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UFC Fight Night 126 live results: Donald Cerrone vs. Yancy Medeiros


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 126: Cowboy vs. Medeiros, eminating from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

The Octagon heads to Austin for the first time since November 2014 with a fight card featuring a bunch of solid names, fighters on win streaks, and an exciting main event.

In the headline bout, one of the most popular fighters in the UFC, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone, looks to end his 3-fight losing skid as he takes on Yancy Medeiros, winner of three straight fights. Cerrone had a tough 2017, but is looking to bounce back into the win column. Medeiros is coming in off of one of the best fights of 2017, a knockout win over Alex Oliveira in December.

In the co-main event, Derrick Lewis returns to action as he takes on Marcin Tybura in heavyweight action. Also on the main card, lightweight James Vick looks to extend his win streak against Francisco Trinaldo, former welterweight title challenger Thiago Alves takes on UFC newcomer Curtis Millender, and lightweight prospect Sage Northcutt takes on Thibault Gouti.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 6 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.


> Oskar Piechota (10-0-1, 1-0 UFC) vs. Tim Williams (15-3, 0-0 UFC)

They trade kicks and Piechota lands a hrad right hand and then another. Piechota with a leg kick. Williams with a head kick. Williams lands a good combo that backs Piechota up. Piechota then drops Williams with a hard right hand and then swarms on top landing punches and the fight is stopped. Huge first-round knockout for Oskar Piechota.

Official Result- Oskar Piechota def. Tim Williams by TKO (punches) at 1:54 of Round 1

> Josh Burkman (28-16 1 NC, 6-11 1 NC UFC) vs. Alex Morono (13-4 1 NC, 2-1 1 NC UFC)

They feel each other out early landing some short leg kicks. Morono with a hard punch that stunned Burkman. Morono dropped Burkman with a punch and then grabbed the neck and locked in the guillotine and had it in tight and forced Burkman to tap. Morono with the submission and this has to be the end of the road for Burkman.

Official Result- Alex Morono def. Joshua Burkman by submission (guillotine choke) at 2:12 of Round 1


> Sarah Moras (#13, 5-2, 2-1 UFC) vs. Lucie Pudilova (7-2, 1-1 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

They trade left hands to start and Moras with a body kick. She grabs the back and drags Pudilova to the ground. Moras ends up in the guard. Moras with some elbows from inside the guard. Both ladies landing some punches on the mat. Moras with more elbows from the top and some hammerfists as well. They are stood up in a questionable move and Pudilova starts landing some right hands. Pudilova drops Moras and goes into her guard and Moras is looking for an armbar and almost had it. She got in triangle armbar position and had it locked in for a moment but Pudilova escaped. Pudilova with some big punches from the top at the end of the round. It got wild at the end. 10-9 Moras.

They come out looking to land big early. Moras goes for a takedown but can't get it and pulls guard instead. Moras working for an arm but also landing punches while looking for it. Pudilova defending and slams Moras down. Pudilova now in side control. Pudilova lands an elbow and gets back into the full guard. Both continue to work while some displeased fans chant for a stand up, which would be absolutely stupid. Pudilova gets up and lets Moras get back to her feet. Pudilova lands the jab. Moras with a leg kick and then she falls to the mat. 10-9 Pudilova, 19-19.

They were trading and it went to the mat with Pudilova in the guard. They instantly got back to their feet. Pudilova lands a right hand and has Moras pressed against the fence. They are trading in close range and Moras lands a left hand. Moras went for a takedown but it was defended. They get down to the mat and Moras is in the guard of Pudilova. Pudilova landing some from the bottom but Moras has her pinned down. Pudilova able to reverse and lands from the top as the fight ends. 10-9 Pudilova, 29-28 Pudilova.

Official Result- Lucie Pudilova def. Sarah Moras by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

> Roberto Sanchez (7-1, 0-1 UFC) vs. Joby Sanchez (11-2, 1-2 UFC)

They trade punches. Joby with a head kick but Roberto counters with a takedown and then grabs the back of Joby. They get to their feet. Roberto grabs the back of Joby again and is looking for a choke as they both stand and Roberto has climbed the back of Joby. They go to the mat and Roberto has the choke locked in and Joby taps. Roberto Sanchez with the big submission win.

Official Result- Roberto Sanchez def. Joby Sanchez by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:50 of Round 1

> Geoff Neal (8-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Brian Camozzi (7-4, 0-2 UFC)

They are attacking each others' legs early. Neal gets the clinch against the fence. They break. Neal with a body kick. Neal landing some combos as they clinch again. They break after Neal works some dirty boxing. Camozzi with a high kick. Neal with a body kick. Camozzi with a head kick. They are swinging for the fences. They trade punches. Neal tags Camozzi with a left hand. Neal looking for a choke as he takes the back standing and he gets it! Neal with the submission in another first-round finish on this card. Neal also has a nasty cut.

Official Result- Geoff Neal def. Brian Camozzi by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:48 of Round 1

> Jared Gordon (14-1, 2-0 UFC) vs. Carlos Diego Ferreira (12-2, 3-2 UFC)

They trade kicks early and Ferreira lands one that goes too low and we have a timeout. Back to action and then Ferreira lands another low blow kick and gets a warning from the referee. Ferriera lands a couple of body kicks. Gordon goes for a takedown but it is defended. Ferreira then drops Gordon with a left hand and goes on top looking to finish. Ferreira in the mount and Gordon gives up his back and starts eating punches until it is stopped. Ferreira gets a huge win in his first fight in two years but who knows what the two low blows took out of Gordon, and there was no point deduction when there should have been.

Official Result- Diego Ferreira def. Jared Gordon by TKO (punches) at 1:58 of Round 1


> Sage Northcutt (9-2, 4-2 UFC) vs. Thibault Gouti (12-3, 1-3 UFC)

Northcutt coming right out looking to land. Gouti landed a left hand but Northcutt countered with a huge takedown. Northcutt in side control. Northcutt with short punches but not doing much else. Northcutt with some short elbows and then lands some punches from the top. They scramble to their feet. They trade leg kicks. Northcutt with a head kick. Gouti lands a hard right hand and then grabs the neck of Northcutt and has him against the fence. Gouti working for a takedown but Northcutt landing body punches. They break. Northcutt with a right hand followed by a head kick. Gouti tries a long takedown but easily stuffed. 10-9 Gouti.

Northcutt trying to set up a flying knee. Gouti stuns Northcutt again with a punch. They trade leg kicks. Gouti rushes in and lands a right hand as Northcutt hits his back on the fence and crumbles and Gouti takes advantage and ends up on top. Northcutt landing elbows on the ground as Gouti isn't doing much. They get back to their feet. They fall back to the mat but nothing is happening. They get back up and Gouti is just holding onto Northcutt. Northcutt with some elbows and they are broken up by the referee. Northcutt with some punches and a body kick. Northcutt swinging hard. Gouti is tired. Northcutt lands a left hand. 10-9 Gouti, 20-18 Gouti.

Northcutt with a side kick. Northcutt lands a head kick. Northcutt with more body kicks. Northcutt missed a takedown but landed a leg kick. Gouti has definitely slowed down. Gouti gets a takedown. Northcutt landing elbows. They get back to their feet but Gouti takes the fight back down. Northcutt still landing elbows as Gouti is doing nothing. Northcutt looks for a choke. They are broken by the referee. Northcutt with some kicks. He's teeing off on the leg. Northcutt goes for a takedown but it is defended. They break. Northcutt with a knee to the body. 10-9 Northcutt, 29-28 Gouti.

Official Result- Sage Northcutt def. Thibault Gouti by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Steven Peterson (16-6, 0-0 UFC) vs. Brandon Davis (8-4, 0-1 UFC)

They are trading early. They trade leg kicks. Peterson lands the double jab and then follows it with a right hand. Peterson with a leg kick and Davis with a body kick. Davis with a leg kick. Davis tried an axe kick to no success. Davis lands a combo. Davis lands another leg kick. They trade in the pocket. Peterson with a combo. They trade kicks. They trade kicks again and Peterson lands a right hand at the end. 10-9 Davis.

Peterson tries for a takedown but it is defended by Davis. They trade kicks. Peterson with a knee to the body and they trade jabs after. Davis landing some combos. They are trading punches in the pocket. Davis with some big right hands. Davis lands two more right hands. Davis gets a takedown and does some work from the top before they stand back up. Peterson now tries for a takedown. Peterson gets a takedown late in the round. 10-9 Davis, 20-18 Davis.

They were trading combos to start the third round. They are trading hard punches back and forth. They continue to trade and Peterson lands a leg kick. They tie up and Peterson gets a brief takedown. They clinch for a moment but break. Both land short punches. They are hitting each other every time the other hits. They trade in the pocket. This is kind of wild but getting no reaction. Davis lands a standing knee to the face of Peterson and Peterson is rocked bad. He recovers and is coming towards Davis. They are trading and Peterson is a bloody mess. They trade to end the fight. 10-9 Davis, 30-27 Davis.

Official Result- Brandon Davis def. Steven Peterson by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26)

> Thiago Alves (22-11, 14-7 UFC) vs. Curtis Millender (14-3, 0-0 UFC)

Millender with a leg kick. He has a huge reach advantage over Alves. Alves circling around the cage looking for an opening. Alves with a leg kick. Millender with a body kick. Millender with a spin kick. Millender hurts Alves with a kick. Alves has had his back to the fence almost the entire fight. Millender with a left hand to the body. Alves with a left hand.Millernderrocks Alves and drops him with a punch. Millender teeing off on Alves but Alves gets to his feet and is in trouble. Millender with a right hand but Alves is fighting thru trouble. They trade punches and Alves with a leg kick. Millender lands a right hand. Alves gets a takedown and the round ends. Wild end to it. 10-8 Millender.

They trade punches and kicks and Millender lands a right hand that stuns Alves. Alves with a hard leg kick. They trade punches. Millender lands the jab. Alves with a body kick followed with a leg kick. Alves with a leg kick. The pace has slowed. Millender lands a left hook. Alves lands a left hand. Alves with some leg kicks. They trade punches. Millender drops Alves with a knee to the head and the referee waves the fight off. Millender with the knockout win in the second round as he hurt Alves a lot in the fight.

Official Result- Curtis Millender def. Thiago Alves by knockout (knee) at 4:19 of Round 2

> James Vick (#12, 12-1, 8-1 UFC) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (#14, 22-5, 12-4 UFC)

Vick with a high kick. They then trade body kicks. Vick with a side kick right to the face. Vick with a body kick followed by a left hand that stuns Trinaldo. They clinch and Trinaldo with a knee. Vick with a body kick. Trinaldo lands a hard left hand. Vick then drops Trinaldo with a punch but Trinaldo quickly recovers and takes Vick down. Vick has the neck and is working for a choke but Trinaldo gets out. Vick able to get to his feet but Trinaldo grabs the neck and has a tight guillotine choke locked in. Vick able to get to side control and escapes. They get to their feet. Vick with a leg kick. Vick lands a combo. Vick with a side kick to the body. They trade shots. 10-9 Vick.

They trade early. Trinaldo grabs the body lock and takes Vick down but they get right back up. Vick with a knee to the body. Vick gets a takedown and lans some punches. They are scrambling up and down but finally stand and separate. Vick with a head kick. They trade kicks. Both circling around the cage. Vick with a head kick.They trade body kicks. Trinaldo controlling the pace around the Octagon though Vick landing more with kicks. 10-9 Vick, 20-18 Vick.

Vick with a quick side kick. Trinaldo just misses a left hand but lands a huge body kick. Trinaldo with a body kick but Vick grabs the leg though he lets go. They are trading short kicks but not doing much this round. Trinaldo is chasing Vick around the Octagon. Vick with a high kick. Trinaldo with a body kick. Vick with more kicks. He's not really throwing his hands and is just kicking but Trinaldo isn't doing much in return. 10-9 Vick, 30-27 Vick.

Official Result- James Vick def. Francisco Trinaldo by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

> Derrick Lewis (#7, 18-5 1 NC, 9-3 UFC) vs. Marcin Tybura (#9, 16-3, 3-2 UFC)

Lewis with a leg kick. Lewis tags Tybura with a right hand and takes him down at the same time after grabbing a leg. Lewis with an elbow from the top. Lewis tries to scramble but they get tangled before Lewis takes back control from the side. They get up but Lewis lost his balance and fell to the mat and Tybura got into mount. Lewis got up and escaped and then dropped Tybura with a right hand and started laying a lot of punches on him. Lewis with big punches but Tybura able to tie him up on the mat. Tybura reversed and is in the half-guard of Lewis. Tybura in mount and Lewis gives up his back. Tybura goes for a kimura late but the round ends. 10-9 Lewis.

Tybura with a couple of leg kicks and then a high kick. Lewis then rocked Tybura with a right hand. Lewis then lands another big right hand but Tybura grabs him and gets the takedown. Tybura in side control and Lewis gives up his back and gets to his feet. Lewis trying to shake Tybura off but Tybura reverses into the mount. Lewis gives up his back again. Back to the same position. Lewis tries to scramble out but is unable to. Tybura back in the mount. Tybura lands an elbow but doesn't do much from the position. 10-9 Tybura, 19-19.

Tybura with some leg kicks and to the body. Lewis lands a combo after eating a leg kick. They clinch against the fence as Tybura is working hard for a takedown. Lewis gets a brief takedown and then drops Tybura with a right hand and finishes him on the ground. Wow. That was a violent finish to the fight and Derrick Lewis gets the win and a live microphone.

Official Result- Derrick Lewis def. Marcin Tybura by knockout (punches) at 2:48 of Round 3

> Donald Cerrone (#11, 32-10 1 NC, 19-7 UFC) vs. Yancy Medeiros (#15, 15-4 1 NC, 6-4 1 NC UFC)

They come out swinging and Cerrone lands a right hand. Medeiros with a spinning kick to the body. Medeiros lands a right hand but Cerrone lands a body kick. Cerrone with a leg kick. Cerrone with some body kicks. Medeiros lands a right hand. They tag each other and Medeiros drops to the mat but gets back up. Cerrone lands a left hand. They tag each other and Cerrone briefly drops Medeiros again with a left hand. Cerrone with a combo. They trade in close range. They tie up for a moment but break and both land on the break.Cerrone then rocks Medeiros with a big right hand and Medeiros falls to the mat and is in a lot of trouble. Cerrone with a couple more punches on the ground and he finishes off Medeiros! Big knockout win with seconds to go in the opening round for Cerrone.

Official Result- Donald Cerrone def. Yancy Medeiros by TKO (punches) at 4:58 of Round 1