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WWE 205 Live results: Jake Atlas vs. Tony Nese


Drake Maverick defeated Tehuti Miles

205 Live’s first match in the ThunderDome started with Tehuti Miles exiting the ring. Miles was taking his time to play to the virtual crowd. After making his way back into the ring, Miles was greeted by Drake Maverick with a tie-up sequence in which Miles was victorious. Miles walked across the back of Maverick scornfully. Miles then returned to his comb, much to the frustration of the now insulted Maverick. A slap from Miles connected with the face of Maverick which furthered his annoyance.

Maverick was pulled away from Miles by referee Jessika Heiser, only for Miles to return his attention to his comb. Maverick landed a dropkick on the seemingly disinterested Miles, which sent Miles crashing to the floor; Maverick dove into Miles before he could regain his balance. Maverick’s outside offense came to a quick end, however, as Miles would sidestep Maverick at a point of contention. Miles slammed the head of Maverick into the ring apron before sending him back into the ring. 

Miles continued his second stent of offense with a double leg takedown and some quick punches. Maverick was then dragged to his feet and slammed into the ring post before being grounded again via a headlock. Maverick rolled up an overconfident Miles who was trying for a suplex. Miles kicked out but only after the pace had been altered in the favor of Maverick. Maverick used this sudden change in pace to position himself for a backslide pin which Miles also kicked out from.

Maverick tried for one more roll-up pin, but Miles rolled through. An awkward struggle then followed suit. Maverick somehow ended up on top of Miles for another attempted pin which Miles kicked out from. 

A clubbing blow landed on the chest of Maverick after both men rose to their feet. Miles then landed multiple elbow drops before turning back to the virtual crowd. After a lengthy pause, Maverick began to fight back. A sequence of desperate strikes and a running bulldog set Maverick up perfectly for a senton. Maverick climbed to the top rope and landed an elbow drop which he followed with the underdog. Maverick then hooked the leg and pinned Miles for the win.

This match wasn’t great, but it was interesting. As 205 Live’s first showing in the ThunderDome, Maverick and Miles were able to play off tropes that have been subdued if not entirely muted during the crowdless era. It seemed to be a return to the pre-pandemic WWE style. 

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese 

Jake Atlas and Tony Nese immediately entered a tie-up following the bell. Atlas and Nese struggled for control. Atlas took Nese to the mat with a side headlock, Nese secured body scissors to break the hold; Atlas gained the side headlock once more, Nese powered to his feet to force the break.

Nese and Atlas tried each other in a theatrical show of athletics for some time. Atlas was eventually able to land a dropkick to mark the end of the sequence. Atlas was then able to continue his control as if he was never stopped. This lasted until Nese was able to connect with a belly-to-back suplex which left Nese far ahead. 

Nese landed a few strikes on the now grounded Atlas before turning his attention to Atlas’s neck. As Nese wrenched on the neck of Atlas, Atlas began to strike the midsection of Nese. Nese rose with Atlas in hand to end his strikes, but Atlas was able to land a knee after being hoisted upwards. The separation that this provided was short lived. A rollup attempt by Atlas that Nese stepped through placed Atlas in the perfect position for Nese to kick his head clean off, if it wasn’t for his neck. Atlas was able to kick out from the pin that followed. 

Nese was left standing over Atlas. Atlas looked up at Nese but for a moment; a strike landed on Nese’s midsection in the next. Atlas began to chop and club at Nese but Nese whipped Atlas into the turnbuckles before Atlas could regain any standing. Nese kissed his biceps before sending Atlas crashing into the opposite corner but instead of falling Atlas landed a forearm on his unsuspecting opponent. 

Atlas was now in the lead for the first time in a long time. He connected with a few forearms and a blockbuster. Atlas tried for a sunset flip but Nese refused to fall. With his head now at the heels of Nese Atlas was in an egregious position. Nese took complete advantage, kicking Atlas which was then sold like a gunshot. Nese then ran for and connected with a springboard moonsault. Atlas kicked out.

Both Atlas and Nese rose to their feet, then traded strikes. Nese landed a forearm that caused Atlas to crumble, but Atlas sprung right back up. After landing a few more strikes, Atlas tossed Nese back to the outside and landed a tope.

Atlas sent Nese back into the ring and ascended to the top rope, but Nese rolled back outside to safety. Atlas tried to drag Nese back into the ring but Nese landed a surprise strike to the jaw. Nese, instead of taking advantage, played to the virtual crowd. Atlas was then able to drag his distracted opponent back inside of the ropes and roll him up for the win. 

Nese blindsided Atlas immediately after being pinned with a double axe handle. Nese continued his post-match attack on the victor before connecting with the running knee. 

This match felt all over the place. It played off of the old tropes, like the match prior. Boring mat work followed by gymnastic displays is not a pattern that needs to be commonplace in the WWE ecosystem. Both Atlas and Nese had shining moments ,but the pacing did not play to their favor.