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WWE Superstars results: Stardust v Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder v Stardust

The Big Takeaway: Summer Rae stole one against Alicia Fox while Zack Ryder and his new beard couldn’t defeat Stardust in the main event.


Summer Rae beat Alicia Fox (4:02)

We start off with a completely incongruous, in-ring, pre-match promo from Summer Rae. She asked Fox “how’s that Divas revolution going?” and went on to claim to have created change for women on Raw. She tried to garner some heat and ended by calling Fox a “Beyoncé wannabe”.

Fox hits Rae with a fireman’s carry into an arm lock. Fox then uses a head scissors takedown on Rae who rolls outside. When she comes back in, Fox uses a German suplex into a pin, but Rae kicks out at two. Rae then face plants Fox and covers her for two.

Rae uses kicks to the spine and then uses the middle rope to choke Fox out. She puts on a rear chin lock and then sends her head first into turnbuckle. Drop kicks from Fox get her some hope, and she uses her patented bridging Northern Lights, but can only get two. Rae then dodges charge and smacks Fox with a leg lariat for two. Fox then attempts a sunset flip but stymies it and sits down on Fox for the win.

Stardust beat Zack Ryder (8:54)

Ryder comes out sporting a new Just For Men dyed beard that totally suits him but is also just a very different colour to the rest of his head hair. ‘Cody’ chants quickly start, but they are quickly followed by Ryder-lead ‘Woo’ chants.

They lock up and when Ryder gets the better of him, Stardust rolls away and poses in several creepy positions. They lock up again, and Ryder hip tosses him until he runs into a back elbow. A shoulder tackle, followed by a flapjack and a clothesline over top rope, from Ryder puts him in control. He missile drop kicks Stardust through the ropes to the outside and then rolls him back in. Stardust tries to take over with stomps. Ryder gets his knees up on a charge, but he is thrown over top rope as we head to a break.

We return to see stomps from Stardust in the middle of the ring. He uses a snapmare to position Ryder and then knees him to the back. Stardust puts on a wristlock and Ryder is able to work his way out of it and uses a jawbreaker for two. Cody uses forearms to Ryder’s back and then goes for a springboard, but they both catch each other with a double clothesline. They stay down for a 5 count and then Ryder gets the heat.

He gets his knees up from stardust’s charge and missile drop kicks him off the second rope. Ryder reverses a suplex into a neckbreaker and follows this up with a flying forearm and the Broski Boot. Stardust kicks out at two. Ryder goes up to the top rope for punches, but is crotched and dragged into the middle of the ring where Stardust finishes him with the Queens Crossbow.