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WWE 205 Live results: August Grey vs. Ariya Daivari


Curt Stallion & Mansoor defeated Sunil Singh & Samir Singh (The Bollywood Boyz) 

During the Bollywood Boyz entrance, the opening camera shot revealed the other half of the Bolly-Rise alliance, Ever-Rise, to be at the commentary desk. Bolly-Rise shared a good luck hug before the match. 

Samir and Sunil gained basic control over Mansoor in the opening stretch, only for Mansoor to overwhelm both brothers moments later. Mansoor lost his advantage after refusing to tag in Stallion, falling into Bollywood control in the process. 

Eventually, Mansoor interrupted a Bollywood team maneuver, opening a hot-tag window which he refused to take. Mansoor again took on both Singh’s and again succeeded for some time. After Mansoor dominated Samir and Sunil, Stallion tagged himself into the match. Stallion killed Sunil with a headbutt before pinning Samir, who was left incapacitated moments earlier from a Mansoor slingshot neckbreaker.

Stallion and Mansoor shared a tense staredown following the pseudo-handicap match. This match was all Mansoor, and Mansoor was fine. The commentary was bad. 

August Grey defeated Ariya Daivari 

Daivari and Grey traded headlocks as the match began. It meandered along. As the slow open came to an end, Daivari was in the driver’s seat; he connected with a neckbreaker to the floor, resulting in a near fall. A bunch of awkward rolling in and out of pins followed. 

After neither man was unable to finish the other, Daivari slowed the match back to a crawl (not that it was ever much faster) with a hold on Grey’s arm. After Grey fought to his feet, a strike exchange followed. Grey emerged with control and tried for the unprettier but was blocked.

Daivari scaled to the top rope and lept for the Persian splash; he missed by a mile. The two men then traded clotheslines/sleeper attempts before a double clothesline left them laid out. Grey was first to his feet, taking advantage with a neckbreaker and emerald flowsion. Daivari kicked out of the pin attempt that followed. 

A boot to the ear of Grey left him rocked. Daivari hit an iconoclasm before trying again for a Persian splash; this time, it landed. Grey still kicked out. 

Daivari tried sending Grey into the turnbuckles, but Grey reversed. Grey took advantage of the opening with a uranage to the apron’s edge; Grey followed the move with a tope. Grey tried to finish the match with a crossbody, but he missed by a mile. 

Daivari stuffed a Grey rollup attempt with a pin of his own, but the referee caught him holding the rope. Daivari tried arguing with the referee, leaving him prone for a Grey superkick. Grey tried again for the unprettier, but Daivari sent him back into the corner. Grey sidestepped Daivari’s followup before rolling him up for the win with assistance from the ropes.

This match was rather dreadful—a plotting and uneventful outing that persisted for way too long.