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NXT UK results: Trent Seven vs. Noam Dar


Taped at Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales on September 1, 2019

Quick results --

Ligero pinned Oliver Carter in a hot opener. Carter again looked good but still is looking for that evasive first win on the brand.

Tyler Bate talked about his match with WALTER and said he was not done yet, then Jordan Devlin interrupted him and said he would have beaten WALTER. Devlin then backed off as Bate went to go face-to-face with him.

Nina Samuels won a competitive match over Dani Luna.

In the main event, Noam Dar defeated Trent Seven by DQ when Seven would not stop beating on Dar, ignoring the referee's count. Dar had stuffed Seven's towel down his pants, enraging the founding father of Moustache Mountain beyond reason. This was Seven's first match back after being destroyed by WALTER and Imperium in mid-June.

Also, NXT UK moves to Thursdays next week.

Full rundown --

- The show opened with Trent Seven and Tyler Bate walking into the building. The announcers alerted us that Bate would speak tonight and Seven would compete in NXT UK for the first time in three months (closer to 76 days actually).

Ligero pinned Oliver Carter

Carter started with a wristlock, but Ligero used the ropes to flip out of it. Ligero then took over and scored a near fall -- after which Carter looked flustered. Ligero hit a hurricanrana, but Carter escaped via cartwheel and then hit a flying headscissors of his own.

Ligero took back over with a knee, then locked in a surfboard submission. Carter came back with an overhead belly-to-belly from the corner and hit a kick for a near fall. Carter hit a few kicks and a quebrada for another pinfall attempt. Ligero hit a stunner through the ropes, then followed up with a superkick and the C4L for the victory.

During the match, a graphic announced that NXT UK would be moving to Thursdays starting next week. A graphic with a voiceover stated the same thing later on.

- WALTER was in the NXT UK Performance Center. He asked a cameraman (in German) what he wanted. He took the cameraman to the training area, where a number of students were talking and laughing.

WALTER shouted at them and asked them what they were doing. He lined them up at ringside to watch as he entered the ring to look at two other trainees perform.

WALTER told one of them to repeat a sequence, then beat him down and threw the other one out of the ring. He screamed at the trainees that they did not belong and should go back to the playground.

Tyler Bate in-ring segment

Bate entered the ring and the crowd sang his name, then chanted "Big Strong Boi" as he started talking.

Bate said TakeOver was one of the hardest and toughest nights of his career. He said it wasn't just the beating at the hands of WALTER or not walking away with the WWE United Kingdom Championship -- it was the feeling of having let the fans down.

Bate said as far as NXT UK goes, he was far from finished and there was a lot of fight left in this Big Strong Boi.

At that point, Jordan Devlin's music hit and he walked out, microphone in hand. He said Bate had put on the performance of a lifetime and impressed everyone -- but he didn't impress Devlin.

Devlin said that -- as he was on the sidelines -- Bate failed. He said people say that Bate took WALTER further than everyone else, but everyone knows that Devlin is the one who can beat WALTER. Devlin said if he had wrestled WALTER, he would stand here with the WWE UK title over his shoulder. This would all sound much more impressive if Devlin hadn't already lost to WALTER on an NXT UK episode taped over WrestleMania weekend at Axxess back in April.

Bate replied by asking Devlin to imagine how funny it will be when this Big Strong Boi comes down and kicks him in his ass. Devlin then slowly backed away from Bate and went backstage.

- A video on Tegan Nox aired, starting with her being at NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff. It recapped her injury during last year's Mae Young Classic. Nox said taking a shower a few days after surgery was some of the most pain she ever felt.The video then showed her training for her comeback. She said she would show everybody on NXT and NXT UK who Tegan Nox was.

A graphic announced Kay Lee Ray and Tegan Nox going one- on-one next week.

- Noam Dar was shown preparing backstage.

Nina Samuels pinned Dani Luna

Luna, who has a background in powerlifting, trained under Mark Andrews, Justin Sysum, and Luke Savory. Starting out in 2016, she's already had matches for PROGRESS, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Fight Club: PRO, and Dragon Pro Wrestling, among others and also distinctively wrestled Chris Brookes on both recent Schadenfreude & Friends shows.

Luna is also the current Women's Champion for Dragon Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Chaos.

Samuels applied a wristlock, but Luna escaped. She applied a wristlock of her own, then slammed Samuels and caught her off a body press. Luna hit a back elbow and scored a cover for a two count.

Samuels came back by whipping Luna's head into the middle rope and followed up with some ground and pound. Samuels trapped Luna in the ropes, then hit a dropkick on her for good measure. Samuels applied a straightjacket choke and jumped on Luna's back as she powered back up. Luna pushed her back into the corner, then followed with a clothesline and hit a bridging back suplex for another two count.

Luna had Samuels on the apron, but she came back with a head kick and a slingshot spinning senton for another near fall. Luna again caught Samuels off a crossbody off the turnbuckles, then hit a fallaway slam and went to the top herself. Samuels moved out of the way, then hit a running kick and the Final Act for the win.

- Trent Seven was shown preparing backstage.

- Isla Dawn vs. Piper Niven was announced for next week.

Noam Dar defeated Trent Seven by DQ

Dar stalled early on, escaping through the ropes and avoiding a lock-up. He tried getting on a wristlock, but Seven quickly backed him into a corner. Dar took Seven down with a headlock takeover and started pulling at his moustache.

Seven came back with a flurry of offense, including a hip toss and leg drop. Dar once more fled through the ropes, then pulled Seven's beard again, crotched him on the top rope, and hit a clothesline from the top on a helpless Seven. Dar snapmared Seven into the ropes and sent him to the outside.

Dar hit a series of knees and covered Seven for a near fall. Dar tried to go for the Tyler Driver '97, but Seven blocked the move, then hit a few shots and a snap DDT. He followed with a snap dragon suplex and scored another near fall.

Seven hit a dive to the outside on Dar, who had rolled out seconds earlier. Seven went for a spinning somersault senton from the top back into the ring, but Dar moved out of the way.

After a series of counters, Seven hit a Seven Star Lariat that looked like it took Dar's head off. He went for the Burning Hammer, but Dar grabbed Seven's moustache again and hit a lariat to the back of his head for a near fall.

Dar went for the Nova Roller out of the corner, but he noticed Seven's towel hanging there. Dar used it to wipe himself down, then put it down his pants. As he went for the Nova Roller, Seven smashed him out of mid-air with the Seven Star Lariat.

Seven then noticed the towel down Dar's pants and went wild on him with punches, not even stopping as Dar was in the ropes and the ref started counting. Seven ignored the ref's warnings and got disqualified.

Seven was livid as Dar fled the ring and posed with Seven's towel as the show went off the air.

Next week --

The show moves to Thursdays (same time), starting next week. Kay Lee Ray will face Tegan Nox and Piper Niven squares off against Isla Dawn.