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UFC Fight Night 119 live results: Derek Brunson vs. Lyoto Machida


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 119: Brunson vs. Machida, emanating from Ginasio do Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The event is headlined by the return of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Lyoto Machida, who competes for the first time since June 2015, as he takes on Derek Brunson in a five-round middleweight main event.

Machida is looking to end a two-fight losing skid and place himself back into the title hunt in a crowded 185-pound division but he'll have to get by the always tough Brunson, winner of six of his last eight fights.

In the co-main event, Demian Maia looks to work towards another title shot when he takes on Colby Covington, a rising welterweight who has won four straight fights. Also on the main card is a battle of rising bantamweight contenders Pedro Munhoz and Rob Font, exciting UFC veteran Jim Miller battles Francisco Trinaldo, and the always exciting John Lineker takes on Marlon Vera.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 7 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Marcelo Golm (5-0, 0-0 UFC) vs. Christian Colombo (8-2-1, 0-1-1 UFC)

Golm landed a big left hook right at the start of the fight. Golm then unleashed a combo on Colombo and had him rocked against the fence. Golm took Colombo down into the mount and was pounding away from the top. This fight is close to being stopped. Colombo gave up his back and Golm was unloading punches on a busted open Colombo. Golm gets a choke in and Colombo taps out! Golm with a quick win in his UFC debut. This looked like a mismatch.

Official Result- Marcelo Golm def. Christian Colombo by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:08 of Round 1

> Deiveson Figueiredo (12-0, 1-0 UFC) vs. Jarred Brooks (13-0, 1-0 UFC)

They have been trash talking each other since the weigh-ins. Figueiredo missed a spin kick right at the start. They were battling in the clinch early. Figueiredo stuffed two takedowns early but Brooks was able to pick him up and slam him to the mat. Brooks worked in the guard. Figueiredo was able to spin out to his feet and then had a quick drop down to the mat before they got to their feet and separated. Brooks got another slam takedown into the guard. Brooks with some punches from the top at the end of the round. 10-9 Brooks.

Figueiredo was stalking Brooks around the Octagon to start the second and landed a big right hand, then an upkick and an uppercut. Brooks was able to fight back with a takedown but Figueiredo had the neck for a guillotine but Brooks popped out. Figueiredo went for another guillotine attempt but Brooks got back out. They were scrambling and Brooks grabbed the shorts to grab the back and the referee stood them up and warned Brooks.Figueiredo got a late takedown. 10-9 Figueiredo, 19-19.

Brooks got a quick takedown but Figueiredo reversed and grabbed the neck for a choke but Brooks popped out. They scrambled to their feet. Brooks with another slam takedown but they got right back up. Brooks has the back and is landing knees to the body. Brooks with a suplex but they got right back up. Figueiredo attacked with a kimura but Brooks got his arm out. They got to their feet and Brooks is tired. Figueiredo landed some solid punches. Figueiredo is landing but he's not attacking much and it might cost him a chance at winning the fight. Brooks missed a late takedown but got one with ten seconds left. Close fight. 10-9 Brooks, 29-28 Brooks.

Official Result- Deiveson Figueiredo def. Jarred Brooks by split decision (27-30, 29-28, 29-28)


> Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos (17-5, 3-1 UFC) vs. Max Griffin (13-3, 1-1 UFC)

They were firing back and forth to start. They both went for flying knees at the same time and clinched before breaking. They were trading punches and Griffin is bleeding under his right eye. Dos Santos is landing more. Griffin rocked Dos Santos with a right hand and dropped him and went into the guard. Dos Santos was able to recover and he got to his feet. Dos Santos then rocked Griffin with a right hand and Griffin is stumbling around the Octagon. Dos Santos is landing more and Griffin goes to the mat. Dos Santos gets on top and is landing from the back and looks for a choke. They get up and Dos Santos with a big knee and some big punches. Griffin looks out on his feet but he survived the round. That should have been stopped. 10-8 Dos Santos.

Griffin came out for the second round but still looks in trouble. Dos Santos throwing with a lot of power and he's just missing some head kicks. They traded left hands and Dos Santos landed a following left hook. They are both throwing. Griffin landed two right hands. Griffin dropped Dos Santos with a right hand but Dos Santos got back to his feet. Griffin landed some more punches. Dos Santos is holding his hands low. Dos Santos landed an uppercut as they went into the clinch. They traded knees late. 10-9 Griffin, 19-18 Dos Santos.

Dos Santos was coming out with some kicks and was following them up with some punches. Griffin was strictly looking to land a big overhand right but was landing some. Dos Santos then landed a big right hand that rocked Griffin. Griffin came back landing some good punches. Dos Santos then started landing big right hands and had Griffin rocked again. Dos Santos landed some knees in the clinch before they broke. Dos Santos landed some punches and Griffin looks done in this fight. Griffin landed some soft knees in the clinch but Dos Santos was firing back with harder knees and punches. Dos Santos landed a right hand at the end. Fun fight. 10-9 Dos Santos, 29-27 Dos Santos.

Official Result- Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Max Griffin by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

> Hacran Dias (23-5-1, 3-4 UFC) vs. Jared Gordon (13-1, 1-0 UFC)

Dias was being the aggressive fighter in the opening minute and was landing punches and kicks. Gordon was firing back. Gordon got a takedown against the fence but Dias was able to get back to his feet and they broke. They traded punches. Dias landed a nice combo as they were in short range. They were trading and Gordon is having an issue with his right eye. It doesn't seem to be affecting him much. Both were landing punches at the end of the round. Good round. 10-9 Dias.

They came out trading to start the second. Gordon went for a takedown but it was stuffed by Dias against the fence. They went to the mat for a moment with Dias in the better position but they got back to their feet and clinched. Gordon looks to be tiring due to his high output. They clinch again and Gordon is landing short punches. Gordon with some knees to the body and then punches to the body and head. He just misses a head kick on the break. Gordon gets a takedown and is working in the half guard. Gordon with hammerfists from the top but he grabbed the fence and was warned. More hammerfists from Gordon and he is looking for the finish. Gordon goes to the mount and is landing more punches. This could have been stopped several times. Dias survives. Big round for Gordon. 10-8 Gordon, 19-18 Gordon.

Dias had trouble getting to his feet at the end of the second round. Gordon is the fresher fighter and he is pushing the action early. Gordon went for a takedown but it was defended. They were battling for underhooks against the fence and Gordon tried another takedown but it was stuffed. They broke the clinch. We have a timeout due to an eye poke. Back to action and Gordon gets a takedown and is working in the half-guard and is landing punches. Complete domination from Gordon over the final two rounds. Gordon was landing punches and it looked like it was going to be stopped but the referee backed off. That was weird. Gordon with more ground and pound. This should have been stopped so many times. Dias grabbed the arm for a late armbar but time ran out. 10-8 Gordon, 29-26 Gordon.

Official Result- Jared Gordon def. Hacran Dias by unanimous decision (29-26, 29-27, 30-26)

> Antonio Carlos Junior (8-2 1 NC, 5-2 1 NC UFC) vs. Jack Marshman (22-6, 2-1 UFC)

They were both looking for openings to land strikes early in the fight. Carlos Junior lands a solid combination followed by a leg kick. He landed another but was caught by Marshman who let it go. They clinched against the fence and Carlos Junior tripped Marshman to the mat. Carlos Junior is working from the half-guard and looking to pass to mount. Carlos Junior is landed some punches and elbows. He gets to the mount position. Carlos Junior landing punches from the top. Marshman gives up his back and Carlos Junior locks in the rear-naked choke and gets the quick tap.

Official Result- Antonio Carlos Junior def. Jack Marshman by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:30 of Round 1

> Vicente Luque (11-6-1, 4-2 UFC) vs. Niko Price (10-0 1 NC, 2-0 1 NC UFC)

They were trading early with long punches. Luque was landing with leg kicks while Price was strictly punching. Luque looked to be landing with more power. They traded leg kicks. Luque landing the jab. Price just missed a front kick. Price is now landing the jab. They each landed left hands. Luque with a leg kick followed by a left hook. They traded left hands. Luque with a flying knee. Price with a flurry late. Close round. 10-9 Luque.

Luque started the second round attacking the legs of Price with kicks. Luque landed a nice combination ending with a left hook that had Price stunned. Price is bleeding from under his left eye and is fighting backwards. Luque really controlling the center of the Octagon. Luque then dropped Price with a left hand and is looking for the finish. Luque has a D'arce choke locked in and he gets Price to tap out! Big submission win for Luque.

Official Result- Vicente Luque def. Niko Price by submission (D'arce choke) at 4:08 of Round 2


> John Lineker (#5, 29-8, 10-3 UFC) vs. Marlon Vera (10-3-1, 4-2 UFC)

Lineker has a huge size disadvantage but is an exciting fighter. Vera with a low kick. Vera with a high kick. Vera with another low kick. Lineker hasn't done anything yet. They trade leg kicks. Lineker with a couple of leg kicks. Lineker lands a big left hook and then to the body and then back to the head. Lineker with a right hand. Lineker with a series of punches to the head and body and then lands a leg kick. Vera backing up towards the fence. Lineker with a late right hand. 10-9 Lineker.

Vera coming forward to start the second round. Vera with a leg kick. Lineker with a big leg kick and then a big combination. Lineker with a combo and they clinch against the fence. Lineker starting to tee off more but Vera lands a knee to the body. Vera with a leg kick. Lineker is just stalking Vera down. Vera with the jab but misses a flying knee. Vera with a body kick. Lineker with a combo to the body. Lineker with a leg kick that trips Vera to the mat. Lineker goes into the guard. Big elbows from the top by Lineker. 10-9 Lineker, 20-18 Lineker.

Lineker comes out firing away at the body of Vera. He throws every punch with the intention of it being the last one he throws. Vera went for a flying knee but missed and it threw Lineker off his gameplan for a moment. They clinched and Vera landed the knee on the break. Lineker with a right hand. Lineker with some more heavy right hands. Vera with a leg kick. Lineker with some big punches to the body. Vera with a knee to the body. Vera went for another flying knee to no success. Lineker lands a left hook followed by a right to the body. Lineker with a spin kick to the body. 10-9 Lineker, 30-27 Lineker.

Official Result- John Lineker def. Marlon Vera by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

> Thiago Santos (#15, 15-5, 7-4 UFC) vs. Jack Hermansson (16-3, 3-1 UFC)

Both men utilizing footwork to start the fight looking for openings. Santos slipped on a kick but got up and landed a liver kick. Santos rocked Hermansson with a big right hand and had him running backwards. Santos still has him in trouble. Santos is landing with more volume but Hermansson survived the onslaught. Hermansson with a body kick but eats a left hook from Santos. Santos with a jumping body kick and then drops him with a right hand and Santos finishes the fight at the bell! Big finish by Santos right at the end of the first round. It was a left uppercut that knocked Hermansson down.

Official Result- Thiago Santos def. Jack Hermansson by TKO (punches) at 4:59 of Round 1

> Francisco Trinaldo (21-5, 11-4 UFC) vs. Jim Miller (28-10 1 NC, 17-9 1 NC UFC)

Trinaldo landed a left hand early. Miller caught a kick from Trinaldo and landed a right hand and they went to the mat. Trinaldo got into the guard of Miller. Trinaldo got to his feet and Miller soon followed. Miller lands a left hand and then scores a takedown. Miller with an elbow from the top. Trinaldo trying to find an opening on the bottom but Miller is keeping him down. Miller with some punches to the body. The referee with a questionable standup at the end of the round. 10-9 Miller.

Miller landed a couple of left hands to start the second round. Miller lands a leg kick and then a right hook that stumbles Trinaldo. Trinaldo landed a hard left hand. Trinaldo with a left hand to the body. Trinaldo with a combo and then a body kick. They traded punches and Miller scored a takedown. Trinaldo jumped to half-guard and Miller had the neck but Trinaldo popped out. Trinaldo with some elbows from the top towards the end of the round. 10-9 Trinaldo, 19-19.

Trinaldo is on the attack to start the third. Miller went for a takedown but it was stuffed. Trinaldo started to attack the body and Miller is getting tired and on shaky legs. They clinch and Miller with an uppercut. They clinched against the fence and battled for underhooks but broke before anything big happened. Miller goes for a kick but Trinaldo grabs the leg and gets the takedown and is working in the guard and landing from the top. Trinaldo with some elbows as he rides out the fight on top. 10-9 Trinaldo, 29-28 Trinaldo.

Official Result- Francisco Trinaldo def. Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Pedro Munhoz (#12, 14-2 1 NC, 4-2 1 NC) vs. Rob Font (#13, 14-2, 4-1 UFC)

Font came out the aggressor throwing right hands and high kicks. Munhoz with a heavy leg kick. Font firing with uppercuts. They trade leg kicks and Font fires back a right hand. Font with the jab and Munhoz counters with two left hooks. Munhoz with a left hook. Font is finding success with the jab. Munhoz with a combo but has a takedown attempt stuffed. Munhoz hurts Font with a right hand and then grabs the neck and locks in a guillotine choke and Font taps out! Super quick submission out of nowhere.

Official Result- Pedro Munhoz def. Rob Font by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:03 of Round 1

> Demian Maia (#3, 25-7, 19-7 UFC) vs. Colby Covington (#7, 12-1, 7-1 UFC)

Maia pressed forward and landed the first left hand. He landed another right over the ear. Covington is missing his punches as Maia continues to land the left hand. Maia landed more and had Covington on the run. Maia had a takedown stuffed. Covington landing now and he hits a leg kick. Maia is landing more left hands and Covington is cut open around his eye. They are trading and Covington lands a nice combo to the body. Maia's leg is turning red from leg kicks. Both men landing left hands. Maia shoots for a takedown but it is stuffed. Close round. 10-9 Maia.

They traded left hands to start the second. Maia went for another takedown but it was again defended. Maia went for a single leg but Covington sprawled. Maia goes for another and it is defended again. Covington lands a couple of overhand lefts. Covington then lands an uppercut. They are scrambling around as Maia is looking to drag the fight to the mat but Covington is staying standing. Maia landed a couple of right hands. Both men landing strikes. Covington with some big punches at the end. 10-9 Covington, 19-19.

Maia looks tired heading into the third. Both landing punches in the first minute and Maia seems to have power left. Maia landed a right hand in close range. Covington landing more with combos. Maia has a takedown defended. Maia's punches are coming so slow. Covington defends another takedown attempt. Maia lands a knee to the chin. Covington with a leg kick. Maia is bleeding everywhere and he can not get the fight to the mat. Fight ends with not a lot of action. Covington is flipping the crowd off. 10-9 Covington, 29-28 Covington.

Official Result- Colby Covington def. Demian Maia by unanimous decision (29-27, 30-27, 30-26)

> Derek Brunson (#7, 17-5, 8-3 UFC) vs. Lyoto Machida (22-7, 14-7 UFC)

Machida starts off with a leg kick. Brunson already looking to set up the left hand. Machida landed a straight left hand as Brunson tried to attack. Brunson with a leg kick. Machida lands a left hand as Brunson came forward. Brunson landed a left hand and Machida goes down and Brunson knocks him out cold with punches on the ground. Wow. Machida was out after the first punch on the mat and he took some extra un-needed punches as the referee was late stopping it.

Official Result- Derek Brunson def. Lyoto Machida by knockout (punches) at 2:30 of Round 1