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Logan Paul to appear on next week's WWE Raw


Logan Paul is returning to Raw next week, and he's going after The Miz.

In a video, Logan Paul revealed that he would be appearing on next week’s show. He rejected the Miz’s offer to go after the tag team titles, instead saying he wanted a match against him at SummerSlam.

The Miz has insisted in recent weeks that he and Logan Paul have made up after Miz turned on Paul after their tag team victory at WrestleMania 38 against The Mysterios, laying out Paul with the skull crushing finale. After it was announced that Paul had signed a WWE contract, Paul made it clear that he and Miz were not cool, and in fact he was coming to get Miz.

During a segment on Miz TV, Miz still refused to believe Paul even after watching a video of Paul rejecting him. Miz said it was all a ploy for attention and asked Paul to retract his statement so they could go after the tag team titles.