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Intercontinental title changes hands on WWE Raw


A new Intercontinental champion was crowned during tonight’s Raw.

Bobby Lashley defeated Seth Rollins and champion Dean Ambrose in a triple threat match to win the title for the first time. Ambrose had held the title for less than a month, 29 days, defeating Seth Rollins at TLC back on December 16.

The finish came when Rush interfered in the match, sending Rollins off the top rope as Lashley and Ambrose were in the ring. Lashley then speared Ambrose to win the title.

Both Lashley and Ambrose have been feuding with Seth Rollins for the last several months. After losing the title at TLC, Rollins wanted another match with Ambrose for the title. He ended up getting one last week, but it was stopped by Lashley, who he brawled with earlier in the show. Lashley laid him out and let Ambrose cover him for the win, which led to tonight’s triple threat match.