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WWE 205 Live results: August Grey vs. Ariya Daivari


Curt Stallion, Jake Atlas, Mansoor, & Ashante “Thee” Adonis defeated Matt Martel, Chase Parker, Sunil Singh & Samir Singh (Bolly-Rise)

The earliest moments of this match were filled with basic teamwork, emphasizing Bolly-Rise working well together. The team cohesion lasted for some time as Bolly-Rise took advantage of any opening provided by a distracted referee. An elbow drop to Adonis left Samir with a near fall. 

Martel tried to finish the match by slamming Samir into Adonis, but Adonis rolled out of the way; Martel slammed Samir into the ground anyway. This “miscommunication” allowed Atlas to tag into the match and gain control for his team by taking out all four members of BollyRise. 

Mansoor tagged into the match and lost control to Parker and Martel. Samir and Sunil delivered a superplex elbow drop combination for a near fall. A seven-man brawl broke out, and in the chaos, Sunil nearly took out Martel. A legal Stallion then entered, connected with a headbutt and picked up the pin over Samir. And so, Bolly-Rise remains winless. 

This match wasn’t good. 

Ariya Daivari defeated August Grey

Before the match began, Tony Nese joined the commentary desk.  

Grey took an early lead as the match spilled to the outside. Grey connected with a crossbody and a back body drop for a two count. Daivari caught Grey as he tried to follow up with a sleeper hold. Daivari had a two count of his own after a uranage. 

Daivari tried for a hammerlock lariat, which Grey ducked. Grey then connected with a superkick. Grey then followed with a series of strikes, followed by clotheslines, and a scoop slam. Another lariat left Daivari on the outside, allowing Grey to land a tope. 

Nese confronted Grey after the dive, buying time for Daivari in the process. Daivari connected with a dropkick which he followed with a hammerlock lariat for the win. 

This match was fine. Entirely by the numbers, but fine.