derek Brunson looks to shake off a two-fight losing skid against Elias Theodorou, winner of three straight fights. Also on the main card is a featherweight bout between Cub Swanson and Shane Burgos, and a bantamweight bout between former TUF winner Brad Katona and Merab Dvalishvili.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 5 p.m Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Mitch Gagnon (12-4, 4-3 UFC) vs. Cole Smith (6-0, 0-0 UFC)

Smith is making his UFC debut here tonight against the seasoned Gagnon who hasn’t fought since 2016. This is the only fight on the card where its Canada vs Canada. Gagnon taking the center of the Octagon. Gagnon shoots in for a takedown but Smith has wrist control and has his back up against the cage. Gagnon is trying to escape and has back position now looking for an escape by kneeing the back of Smith’s leg. Smith finally takes down Gagnon at the halfway mark but Gagnon gets back to a standing base. They finally unlock and we are back in the center with 90 seconds left. Trading punches and kicks with Gagnon scoring the better strike but Smith again ties up Gagnon against the cage. Smith with a good elbow strike and some final strikes to end the round. I have it 10-9 for Smith

Crowd is definitely behind Gagnon as we start the second round. Gagnon lands a nice spinning elbow which is making Smith retreat as appears more cautious. Smith throwing one or two strikes and backs away as Gagnon is taking the fight to Smith by taking the center of the cage again. Gagnon lands a strike and now clinches Smith against the cage. Smith lands a strike and takes back position and pulls guard going backwards looking for rear naked choke here. Gagnon is trying to fight out of it but Smith is not giving up on this choke. Gagnon lifts Smith’s arm over his head but Smith still has Gagnon in a bad position and Smith is trying to get choke in again after successfully getting the hooks in. Gagnon fights out a 2nd time and gets the mount quickly but the horn sounds. 10-9 Smith

Gagnon is again taking the fight to the center of the cage keeping Smith on his back foot. Smith throws a strike which misses and Gagnon rocks Smith and Smith falls back first into the cage and Gagnon is swarming him now with punches and eventually gets a neck crank or a rear naked choke but Smith is able to get out and while on the ground gets Gagnon’s back and is working on another rear naked choke attempt. Smith is on top of Gagnon’s back wearing him out while Gagnon is trying to defend against Smith’s offense. Smith gets a choke and its in tight but Gagnon again is able to escape but Smith is not giving up and goes for another one as Gagnon fights and fights and the horn ends. Closest round of the three but I have this one 30-27 for Smith.

Official Result - Cole Smith def. Mitch Gagnon by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

> Arjan Bhullar (8-1, 2-1 UFC) vs. Juan Adams (5-0, 1-0 UFC)

Adams comes into this fight at 266 while Bhullar weighed in at 244, interesting note is Bhullar is the first Indo-Canadian to fight in the UFC. Adams is a product of the Contenders Series season 2. Both fighters are trading strikes to start but Adams is landing the better shots. Bhullar is getting a few good punches in but Adams is just a step quicker and Bhullar is getting tagged here early on. Adams clinches up for a breather and now we are back to a striking battle and now Adams will clinch up and throw a stiff knee to mix it up. Some clinch work now and both fighters are trading knees in the clinch with their strikes to end the round. I have it 10-9 for Adams  

Round 2 starts with a flurry of punches by Adams and Bhullar is backpedaling here and was stung by that last punch. Now we go back to the center for more clinch work with Adams now starting to back pedal but again back to center. Bhullar gets a single leg takedown and is now working in the guard of Adams. Bhullar with a strike that knocks out Adams mouthpiece. Bhullar going for side control and Adams rolls out and we are back to the feet. Adams now has Bhullar against the cage trying to control the action but Bhullar is able to reverse with 90 seconds left. Bhullar is now bleeding from below the right eye and more clinch work with Bhullar in control to end the round. 10-9 Bhullar

Another flurry by Adams to start the round and Bhullar survives and now we are back to trading shots in the center followed by clinch work again. Both fights are being warned to engage by the ref here and Adams with his back against the cage is more defensive at the moment. Two minutes left in the round and Adams lands a good knee while having Bhullar against the cage. Bhullar scores a single leg takedown with just a minute left in the fight and is trying to pass Adams guard again. Bhullar is trying to strike but Adams is just in defense mode trying to run out the clock. Bhullar with a nice elbow but its going to be the end of the fight. 10-9 Bhullar with that late takedown in a close 3rd

Official Result - Arjan Bhullar def. Juan Adams by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27 )

Bhullar in the post-fight interview called out Andrei Arlovski for the UFC’s next visit to Vancouver

> Kyle Nelson (12-2, 0-1 UFC) vs. Matt Sayles (7-2, 0-1 UFC)

Nelson is dropping down Featherweight to fight Sayles. Both fighters have only fought once before in the UFC and lost. Nelson with the early flurry buy Sayles escapes and bring the fight back to the center. Sayles starts punching but Nelson defending until Sayles trips him and gets a few shots before Nelson is able to recover. Nelson goes for a punch, Sayles avoids a punch and throws Nelson to the ground and is going for a finish and while raining hammerfists down looks at the ref seeing if the fight is going to be stopped. Nelson uses the opportunity to lock on an ankle lock and Sayles has to counter with one of his own. Sayles then switches to mount and is raining punches but Nelson is tough and doesn’t stop and gets another ankle lock. Sayles releases and we go to the center as the round ends. 10-9 Sayles

Both fighters sizing the other up to start but Nelson scores a takedown but Sayles recovers quickly and both are back on their feet. Sayles throwing punches again and Nelson is looking for another takedown. Nelson scores it but Sayles is against the cage sitting down and playing defence. Nelson picks him up and quickly transitions to rear control. Nelson has the hooks in and is looking for the rear naked choke with two minutes left in the round. Sayles is fighting it but its in and he is slowly fading here with lots of time left. Sayles is free of the choke but not of Nelson. Nelson is relentless here and Sayles is defending against the choke and the horn will save him here. 10-9 Nelson

Feeling out process to start, Nelson the more aggressive of the two here. Nelson shoots again for a takedown but Sayles is quick to stuff it. Sayles catches another takedown attempt and Nelson is landing a couple of shots here, Sayles hit a couple and another takedown by Nelson but Sayles quickly back up. Sayles has lost the quickness he had in the first and Nelson again gets a takedown but Sayles transitions into a side choke and he's in the center of the cage and its in real good. The referee has stopped the fight but as soon as Sayles releases Nelson quickly gets up thinking the fight is still on but the referee stops him telling him its over.

Official Result - Matt Sayles def. Kyle Nelson via Submission (Side and Arm Choke) @ 3:16 of Rd. 3

> Nordine Taleb (14-6, 6-4 UFC) vs. Kyle Prepolec (12-5, 0-0 UFC)

Prepolec is taking this fight on short notice as Siyar Bahadurzada pulled out of tonight's fight. Taleb with a nice kick to start the fight that Prepolec was able to block just in time. Both fighters getting their timing down to start here in the early going. Taleb with a kick to the shin of Prepolec that connected loudly. Prepolec the more aggressive here with the striking now and we are in a defensive battle now. Taleb mixing in some kicks and now both fighters appear to have found their range. Prepolec seems to be targeting the head of Taleb and lands a spinning back fist to end the round. 10-9 Taleb

Both fighters trading shots to start in the center of the cage. Prepolec is getting tagged by a Taleb punch and kick combo but Prepolec quickly shakes it off. Taleb is throwing kicks that are being countered by Prepolec’s punches. Referee has called time due to an accidental eye poke. Time in and the pace has quickened with both fighters landing punches and kicks but Taleb is getting the better of these exchanges. Taleb catches Prepolec with a punch that stuns him and Taleb has him against the cage but the round ends. 10-9 Taleb

Prepolec is the more aggressive fighter to start the round here and Taleb is able to bring the fight back to the center. I don’t believe we are going to see a takedown here as both fighters are content to just stand and bang. Taleb working on the right leg of Prepolec with another still kick which has seemed to slow him down. Those inside leg kicks have turned Prepolec’s right leg very red. Prepolec is still coming after Taleb with punches but Taleb is content with causing damage to the legs here in the final minute. Taleb throws one more kick, Prepolec tries a spinning back fist which Taleb avoids and that’s the fight. 10-9 Taleb

Official Result - Nordine Taleb def. Kyle Prepolec by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3 )

> Aiemann Zahabi (7-1, 1-1 UFC) vs. Vince Morales (8-3, 0-1 UFC)

Zahabi getting the love from the Canadian crowd here while Morales is looking for his first UFC win. Zahabi starts the fight on the offensive here and Morales has more of a defensive mindset here. Morales blocks a kick and is trying to find his range but Zahabi is only taking one or two strikes here. Morales is finding his rhythm with his strikes with two minutes left here. Both fighters are not risking more than a few strikes at a time, not wanting to be the first to make a mistake. Morales lands a kick which backs up Zahabi to end the round. 10-9 Morales

Zahabi the aggressor here again to start the round with his striking. Morales looking to find that range again and is mixing up his punches with kicks. Morales connects with a punch before Zahabi can connect with a kick. Zahabi scores a takedown with 90 seconds left which wakes up the crowd. Morales has his back against the cage trying to escape and finally does. Both fighters now back on their feet and Morales is now bleeding from above his left eye. Lots of circling around the cage for the final seconds 10-9 Zahabi

Both fighters using lots of feints to start trying to trick their opponent. Now both are trading punches, Zahabi appeared to be going for a takedown but Morales just a step quicker. Flurry of punches by Morales which are blocked by Zahabi. Morales is using his speed now to not get struck while at the same time getting a few punches in on Zahabi. Zahabi gets Morales back but couldn’t take him down before Morales escapes. Morales now with another flurry but Zahabi able to escape the barrage. Zahabi with another failed takedown attempt and is now backpedaling around the cage to avoid anymore of Morales offense. 10-9 for Morales.

Official Result - Vince Morales def. Aiemann Zahabi by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

> Macy Chiasson (#14, 4-0, 2-0 UFC) vs. Sarah Moras (5-4, 2-3 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

First fight with a ranked fighter as #14 ranked Chiasson is fighting Moras here looking to take Chiasson’s spot in the top 15. Moras scored a very early takedown and is working in Chiasson’s guard here to start things off. Moras is raining punches from above but Chiasson is keeping her close to limit their damage. Chiasson using her legs to set up an arm triangle here. Moras is trying to go for side control at the halfway mark of the fight. Moras is able to get past the guard is now raining elbows to the forehead of Chiasson. Both fighters are scrambling here to improve their position. Moras trying to mount here but instead goes back to side control to take her back. Chiasson is able to reverse and now it’s Moras on her back defending the punishment from above. Chiasson is really punishing her here in the final seconds and the round ends with dual leg locks. Very close round 10-9 Chiasson

Moras shoots for a takedown, Chiasson reverses it and is able to put Moras on her back again and is landing some vicious strike here. Chiasson is in side control now looking to set something up here but for now seems content on inflicting damage to the body. Chiasson is past the guard now and its more of the same here with multiple strikes from the top position and the referee has seen enough and stops the fight.

Official Result - #14 Macy Chiasson def. Sarah Moras via TKO @ 2:22 of Rd. 2

So for those keeping score its 2-3 for Canadian fighters (Bhullar and Taleb) against other countries with 3 more Canadian fighters to go


> Marc-Andre Barriault (11-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Andrew Sanchez (10-4, 3-2 UFC)

TUF 23 winner Sanchez fights the debuting Barriault in the first fight on the main card. Barriault is on an 8 fight winning streak while Sanchez is 2-2 since winning TUF 23. Sanchez with a takedown attempt early but Barriault is able to use the cage to break his fall and is trying to escape without giving up his back in the process. Sanchez is able to land a few punches here from this position. Barriault is still seated against the cage and Sanchez is trying to force him to his back. Sanchez is able to get him on his back for a moment but Barriault is able to get back to his feet. Sanchez still has him against the cage with two minutes left in the round. Barriault is landing some body shots and now we are back to center. Both fighters are looking to stand and throw punches now, Sanchez with a takedown attempt but Barriault is able to stuff it. Lots of feints and the occasional punch to end the round. 10-9 Sanchez

Both fighters throwing punches early, another takedown attempt by Sanchez and Barriault is able to stuff it again. Sanchez trying to land a head kick but Barriault blocks that and lands a punch of his own. Sanchez is starting to have his kicks caught by Barriault leading to a solid punch by Barriaut. Barriault now landing a few punches in a row tagging Sanchez and the crowd is loving it. Sanchez with a clinch attempt and Barriault is tagging Sanchez again. Sanchez looks gassed out but it coming back with a few punches of his own. Every time Barriault connects the crowd erupts and Sanchez cant keep this up for much longer. There's the horn and Sanchez is bleeding from the nose. 10-9 Barriault

Round 3 starts with a hot crowd doing the Ole chants. Sanchez is trying to get his timing back and Barriault is doing the same. Sanchez with a clinch attempt which Barriault breaks out and lands a good combo in return. Sanchez with a takedown attempt, Barriault breaks out but Sanchez is using his shoulders to drive Barriault into the cage. Barriault is trying to escape and now Sanchez has Barriault down on his backside but Barriault has his back up against the cage. Sanchez is trying to take the back while Barriault is back to his feet. Sanchez is trying to wrestle him down with a minute left in the fight. Barriault is working for an armbar as Sanchez falls to his knee to keep Barriault against the cage. Final ten seconds see Barriault try to take down Sanchez with a choke attempt but Sanchez escapes as the horn sounds. 10-9 Sanchez

Official Result - Andrew Sanchez def. Marc-Andre Barriault by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x 3)

The crowd boos this decision and even louder while Michael Bisping is interviewing Sanchez. Crowd might not like it but the right fighter won here

> Walt Harris (11-7 1 NC, 4-6 1 NC UFC) vs. Serghei Spivac (9-0, 0-0 UFC)

Spivac is making his UFC debut tonight against a UFC veteran in Walt Harris who is fighting his last fight was declared a no contest due to a failed drug test. Harris starts off with a flurry early to start the fight, Spivac is backing up against the cage and Harris is pouring it on with punches and now knee strike and down go Spivac. Hammerfists now by Harris and the referee ends it.

Official Result - Walt Harris def. Serghei Spivac by TKO @ 0:50 of Rd. 1

Walt Harris wants Alexey Oleynik or Justin Willis in his next fight. He also said that loves Canada and wants some Poutine. Harris was dancing as he passed by the media tables as well

> Brad Katona (8-0, 2-0 UFC) vs. Merab Dvalishvili (8-4, 1-2 UFC)

TUF 27 Winner Katona looks to make it 3 straight in the UFC against Dvalishvili who has only won once in his last 3 fights in the UFC which makes him a dangerous test. Dvalishvili is coming out trying to throw some kicks bringing the fight to Katona. Dvalishvili is throw a few kicks and Katona just steps past them and lands a couple of punches. Now both fighters are throwing punches. Dvalishvili with a takedown attempt but Katona is able to escape moments after being taken down. Katona now has Dvalishvili pinned against the cage and is landing at will at the face of Dvalishvili. Now they are both clinched up and walk to the center of the cage before Dvalishvili is able to take Katona down. Dvalishvili is working in Katona’s guard and is throwing some body shots as well. Dvalishvili goes to mount and rains hammerfists and the round ends. The last 30 seconds of the round give it to Dvalishvili 10-9

Dvalishvili with another take down to start this round and we start just where we ended the previous round. Katona is trying to work a choke from the bottom but Dvalishvili gets out. Katona is on his back in the middle of the cage trying to escape and Dvalishvili shows no sign of slowing down trying to get past the guard here. The crowd is turning on this fight at the halfway point. Katona is trying to escape and the referee finds stands them up with 90 seconds left. Brief exchange before Katona clinches Dvalishvili and pushes him against the cage. Katona throwing a few knees here and Dvalishvili takes him down to his backside and before he can inflict some damage the round ends. 10-9 Dvalishvili

Katona is more aggressive here, knowing that he needs a stoppage to win here. Dvalishvili is now bleeding from the bridge of his nose thanks to a few quick punches from Katona. Dvalishvili now has Katona in a clinch again and they exchange punches as well. Now they are clinched in the middle of the cage and Dvalishvili is bleeding from his left eye now. Dvalishvili scores another takedown and he is pinning Katona against the cage. Dvalishvili drags him off the cage and is looking to pass guard here. Dvalishvili mounts up and is raining punches now first to the face and now to the body. Katona is able to re-establish the guard here with less than a minute left. Dvalishvili back to his feet and Katona lands a stiff upkick from the bottom. Dvalishvili is just going to grind out the last ten seconds with a front face choke and that’s it. 10-9 Dvalishvili

Official Result - Nerab Dvalishvili def. Brad Katona by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 3)

Dvalishvili is trained by Ray Longo and Matt Serra and wore a black wig (think Khabib) during the decision and the post-fight interview with Bisping

> Cub Swanson (#10, 24-10, 9-6 UFC) vs. Shane Burgos (11-1, 4-1 UFC)

Cub Swanson #10 has lost his last three fights and needs a win to keep himself in the Top Ten. Burgos is 4-1 in the UFC and a win against Swanson would put him in the rankings at the expense of Swanson. Both fighters are setting the pace early gauging the distance here, Swanson able to land the first few shots and now both are firing away. Both are throwing punches from the center of the cage and now a few kicks and they are landing. Burgos with a punch to the left eye of Swanson that stunned him. Burgos with a quick combo and Swanson returns with one of his own. Crowd is behind Swanson here and the pace picks up with a minute left to go in the round. Burgos lands an inside kick and Swanson laughs it off. More punches by Burgos at the end of the round. 10-9 Burgos

Swanson the more aggressive striker in Round 2 landing a few crisp punches. Burgos is trying to use his speed more using feints and Swanson is trying to predict where Burgos goes and throws a combo. Swanson starting to get tagged near his left eye. Burgos is mixing up his punches and kicks to keep Swanson off target. Swanson is doing the same to counter Burgos. Swanson is connecting more punches here in the second round. Burgos now has Swanson up against the cage and is trying to get a combo started but Swanson escapes. Swanson goes in for a combo and Burgos throws one at him. End of the round and now Burgos is bleeding from the nose. 10-9 Swanson

Both fighters come out swinging in the final round but Swanson is having trouble with the reach of Burgos. Swanson and Burgos are just slugging it out, same power in these shots as in round 1. Swanson takes the back of Burgos and grinds him into the cage. Burgos down his knees now as Swanson is chopping away at the other with knee strikes. Burgos is throwing elbows trying to survive here. Back to the center with 1:45 left and this has been back and forth. More blood pouring from the nose of Burgos. Crowd is cheering this fight with a minute left, both fighters are trying to do enough to win here. Another takedown attempt and Burgos goes to the cage and escapes. Last ten seconds sees Burgos connect with a few solid punches and a jumping knee that might be enough to win the fight 10-9 Burgos

Official Result - Shane Burgos def. #10 Cub Swanson by Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 27-30)

Burgos was asked who he would to fight next and instead gave a shout out to his daughter

> Derek Brunson (#9, 18-7, 9-5 UFC) vs. Elias Theodorou (#13, 16-2, 8-2 UFC)

#9 Brunson has won 2 of his last 6 in the UFC but the two prior losses were against Adesanya and Jacare. #13 Theodorou has won his last three fights so besides the main event this will also have an impact in the rankings.  Theodorou throwing some kicks early and now Brunson tries to clinch but Theodorou backs away. Another clinch by Brunson and Brunson is able to take him down but Theodorou get up but is still clinched. Brunson falls backwards and tries for a rear naked choke and almost get it but Theodorou escapes. Now we are back on the feet at the halfway mark. Another clinch by Brunson, another escape by Theodorou. Back to the center of the cage and Brunson is controlling the center and Theodorou tries to land some kicks to no avail. More circling at the end of the round. 10-9 Brunson

Single leg takedown attempt by Brunson fails as Theodorou is able to escape. Theodorou swinging wildly but doesn’t connect. Theodorou seems to be a little slower this round and Brunson is trying to catch him with a jab. The lack of action is starting to turn the crowd against them as Theodorou mimics running away and does a matrix kick that failed. Brunson now trying to punch through the kicks to attack Theodorou. Theodorou now with a single leg attempt but Brunson escapes. Brunson connects with a kick and now has Theodorou pinned against the cage and lets him go. More circling each other to end the round 10-9 Brunson

Theodorou starts with some kicks and Brunson catches it but is unable to take Theodorou down. Takedown attempt by Brunson and he has him pinned against the cage again. Brunson now has back position but unable to do anything. Another takedown by Brunson and both get right back up. Brunson goes for a takedown and actually picks up Theodorou and slams him to the ground. Brunson takes his back and both are back standing. Brunson connects with a punch that wobbles Theodorou but no follow up. Final minute here and we get more attempted strikes by Theodorou and Brunson connecting with a punch or two. 10-9 Brunson

Official Result - Derek Brunson def. Elias Theodorou by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

When asked who he would like to fight next, Brunson said its a rebirth and will fight whoever

> Al Iaquinta (#4, 14-4-1, 9-3 UFC) vs. Donald Cerrone (#8, 34-11 1 NC, 22-8 UFC)

Main event time and the crowd erupts for Cerrone’s entrance. A win here could put him in the top 5 and one fight away from title consideration. Iaquinta’s only loss is to Khabib (Won 6 of last 7 fights) Iaquinta

Iaquinta more aggressive to start with Cerrone taking the counter approach and both land leg kicks early. Iaquinta trying to land punches and Cerrone avoids them. Both fighters circling each other, very intense stares on both each one trying to get their timing down first. Cerrone stuns Iaquinta with a jab. Iaquinta is bleeding underneath his right eye. Both fighters are trading punches now. Cerrone with a head kick to Iaquinta. Pace slows down with 30 seconds, Iaquinta goes for a takedown ad eats a jab. 10-9 Cerrone

Iaquinta starting to work the legs of Cerrone but the kick have little effect. Cerrone appears to also try attacking the legs of Iaquinta. Cerrone seems to be targeting the left leg of Iaquinta which is turning bright red. Both fighters are trading head shots now and the crowd is loving it. Iaquinta throws a head kick and it connects. Both fighters still banging away in the middle of the cage with less than a minute to go. Cerrone with a kick and Iaquinta counters with a punch that stunned Cerrone. Both fighters trade a few more punches before the horn goes. Iaquinta is now bleeding from the nose as well. 10-9 Iaquinta

Round 3 starts with the same mentality as the first two, exchange in the middle and see falls down first. They each threw kicks at the same time. Blood is more pouring again from Iaquinta’s nose and on the bridge as well. Cerrone seems to be the aggressor this round, landing a quick combo and then Iaquinta counters with his own. Cerrone throws a punch and Iaquinta throws a kick almost knocking Cerrone down. Cerrone lands a head kick on Iaquinta and now we are trading punches and Iaquinta goes down. Cerrone is now going to go for the finish and the horn sounds 10-9 Cerrone

Iaquinta’s right eye is starting to swell closed. A quick kick by Cerrone and down goes Iaquinta again. Cerrone goes for the finish and Iaquinta is able to escape and get back to his feet. Iaquinta swings wildly and misses. Iaquinta lands a jab that stuns Cerrone but that's all it does. Uppercut by Cerrone with 90 seconds left. Another flurry of punches by Cerrone but Iaquinta is still hanging in there. 10-9 Cerrone

Doctors take a quick look at Iaquinta’s eye and say he’s good so here we go. Another jab by Cerrone and now back to the legs. Iaquinta is trying to throw and lands a wild punch. Cerrone is landing more punches and Iaquinta comes back with a solid shot of his own. Another combo by Cerrone and Iaquinta amazingly is still on his feet. Iaquinta circling around at Cerrone is moving forward with his attack. Iaquinta shoots for takedown but Cerrone escapes but not before getting a quick jab. Big head kick by Iaquinta and it just made Cerrone more aggressive. Iaquinta goes for a takedown as Cerrone goes for a flying knee. Iaquinta is down and Cerrone going in for the finish and there’s the final horn 10-9 Cerrone

Iaquinta is still on the stool receiving medical attention as the decision is read. Cerrone brings his baby into the cage for the decision and post fight. Cerrone said he wants the title next or Conor in Dubai.

Official Result - Donald Cerrone def. Al Iaquinta by Unanimous Decision (49-45, 49-46 x 2)

That’s it for UFC on ESPN+ 9 from Ottawa, ON from the Canadian Tire Center where the Canadian fighters went 2-6 on the evening (Gagnon vs Smith was Canada vs Canada)

My name is Peter Harrison, thanks for reading my report and never leave it to the judges

Go Leafs Go