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WWE Main Event results: The Revival vs. Roode & Gable


The Big Takeaway: With Main Event being filmed in Manchester, UK last week, there was a significant improvement in the feel and the quality of the show.

Tyler Breeze snatched a win over Mojo Rawley and The Revival beat Bobby Roode & Chad Gable in a fabulous main event.


Tyler Breeze defeated Mojo Rawley

I was in attendance in Manchester to watch these two matches live. It was interesting to see how Breeze received the kind of reaction that he did. British wrestling fans don’t have short memories and they remember his work in NXT and know what he’s capable of.

Breeze essentially played babyface in peril for most of this relatively short match. The fans were on Rawley’s back throughout and Rawley certainly gave it back, shouting abuse back to the cat calls in the front row.

Breeze eventually got some separation and went up to the second rope to hit the crossbody and then put on the Boston crab. Rawley got to the ropes and -- after some brief back and forth -- Breeze came off the ropes again and managed to roll through to pin Rawley with an inside cradle. 

On the bell, the crowd erupted and Breeze made out of there like a bandit. A nothing match made all the more interesting by the hot crowd.

The Revival defeated Bobby Roode & Chad Gable

This was probably the best match of the entire night. Raw was tepid at best and this match bested anything that Raw had to offer in terms of work rate. Go out of your way to find this if you have the time.

It was interesting here to see how Roode was received by the casual fans. A guy next to me wasn’t aware of Roode particularly, and asked who he was because he felt he looked like an absolute star. 

They went 100 miles per hour here with Gable being the star of the match. The Revival are such a smooth tag team and the British fans were hugely into them, especially after their cult status on the NXT roster. 

The finish was pure chaos, but fantastic to watch. After Roode had looked to be cleaning house, Gable came in with a top rope moonsault. Dash Wilder then nailed Roode to the outside and Gable chased him around the outside. When he got back in the ring he ran into Scott Dawson and they teamed up to nail Gable with the Shatter Machine for the win.