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UFC on FOX 25 live results: Weidman vs. Gastelum


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC On FOX 25: Weidman vs. Gastelum, emanating from the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

The event is headlined by a five-round bout in the middleweight division as former UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman looks to get back into the win column as he takes on former TUF winner Kelvin Gastelum.

Weidman has lost his past three fights and is in a must-win situation. He lost the UFC Middleweight Championship to Luke Rockhold in December 2015, and has followed that with losses to Yoel Romero and Gegard Mousasi, seeing him be finished in all three bouts. Gastelum is unbeaten as a middleweight, scoring his past two triumphs over Tim Kennedy and Vitor Belfort at 185 pounds.

In the co-main event, Dennis Bermudez looks to rebound from a loss as he takes on Darren Elkins, winner of four straight fights. Also on the main card is a light heavyweight bout with Patrick Cummins taking on Gian Villante, and the main card opener is a potential barnburner at 135 pounds as Jimmie Rivera puts his 19-fight win streak on the line against Thomas Almeida.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 4 p.m. Eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.

RulesWe are under the new rules for this event.


> Frankie Perez (10-3, 1-2 UFC) vs. Chris Wade (11-3, 4-2 UFC)

They've fought before, outside of the UFC, and Wade won. Wade picked up where he left off starting out by getting an early takedown on Perez. Wade was smothering on the mat and took the back but Perez was able to get up. Perez got a takedown. Wade landed some elbows on the mat. Wade grabbed the arm and used it to get to his feet. Perez landed some knees and got another takedown. They got to their feet and Wade got a takedown and had the head pinned as the round ended. 10-9 Wade.

They spent the first part of the round striking and neither were landing with a lot of volume. Wade landed an upkick that got Perez and then scored a takedown off of it. Wade was able to get into side control and landed some punches from there before going into the guard. Perez was able to scramble to his feet. Wade couldn't get the late takedown he was after. 10-9 Wade, 20-18 Wade.

Perez was attacking with kicks very quickly into the round. They traded and Perez ducked under a kick and got a takedown on Wade, but Wade was able to grab the neck and sweep to the top position. Wade went into the guard. Perez kept trying to push off but Wade was able to maintain his top control. Wade able to take the back but Perez got to his feet. Perez landed a big knee late as Wade was going for a takedown. 10-9 Wade, 30-27 Wade.

Official Result- Chris Wade def. Frankie Perez by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

> Shane Burgos (9-0, 2-0 UFC) vs. Godofredo Pepey (13-4, 5-4 UFC)

Pepey was getting flashy with kicks but Burgos saw it all coming and was staying on the inside. Pepey tried to land some spinning back fists but missed. Burgos knocked Pepey down with a big knee. Pepey got to his feet and Burgos was teeing off on him and knocked Pepey down with a right hand. Pepey got to his feet and grabbed the body of Burgos and got a brief takedown. They broke and Burgos landed some big combos that rocked Pepey. Pepey just landed a wheel kick but then ate a right hand from Burgos. Burgos landed some more near the end. 10-8 Burgos.

Pepey was landing the jab but Burgos was slipping under and firing back combos. Pepey tried pulling guard and wanted Burgos to go to the mat with him but Burgos stayed standing and waiting for Pepey to get up. They were trading and Pepey did the same thing trying to pull guard again and the crowd was booing loudly. Pepey tried a takedown and it was defended so Pepey flopped to his back. He wants Burgos on the ground but Burgos is having none of it. Pepey was landing some good punches and inviting Burgos to hit him. Burgos was landing. Pepey was able to get Burgos into his guard late. 10-9 Burgos, 20-17 Burgos.

Pepey came out firing with some right hands. Burgos fired back with punches and Pepey was retreating around the Octagon. Burgos started landing more and more as the round went on. Pepey went for a takedown late but it was stuffed by Burgos. They broke and were trading late. Burgos was landing with more volume and dropped Pepey with a body shot. Pepey still wanted Burgos on the mat but Burgos wasn't having it. Burgos landed a lot of punches late. 10-9 Burgos, 30-26 Burgos.

Official Result- Shane Burgos def. Godofredo Pepey by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 29-28)

> Tim Johnson (#12, 11-3, 3-2 UFC) vs. Junior Albini (13-2, 0-0 UFC)

They clinched against the fence early on. Johnson had control of the underhooks. They were trading. Albini landed a knee to the body and then lands a combo that dropped Johnson and he finished it off! Albini wins his UFC debut as a big underdog.

Official Result- Junior Albini def. Tim Johnson by knockout (strikes) at 2:51 of Round 1

> Brian Kelleher (17-7, 1-0 UFC) vs. Marlon Vera (9-3-1, 3-2 UFC)

They traded early and Kelleher landed a big right hand. Kelleher clinched and landed and landed a right hand to the body on the break. Kelleher got a takedown and Vera had a hold of the arm and quickly locked in an armbar and Kelleher tapped out! Impressive counter by Vera there to get the submission win in an upset.

Official Result- Marlon Vera def. Brian Kelleher by submission (armbar) at 2:18 of Round 1

> Kyle Bochniak (7-1, 1-1 UFC) vs. Jeremy Kennedy (10-0, 2-0 UFC)

Kennedy got an immediate takedown. Kennedy was working from the guard as Bochniak was looking to escape from the bottom. Bochniak got up to the fence but was unable to get out from the bottom. They got to their feet amd Kennedy clipped Bochniak and was landing knees in the clinch and then scored a takedown. Nice work from Kennedy there. Kennedy kept him planted on the mat at the end. 10-9 Kennedy.

Kennedy got another quick takedown to start the second round. Bochniak was able to get back to his feet. Not a whole lot happening and Kennedy then got another takedown. They got to their feet and Kennedy got another takedown and was working in the guard of Bochniak. They got back up and Kennedy again took Bochniak down. 10-9 Kennedy, 20-18 Kennedy.

They were trading during the early stages of the round and Bochniak was landing more, but not with a lot of power behind them. Bochniak landed a low blow and we had a timeout. They got back to action and Bochniak landed a nice combination. Kennedy went for a takedown but it was defended by Bochniak. Kennedy got a takedown and was landing punches from the back of Bochniak. Bochniak tried to get to his feet late and did but Kennedy took him down one more time. 10-9 Kennedy, 30-27 Kennedy.

Official Result- Jeremy Kennedy def. Kyle Bochniak by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


> Damian Grabowski (20-4, 0-2 UFC) vs. Chase Sherman (10-3, 1-2 UFC)

Sherman landed an early combo of punches. Sherman with a head kick. Sherman with a leg kick as he ducks from all of Grabowski's punches. Sherman landed a straight right hand. Grabowski landed a right hand. Sherman with a big knee that rocks Grabowski. Sherman landed a combo and a body kick. Sherman with a liver punch. Grabowski landed an overhand right. Sherman with a leg kick. Grabowski landed another right hand and Sherman countered with a leg kick. Sherman landed a big combination of punches and leg kicks. 10-9 Sherman.

They were trading and both men were landing. Sherman was mixing his strikes well, landing leg kicks and kicks to the body. Sherman with more leg kicks. Grabowski landed an uppercut in close range. Sherman landed a right hand followed by a knee to the body. Grabowski landed the overhand right. Sherman landing a lot of strikes on Grabowksi against the fence. Grabowski surviving. 10-9 Sherman, 20-18 Sherman.

Sherman throwing a lot of kicks and punches to start the third round. Grabowski got a brief takedown but Sherman got right back up. Sherman with a combo. Grabowski with a right hand. This is a slow fight. Sherman landing more punches and kicks. Neither man has good defense and the pace is real slow. Not an exciting fight. 10-9 Sherman, 30-27 Sherman.

Official Result- Chase Sherman def. Damian Grabowski by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)

> Ryan LaFlare (#14, 13-1, 6-1 UFC) vs. Alex Oliveira (17-3-1 2 NC, 6-2 1 NC UFC)

LaFlare went for an early takedown and pressed Oliveira against the fence. LaFlare got him down and Oliveira tried to scramble out and was looking for an armbar. LaFlare was able to pass to side control. LaFlare was working for a choke but used it for control and landed knees to the body from side control. LaFlare working hard to transition but Oliveira is blocking. LaFlare got the back and was working for an armbar but ran out of time. 10-9 LaFlare.

Oliveira landed a leg kick and LaFlare slipped to the mat. Both were looking for an opening. Oliveira then lands an uppercut right to the jaw of LaFlare and LaFlare face plants to the mat and is out cold. Wow! Brutal knockout win by Alex Oliveira.

Official Result- Alex Oliveira def. Ryan LaFlare by knockout (punch) at 1:50 of Round 2

> Rafael Natal (21-8-1, 9-6-1 UFC) vs. Eryk Anders (7-0, 0-0 UFC)

They were trading early and Anders clipped Natal with a left hand but Natal recovered. Natal was rocked by a head kick from Anders. Natal survived and ran across the Octagon head first into the fence and went down and Anders got on the top. Anders with some punches from the top but Natal gets up. Anders landed an illegal knee in there. Anders landed two left hands and the second one knocked Natal out cold. Brutal finish by Anders as he wins his UFC debut.

Official Result- Eryk Anders def. Rafael Natal by knockout (punch) at 2:54 of Round 1

> Lyman Good (19-3 1 NC, 1-0 UFC) vs. Elizeu Zaleski (16-5, 2-1 UFC)

Good hasn't fought in two years due to USADA. Also, no relation to Dean Ambrose. Zaleski was working early for a takedown. Good defended it and landed a knee on the break. Zaleski landed a couple of leg kicks that buckled Good. Good took Zaleski down off a kick but Zaleski eventually got back up. Good was landing with more volume and attacking the leg with kicks. Good landed a good series of punches on Zaleski. Fun round. 10-9 Good.

They were trading and Zaleski almost got a leg grabbed off a kick from Good. They clinched and traded knees before breaking. Zaleski with some knees in the clinch. Zaleski with a combo but Good is finding a home with his left hand. Zaleski tried a takedown but it was defended by Good. Good with an excellent combination inside the pocket. Zaleski landed a perfect flying knee and Good ate it and fired back a combo of punches that landed. Another fun round. 10-9 Good, 20-18 Good.

Zaleski is landing a lot more punches on Good. Zaleski was opening up more and Good seemed a bit more tentative in this round, and this round will decide the fight. Zaleski with a combo of punches and Good is bleeding. Good landed a counter right hand. Both men are throwing hard punches. Zaleski with a side kick. Zaleski is bleeding as well. Good lands the jab. They threw back-and-forth in the last ten seconds and Zaleski landed really hard punches. Very fun fight, and it will be close. 10-9 Zaleski, 29-28 Good.

Official Result- Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Lyman Good by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)


> Jimmie Rivera (#4, 20-1, 4-0 UFC) vs. Thomas Almeida (#9, 22-1, 5-1 UFC)

Almeida with some leg kicks early. Almeida landed a right hand and Rivera countered with a left hook to the body. Rivera then dropped Almeida with a right hand but Almeida was able to get back up and clinched. Rivera then spit his mouthpiece out to get a timeout and a break of the clinch. They traded leg kicks. They were trading and Rivera dropped Almeida again with a right hand. They scrambled on the mat and got back to their feet. Almeida with a combo late. Fun round. 10-9 Rivera.

Both were ducking punches early on before they started landing. Rivera rocked Almeida with a left hand. Rivera landed a straight right hand as he timed a kick from Almeida. Almeida landed a left hand. Almeida with an inside leg kick. Almeida then dropped Rivera for a moment with a left hand. Rivera landed a right hand. Almeida back to attacking the lead leg with kicks. Almeida lands a good combo of punches late. Close round. 10-9 Almeida, 19-19.

Rivera got a quick takedown to start the third round. Rivera didn't do much from the top and Almeida was able to scramble to his feet. Rivera landed a right hand. Almeida with a leg kick and misses a spin kick. Rivera with a left hand to the body. They clinched for a brief moment. Almeida went for a knee and Rivera tried a takedown but Almeida jumped away from it. They each landed punches. Almeida with a flying knee but Rivera was able to reverse it into a takedown. Almeida hit the switch and got back up. Almeida landed a combo of punches and a high kick. We go the distance. Great, great fight. 10-9 Rivera, 29-28 Rivera.

Official Result- Jimmie Rivera def. Thomas Almeida by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 30-27)

> Patrick Cummins (#12, 9-4, 5-4 UFC) vs. Gian Villante (#13, 15-8, 5-5 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

Cummins goes right for a takedown but Villante gets right back up. Cummins grabs a single leg and gets a takedown but right back up. Villante then rocks Cummins with three straight right hands. Cummins is bleeding from the top of his head, looks to be from a headbutt. They trade kicks. Cummins goes back for a takedown but it is defended. Cummins lands a left hand on the break. They trade jabs. Cummins lands a right hand and the gets a takedown. Villante lands a right hand. 10-9 Villante.

Cummins is landing the short left hook. Cummins shoots for a takedown but it is defended. They traded punches. Cummins is coming on stronger as the fight goes on. Cummins with a nice combination of punches. Cummins landing with more volume. Villante landed a right hand. Cummins still landing with more volume but he eats a big right hand from Villante. 10-9 Cummins, 19-19.

Villante rocks Cummins with a right hand early in the third and that could be big. Villante is pouring it on as he has Cummins in trouble. Cummins is starting to come back with punches and he is bleeding all over the place. Cummins landed a couple of right hands and then a knee to the body. Cummins goes for a takedown but they are battled in the clinch against the fence. Cummins with knees to the legs of Villante. Villante lands a late right hand. 10-9 Cummins, 29-28 Cummins.

Official Result- Patrick Cummins def. Gian Villante by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

> Dennis Bermudez (#10, 16-6, 9-4 UFC) vs. Darren Elkins (#12, 22-5, 12-4 UFC)

Bermudez landed leg kicks early on and followed one with a right hand. Bermudez slipped on a kick and Elkins attacked and took the back. Bermudez got to his feet but Elkins took him down twice. Elkins has the back and is looking for the choke. Elkins with some short punches from the back. Bermudez got to his feet and shook Elkins off. Elkins picked Bermudez up and slammed him down but Bermudez popped back up. Bermudez with a right hand as they break the clinch. 10-9 Elkins.

They are trading and Bermudez just misses a flying knee. Elkins landed a right hand. Elkins is going for takedowns from a distance and Bermudez sees them coming. Bermudez got a takedown against the fence. He didn't do much with it and they got to their feet. Bermudez went for a takedown against the fence but it was defended. Bermudez landing better punches in the clinch. Elkins landed some knees on the ground that were close to illegal. Elkins picked Bermudez up and slammed him down and took the back but Bermudez got to his feet. Close round. 10-9 Bermudez, 19-19.

They were trading and Bermudez was getting the better of it. Bermudez struck with his head down and it allowed Elkins to grab him in looking for the takedown. They were clinched against the fence as Bermudez reversed position. They broke and Bermudez landed a right hand. Bermudez owning the Octagon right now and he lands a big right hand. Elkins slipped on a kick but Bermudez unable to capitalize. Bermudez with some body punches and a knee against the fence. Bermudez landing some punches late as he is closing the fight strong. Bermudez with some right hands near the end. 10-9 Bermudez, 29-28 Bermudez.

Official Result- Darren Elkins def. Dennis Bermudez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

> Chris Weidman (#5, 13-3, 9-3 UFC) vs. Kelvin Gastelum (#8, 13-2 1 NC, 8-2 1 NC UFC)

Weidman starts with a head kick that gets checked. Weidman lands a right hand. Weidman lands another right hand. Weidman with a takedown. He moves to the back. Weidman with punches from the back. Gastelum gets to his feet. They scramble to the mat and Weidman into side control. Weidman looking for a kimura. Gastelum scrambled to his feet and escaped the kimura. Gastelum with a head kick. Gastelum drops Weidman with a left hand but runs out of time looking for the finish. Think Gastelum stole that round with that. 10-9 Gastelum.

Weidman with a leg kick and then a right hand. They clinch and Weidman gets a takedown with an ankle pick. Weidman gets the back and is working for the choke, landing punches from the back. They get back to their feet and Weidman gets another takedown. Weidman with more punches and they get up. Weidman gets another takedown. Weidman into the guard and landing elbows. More elbows from the top by Weidman. Weidman got the back but time ran out before he could do much. 10-9 Weidman, 19-19.

They were trading aggressively and Weidman dropped Gastelum for a moment. Weidman landed a nice series of punches and he had Gastelum in trouble. Gastelum survived the onslaught. Weidman lands a big right hand. Weidman lands a kick and scores a takedown. Weidman going for the back and has it standing. Weidman with another takedown. Weidman trying to drag for a choke as Gastelum tries to scramble away. Weidman has the arm-triangle locked in and it is deep. Gastelum is in a lot of trouble and in danger of going out. He taps! Gastelum taps out to the arm-triangle and Weidman gets the huge submission win to end his losing skid. The crowd is going crazy for the hometown hero.

Official Result- Chris Weidman def. Kelvin Gastelum by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 3:45 of Round 3