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NXT UK results: Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff


Taped at The Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England on October 4 and 5, 2019

Quick results --

- Piper Niven & Rhea Ripley defeated Jinny & Jazzy Gabert after Niven pinned Gabert off a Michinoku driver.

- A-Kid defeated Kassius Ohno by countout in a fun match. Ohno afterwards beat down A-Kid until Tyler Bate made the save.

- Killer Kelly stated that she was medically cleared and went to pick a fight, presumably with Isla Dawn.

- Joseph Conners defeated Roy Johnson. Kay Lee Ray came out after and cut a promo on Xia Brookside and Toni Storm.

- In the main event, Jordan Devlin defeated "Bomber" Dave Mastiff with a top rope-assisted Devlinside. After the match, Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov were having a discussion about the impact Imperium could have on Dragunov's career.

Full rundown --

A graphic plugged this week's main event of Jordan Devlin vs. "Bomber" Dave Mastiff.

Piper Niven & Rhea Ripley defeated Jazzy Gabert & Jinny when Niven pinned Gabert after a Michinoku driver (6:04)

A video aired before the match, taking a look back at the history between these four.

Ripley threw her jacket at Jinny as she entered, drawing the ire of the Fashionista. Niven and Jinny started, with Niven easily gaining the upper hand. Niven tagged Ripley, who repeatedly took down Jinny with clotheslines.

Jinny ended up on the outside and jaw-jacked with Niven, not noticing Ripley behind her. Ripley then picked her up and carried her up the steps into the ring and slammed her over the top. Ripley hit a running basement dropkick on Jinny, who eventually managed to push Ripley toward her corner and Gabert grabbed a head of hair, allowing Jinny to hit a cheap shot and tag out.

The heels proceeded to work over Ripley, but she ducked a clothesline and managed a roll-up. Jinny came back with a modified octopus stretch before both women wiped each other out and each made a tag.

Niven took out Jazzy with a slam, then slammed Jinny on top of her and hit a running senton on both. Gabert came back with a spear for a near fall, before all four women ended up back in the ring. Niven hit a suplex on Gabert, who rolled to ringside, prompting Ripley to hit a somersault senton over the top on both heels. Back in the ring, Niven hit a Michinoku driver on Gabert for the pinfall victory.

Ripley then kicked Gabert out of the ring and showed respect to Niven, leaving her to celebrate in the ring.

- A video plugged A-Kid's (as a singles wrestler at least) NXT UK debut next.

A-Kid defeated Kassius Ohno by countout (6:37)

A-Kid -- from Spain -- is only 22, yet has been training in pro wrestling and MMA since 2012. He made a name for himself in Spain's White Wolf Wrestling promotion and had some tremendous matches with the likes of Zack Sabre Jr. and Will Ospreay. He spent the last year in the UK, competing for RevPro, OTT, ATTACK!, wXw, and others.

A-Kid appeared on NXT UK before in a squash with long-time tag team partner Carlos Romo against Gallus, but this was his proper singles debut.

After some stalling by Ohno, they locked up and Ohno used his size and strength advantage to take A-Kid down and lock in an elbow lock, but A-Kid pulled him over for a cover. Ohno came back with some tight headscissors, but A-Kid worked his way out and applied a death lock and a surfboard submission of his own before taking Ohno down with a dropkick. A punch to the throat ended his offense quickly, though.

Ohno locked in a modified Cobra Clutch and followed with a senton for a two count.

A-Kid escaped a wrist lock with a top rope springboard hurricanrana, then transitioned into an armbar, but Ohno made the ropes. A-Kid followed with a roll-up and another armbar. Ohno turned it into a pin and eventually a slingshot into the ropes.

They ended up on the outside and traded chops and elbows. Ohno tried rolling A-Kid back into the ring at eight, but A-Kid hit a 619 on the apron and then quickly slid into the ring, resulting in Ohno getting counted out.

After the match, Ohno beat down A-Kid and applied the Kassius Clutch until Tyler Bate ran in and made the save. He went for his rebound clothesline, but Ohno rolled to the outside. Bate then helped A-Kid back to his feet.

- Killer Kelly was interviewed backstage by Alicia Taylor, who asked about her medical status. She said that after four months, she's cleared, but apparently you have to pick a fight to get a match. She saw Isla Dawn enter the women's dressing room and said she was going to pick a fight. She then put her mouthpiece in and followed Dawn.

Joseph Conners pinned Roy Johnson after hitting Don't Look Down (4:05)

Johnson was part of the initial UK Tournament back in early 2017 and lost to Pete Dunne in the first round. He's a regular with PROGRESS (where he started training in 2015) and Battle Pro Wrestling, where he held the BPW title for five months.

Johnson evaded Conners and took him down with a shoulder block. Conners came back with a stiff clothesline, then pummeled Conners in the corner. He wrapped Johnson around the post on the outside, then repeatedly hit baseball slides into him.

Johnson eventually reversed a whip into the corner and came back with elbows and a backbreaker. Conners evaded a shoulder breaker by raking the eyes, then whipped Johnson's head into the bottom turnbuckle and followed with Don't Look Down for the win.

Kay Lee Ray in-ring promo

Kay Lee Ray's music played as Conners left the arena and the NXT UK Women's Champion entered the ring. She said everyone's day would get so much better as she was here now. KLR said what made the day even better was no Toni Storm.

KLR said Storm was gone and KLR had what Storm valued most. She also said that Storm had no friends.

KLR was not happy that Xia Brookside put her name in her mouth, saying that Brookside thought KLR had cost her a title opportunity. KLR said she stood here as our champion.

- A graphic promoted an up-close with Piper Niven segment for next week.

- Gallus were outside the arena. They talked about how this was their kingdom and everyone just lived in it. A graphic then announced The Grizzled Young Veterans vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster for next week

Jordan Devlin pinned Dave Mastiff after hitting Devlinside from the top rope (12:04)

Devlin fled in at Mastiff right at the bell, but Mastiff quickly came back, prompting Devlin to slide out of the ring. Mastiff caught Devlin's leg, then flipped him over after Devlin slapped him. Mastiff launched Devlin halfway through the ring, then went to grab him as he was on the ropes, but Devlin snapped his arm over the top rope.

Devlin continued working over Mastiff's arm, then hit a standing moonsault. He kept working over the left arm, including standing on Mastiff's face and chest while stretching the arm, then applied an elbow lock, which Mastiff eventually powerbombed out of.

Mastiff came back with strikes, then hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and a senton for a two count. Devlin hit a few kicks and tried to pull Mastiff up for Devlinside, but Mastiff blocked the move and would not budge. Mastiff then whipped Devlin into the corner, where he took a nasty spill over the top rope and the ring post.

On the outside, Mastiff went for the rolling senton. Devlin escaped and went for a running kick, but Mastiff caught him and eventually hit the move. Back on the apron, Devlin snapped Mastiff's arm over the top rope, hit a rolling cutter, and then hit a top rope moonsault for a two count of his own.

Devlin went for another top rope moonsault, but Mastiff got his legs up and hit a running somersault senton into the corner. Devlin was out of it, but fell to the outside. Mastiff followed him and rolled Devlin back into the ring, but Devlin rolled to the apron again.

Mastiff went for a rolling senton from the top, but Devlin escaped and hit an enzuigiri, then -- with Mastiff still sitting on the top rope -- Devlin hit Devlinside for the victory.

- As the announcers signed off, they got word that there was a developing situation with Alicia Taylor backstage. Taylor was standing next to Alexander Wolfe and Ilja Dragunov, who were animatedly discussing something.

Taylor asked what was up and Wolfe blew her off. We then heard Wolfe tell Dragunov that Imperium could either have a very good or bad impact on his career and to make up his mind. Dragunov looked torn and frustrated as Wolfe walked off and the show cut to black.

Next week --

The Grizzled Young Veterans will take on Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster in a battle of former Tag Team Champions. There will also be an up-close with Piper Niven segment.