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WWE 205 Live results: Six-man tag action


Drake Maverick defeated Leon Ruff

Drake Maverick’s return to 205 Live was not without narrative. The cruiserweight brand’s former general manager came to the ring with a taped up shoulder and an obvious stiffness.

Following the bell’s sounding, Leon Ruff initiated a tie-up with Maverick that Maverick was forced to break from. Maverick wore a face of frustration as he created separation. Ruff tried for a second tie-up and this time took Maverick to the mat and tried for a quick pin. Maverick kicked out but was visibly off-put by the exchange. In the third tie-up, Maverick took control of the arm of Ruff. Ruff was able to fight free with a strong elbow but only after being pressed to the mat and having his arm contorted. Ruff tried to follow up but the referee prevented him from doing so; Maverick was holding his nose and walking from corner to corner. 

After Maverick’s referee enforced breather Ruff tried to follow up once more but was laid out with a lariat. Ruff took a while to rise to his feet and was dropped once more after regaining some footing. Maverick unloaded with clotheslines, a dropkick, a bulldog, and a senton all in quick succession. Maverick stood over Ruff and waited for him to rise, but Ruff was unable to. Instead Ruff crawled in Maverick’s direction, using his hands to drag himself forward. Maverick sprung into action with a sunset flip bomb that sent Ruff into the corner. This move was as quick as it was brutal. Maverick then climbed to the top, jumped, and pinned Ruff for the win. 

Maverick looked exceptionally strong in this match. It feels as if he still has something to prove. 

Danny Burch, Oney Lorcan, and Mansoor defeated Matt Martel, Chase Parker, and Tehuti Miles 

Mansoor and Tehuti Miles started this match as the legal men, but Miles tagged Chase Parker in immediately following the bell. Mansoor and Parker entered a tie-up that saw both men trade holds. Parker tagged in Matt Martel who was then thrown across the ring by a Mansoor arm drag. Mansoor allowed Oney Lorcan to tag in and begin wearing down Martel. Lorcan then returned the favor, tagging in Danny Burch who aided in the stretching. 

Lorcan, Burch, and Mansoor traded tags until Mansoor was left with a headlock on Martel. Martel was able to break free with a knee to the midsection of Mansoor. Miles tagged in to relive his partner. Mansoor, without hesitation, went off on Miles with fists-a-plenty. The partners of Miles tried to help, but both were laid out by Mansoor, who landed a big clothesline on Miles causing Martel and Parker to hit the ring. Burch and Lorcan hit the ring in response, causing a six-man staredown. Parker and Martel fell back from the staredown, as did Burch and Lorcan. Chaos was averted, at least for the time being. 

Lorcan tagged in and tried to roll up Miles. Parker jumped into the ring to break up the pin. Burch and Mansoor were stopped by the referee as they tried to enter which allowed for Martel to strike Lorcan. Miles was then able to connect with a dropkick against his dazed opponent. Miles mounted Lorcan from where he beat Lorcan’s face. Miles led Lorcan to his corner. Martel, Parker, and Miles traded tags and team-based maneuvers until Parker was left as the team’s legal man. Parker, in a very favorable position, climbed to the top rope from which he leaped. Instead of furthering his team’s lead, Parker found himself on the wrong end of Lorcan’s boot. Lorcan then crawled for and succeeded in getting the hot tag. 

Burch, now the legal man, began unloading on both members of Ever-Rise. As his team’s last standing body, Miles tagged into the match and was promptly hit with a snug German suplex and an impactful clothesline. Burch tagged in Mansoor, who was rolled up after becoming legal. Mansoor kicked out but the momentum seemed to be in Miles’s favor again. Miles tried to send Mansoor to the outside but Mansoor was able to keep his footing on the apron from where he connected with his corkscrew neckbreaker. Mansoor then lept to the outside with a corkscrew dive to further emphasize he was in control.  

Burch and Martel entered the ring and traded strikes. The two struggled for advantage, but Parker entered the fray just in time. Martel and Parker laid out Burch but before they could turn around, Lorcan landed a double blockbuster from out of nowhere.

Mansoor and Miles were still the legal men. As Mansoor re-entered the ring, he set up for a second corkscrew neckbreaker on Miles but was sidestepped by the already wiser Miles. Miles tried for a backslide, but Mansoor rolled out into a pin of his own for the win.

This match was really nothing special - it sort of just happened. There was never a real sense of drama, and there was not a near great enough display of athletics to carry the match.

All in all, it was really just a rehashing of recent events. Mansoor pinned Miles clean for the third time and hopefully final time, at least for now. Mansoor can prove nothing more against Miles.