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UFC Fight Night 117 live results: Ovince Saint Preux vs. Yushin Okami


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 117: Saint Preux vs. Okami, emanating from the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.

The event is headlined by a five-round bout in the light heavyweight division that was put together with just a week's notice as Ovince Saint Preux takes on Yushin Okami, who returns to the UFC for the first time in four years.

Saint Preux was originally scheduled to fight Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, but Rua was forced out due to a knee injury, and Okami stepped in on a week's notice to make his UFC return. He fights at light heavyweight for the first time in his career, as he has most recently fought as a welterweight, going 5-2 since his UFC release.

The co-main event is a pivotal fight in the women's strawweight division as former title challengers Claudia Gadelha and Jessica Andrade do battle. Also on the main card is the UFC debut of former K-1 kickboxing star Gokhan Saki, who takes on Henrique da Silva.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 8 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Daichi Abe (5-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (13-6-1, 3-3 UFC)

Abe immediately lands a heavy leg kick. They traded punches early and both men are looking to finish it quickly. Lim landed a right hand but Abe countered with a left hook. They landed left hooks at the same time. Abe is landing harder punches. Lim then landed a hard right hand. Abe is working on the inside leg kicks and then lands an overhand right. Abe lands another hard right hand. They are swinging for the fences. Abe rocked Lim with a left hook. They both landed left hands and Abe stumbled to the mat for a moment. Good opening round. 10-9 Abe.

They were trading and Lim poked Abe in the eye bad and we had a break. Abe was able to recover and continue. They started trading again and Lim landed a big right hand that rocked Abe and started to slow him down. Lim landed another right hand. Abe tried landing a combo but Lim landed a right hand as he was coming in. Lim landed another big right hand. Abe landed a hard right hand that rocked Lim bad at the end. Another good round. 10-9 Lim, 19-19.

Lim landed a hard right hand at the opening of the round. Abe has slowed down and Lim has been coming on strong, especially since the eye poke he did on Abe. They traded leg kicks. Lim landed a nice combo. Abe with a leg kick but Lim counters with a right hand. Lim stuns Abe with a left hook. All striking in this fight, not one grappling exchange. Lim is showing the better conditioning and he is landing. Abe all of a sudden knocked Lim down with a right hand and landed some punches on the ground with just over ten seconds left. Abe got a late takedown. Lim's nose was busted open. Abe likely stole the fight in the last thirty seconds. 10-9 Abe, 29-28 Abe.

Official Result- Daichi Abe def. Hyun Gyu Lim by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Shinsho Anzai (9-2, 1-1 UFC) vs. Luke Jumeau (12-3, 1-0 UFC)

They traded punches early on. Anzai missed a big telegraphed takedown on Jumeau. They clinched and Anzai landed a couple of knees before they broke. Jumeau landed a leg kick but Anzai countered with a hard right hand. They clinch and Jumeau lands a hard right hand. They clinch again and Anzai begins to land some knees. Anzai starts landing some more and he is landing with more power and volume. Jumeau lands a front kick to the face late. Anzai rocked Jumeau with a hard right hand late as well. Close round, 10-9 Anzai.

Anzai got a quick but brief takedown at the start of the second. They got back up and Jumeau defended another takedown attempt. Anzai is letting his hands fly. They clinch and Anzai lands some punches. Anzai got a takedown and started working from the guard. Anzai was landing punches and elbows as Jumeau was unable to get up from the bottom. Anzai stood up and Jumeau scrambled to his feet. Jumeau looking more tired. Jumeau landed a late uppercut. 10-9 Anzai, 20-18 Anzai.

Jumeau lands some leg kicks as he stuffs a takedown from Anzai. Anzai just looking for takedowns in this round as Jumeau is landing punches. Anzai charges forward and lands a series of punches. Anzai looking tired now. Anzai goes for a takedown but eats a knee from Jumeau. Jumeau starts landing more punches as the round heads towards the end. Jumeau with a series of knees, punches and uppercuts at the end. He won the round, but might not be enough. 10-9 Jumeau, 29-28 Anzai.

Official Result- Shinsho Anzai def. Luke Jumeau by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

> Syuri Kondo (5-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Chan-Mi Jeon (5-1, 0-1 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

Kondo is a Japanese wrestling star. They were feeling each other out early. Jeon landed a right hand but Kondo countered with a harder right hand. They started striking at close range. Jeon had to run away when she had her back against the fence. Jeon with a leg kick but Kondo counters with a right hand. Jeon landed a head kick. Kondo landed some right hands in close range. They traded in close range. Kondo started landing with more volume and was having to chase Jeon down. Kondo landed an overhand right. Jeon with a front kick to the body. 10-9 Kondo.

They started landing early. This has been mostly striking so far. Jeon missing on her punches and Kondo is not. Kondo with a body kick. Kondo landed a big right hand that rocked Jeon. Jeon was trying to land elbows. Kondo landed another big punch and a knee. Kondo has Jeon in trouble and Jeon is trying to circle away. Kondo landing more punches and now teet kicks to the body followed by punches. Jeon starts to land punches in close range. Jeon is bleeding from her nose. Kondo lands some punches and grabs the clinch and lands a knee. Jeon is bringing the fight but Kondo is in control. 10-9 Kondo, 20-18 Kondo.

Both ladies looking fresh. They are trading and Jeon is starting to find a spot for her punches. Jeon misses a head kick. Jeon lands a nice right hand and Kondo starts to pressure with some punches. Kondo with more pressure as she is landing more now. A spinning back fist is missed by Kondo. Kondo poked Jeon in the eye and we got a brief break. They came back firing punches and Kondo was landing more and had Jeon in trouble as Jeon was backing up. Kondo with a spin kick to the body of Jeon. They swung for the fences in the last ten seconds. 10-9 Kondo, 30-27 Kondo.

Official Result- Syuri Kondo def. Chan-Mi Jeon by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

> Keita Nakamura (32-8-2 1 NC, 3-5 UFC) vs. Alex Morono (13-3 1 NC, 2-0 1 NC UFC)

Morono tried sprinting out with a right hand but Nakamura ducked under it. Morono landed a left hook but Nakamura landed a right hook. They are being patient and pacing themselves. Morono landed a hard right hand. They both landed hard punches. Nakamura hurt Morono with a kick to the body and Morono was backtracking. Morono is cut over his eye. They slow the pace back down. Nakamura with another body kick. Morono landed a hard right hand at the end. 10-9 Nakamura.

Both being patient and Nakamura lands a high kick. Nakamura attempts a Superman punch but couldn't get it off but lands a left hand. Nakamura lands another left hand. They trade leg kicks. Nakamura is circling away from Morono's attacks. Morono landed a jab. Morono lands a right hand. Morono is landing more with the hands while Nakamura is landing more with the kicks. Nakamura with a body kick. Morono with a late flurry. 10-9 Morono, 19-19.

They were trading and Nakamura grabbed the body and got a takedown. Morono had the neck but let go and Nakamura was in side control. They got back to their feet. Both men missing their punches. Nakamura feinted low and landed a high kick. Morono landed a right hand and Nakamura is cut open. Nakamura scored another takedown. Morono had the head but let go and they scrambled to their feet. Nakamura with a body kick. Nakamura with a straight left hand. He lands another. They both land punches. Nakamura controlling the Octagon more. They trade late head kicks. 10-9 Nakamura, 29-28 Nakamura.

Official Result- Keita Nakamura def. Alex Morono by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


> Jussier Formiga (#5, 19-5, 5-4 UFC) vs. Ulka Sasaki (20-4-2, 3-3 UFC)

They were trading early and Sasaki was landing kicks and knees to the body. Sasaki has a size advantage. Sasaki with aknee to the body. Sasaki is keeping his hands low and Formiga is landing punches. Formiga with a right hand. Sasaki with a body kick but Formiga counters with a punch combo. Formiga goes for a takedown and gets it. Formiga goes for side control but Sasaki recovers guard. Formiga is able to take the back of Sasaki and is working for the choke. Formiga landing punches from the back and has a choke locked in. Sasaki is hand-fighting but the choke is in deep. Sasaki taps! Formiga gets the first finish of the night and gets it by submission.

Official Result- Jussier Formiga def. Ulka Sasaki by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:30 of Round 1

> Teruto Ishihara (9-4-2, 2-2-1 UFC) vs. Rolando Dy (8-5-1 1 NC, 0-1 UFC)

They trade kicks to start off the fight. Ishihara with a leg kick and then drops Dy with a left hand. Ishihara swarms on Dy and is looking for the finish. Ishihara with some punches on the ground. Ishihara with more big left hands from the guard. Big elbow from Ishihara. Ishihara working for a guillotine now. They get up but Ishihara takes Dy back down. Ishihara with more ground-and-pound with some big elbows. Ishihara with more punches from the top. Ishihara with lots of punches from the top and Dy has no answer from the bottom. Ishihara goes back into the guard. No finish, but a huge round for Ishihara. 10-8 Ishihara.

Ishihara with a body kick and then gets knee'd in the cup. Ishihara lands a left hand but eats a head kick from Dy. Ishihara looking for a takedown but Dy defends. Ishihara with a leg kick but Dy counters with a combo. Dy landing his punches as he counters leg kicks. Ishihara with a Superman punch. Ishihara lands another straight left hand. They trade punches. They trade kicks. They trade left hands and Dy then lays in a combo on Ishihara. Neither man doing much with striking defense. Ishihara with some leg kicks. Dy lands a left hook. Dy with some body kicks late. Close round. 10-9 Dy, 19-18 Ishihara.

Dy landed a big knee that knocked Ishihara to his knees and Ishihara grabbed Dy and pressed him against the fence looking for a takedown. They broke against the fence. Dy landed a big knee to the groin of Ishihara and we have a long timeout for Ishihara to recover. Back to action and Dy is bringing the fight. Ishihara lands a head kick that stuns Dy. They clinch and Dy lands an elbow before they break. Dy lands a head kick that rocks Ishihara. They trade punches and Dy lands a big kick to the cup of Ishihara and Ishihara goes down hard in a lot of pain. Dy got a point taken away, which was the right call. Dy tried to argue it was the first time when it was the third time. Back to action and Ishihara gets a quick takedown. They got up. Ishihara went for a takedown but Dy grabbed the fence. They traded at the end. 10-8 Ishihara with the point deduction, 29-26 Ishihara.

Official Result- Teruto Ishihara def. Rolando Dy by unanimous decision (28-27, 28-27, 29-27)

> Gokhan Saki (0-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Henrique da Silva (12-3, 2-3 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Saki is an exciting K1 kickboxer. Saki with a right hand and then a head kick that rocks da Silva. Saki lands a big left hand. Saki with a head kick and then drops da Silva with a straight left hand. da Silva now goes for a takedown as he gets to his feet. Saki escapes. Saki with big left hands to the head and body. Saki with a combo. Saki landing lots of punches. Saki then rocks da Silva and is teeing off on him. Saki close to finishing it. Saki with big punches. Saki with more big punches and da Silva grabs the clinch but it is broken. da Silva changes levels and goes for a takedown but Saki scores his own takedown. da Silva up and lands some knees on Saki. Saki with a big combo now. da Silva lands a head kick. da Silva now with some knees and he is attacking. They are trading and Saki lands a huge left hook that knocks da Silva out. Holy cow. That is one of Saki's signature punches and it gets him the win in his UFC debut. This was an exciting fight.

Official Result- Gokhan Saki def. Henrique da Silva by knockout (punch) at 4:45 of Round 1

> Takanori Gomi (35-13 1 NC, 4-8 UFC) vs. Dong Hyun "Maestro" Kim (14-8-3, 1-2 UFC)

Gomi is in desperate need of a win. Kim working with some leg kicks to start off. Kim attacking the body with kicks now. Gomi looking for a huge left hand. Kim dropped Gomi with a straight right hand and is landing on the ground and the referee steps in. Kim with the big finish in the first round and Gomi has to be finished after this.

Official Result- Dong Hyun "Maestro" Kim def. Takanori Gomi by TKO (punches) at 1:30 of Round 1

> Claudia Gadelha (#1, 15-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Jessica Andrade (#4, 16-6, 7-4 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

Gadelha lands an early combination. Gadelha lands a big right hand. She lands some more straight right hands. Andrade showing good head movement. They are throwing bombs. Andrade has been unable to really connect with punches. Gadelha lands a series of punches and Andrade is bleeding very badly right now. Andrade's cut is decent on the Muta scale. Andrade picked Gadelha up and slammed her down very hard and is on top landing punches. Andrade landing punches from the top. Andrade had a strong finish to the round but I have it for Gadelha. 10-9 Gadelha.

Gadelha is also bleeding and she lands a right hand to start the second and then scores a brief takedown. They scramble around on the mat and get back to their feet against the fence. Gadelha went for a takedown but Andrade sprawled and ended up on top. Andrade with body punches on the ground. They get to their feet. Gadelha with a head kick and then they trade punches. Big exchanges and we have blood everywhere. Andrade with a big combination. Andrade is teeing off right now. She lands a lot of punches. Gadelha tries a takedown to slow her down. Gadelha lands a big right hand. She is tired. Andrade with more big combos of punches to the head and body. Gadelha grabs the neck and jumps up for a guillotine but the round ends. 10-9 Andrade, 19-19.

They are trading and clinch and Andrade picks Gadelha up and slams her down. Andrade in side control and she is landing punches to the body. Andrade with more punches from the top and Gadelha is just trying to hang on as she is tired. Andrade with more punches from the top and Gadelha can do nothing. Andrade passes into side control. Gadelha trying to scramble out but Andrade sprawls and is still landing. Andrade with more body strikes. Gadelha gets to her feet but Andrade has the back and is landing. Gadelha has the neck but lets go. Andrade with big punches. Completely dominant round from Andrade and she gets a big slam at the end. 10-8 Andrade, 29-27 Andrade.

Official Result- Jessica Andrade def. Claudia Gadelha by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-26, 30-27)

> Ovince Saint Preux (#6, 20-10, 8-5 UFC) vs. Yushin Okami (34-10, 13-5 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Okami goes straight for a takedown but it is defended. Saint Preux has a neck and is trying to step over into mount. Saint Preux lets go into half-guard. Okami has the neck but Saint Preux is looking for a Von Flue Choke and has it and Okami goes out cold! That is the third time he has won with the Von Flue Choke, so it should be renamed for him now- the Von Preux Choke.

Official Result- Ovince Saint Preux def. Yushin Okami by submission (Von Preux Choke) at 1:50 of Round 1