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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. August Grey


Curt Stallion and Mansoor defeated Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise)

Stallion took control of the match almost as soon as it started. Mansoor maintained this momentum following a tag. Mansoor and Stallion traded tags, slowly dismantling both Parker and Martel. 

After a failed Ever-Rise double team attempt left the team in retreat, the Bollywood Boyz joined the ringside area to console the other half of the Bolly-Rise alliance. Following the consolation, Martel connected with a powerbomb to gain control for the first time. Parker then missed two elbow drops that allowed Mansoor back into the match. Mansoor’s comeback consisted of fighting off Parker and Martel; Parker missed another elbow drop in the process. 

Stallion hit the ring with tenacity, taking out both Ever-Rise members before connecting with a tope to subdue the Bollywood Boyz. Parker managed to stifle Stallion’s tirade by extending his knees to block a splash. Mansoor tried to pick up the pieces with a quick tag but fell victim to a two-on-one. Soon after, a big boot from Martel did quick work on Stallion. 

With Ever-Rise far ahead, the Bollywood Boyz began to call for the end. With the referee paying full attention, a Singh brother slid a clapperboard to Parker. As the referee told Parker he couldn’t use it, Mansoor stole a quick bridging pin. 

It would seem Bolly-Rise is doomed. This was a better-than-average Ever-Rise performance. It played off simple themes, all the while delivering with quality wrestling. 

August Grey (with Jake Atlas) defeated Tony Nese (with Ariya Daivari)

Following an opening collar-and-elbow tie-up, Grey connected with a rana followed by a scoop slam. Daivari tried grabbing Grey to prevent any follow-up, prompting an Atlas/Daivari shouting match. Daivari gained the attention of Grey long enough for Nese to connect with a running hotshot. 

A springboard moonsault followed by a few snug forearms left Nese seemingly in firm control; this lasted but for a moment as Grey blocked Nese’s follow-up with a boot. The offensive sequence that followed included a splash from Grey before a pump handle slam from Nese left him ahead once more. 

A second back and forth exchange left Grey in a favorable position. Grey climbed to the top rope before Daivari attacked Atlas to create another distraction; Nese threw Grey to the mat following the opening. 

Nese climbed to the top rope himself but missed the 450 splash. Grey wasn’t able to follow up as Daivari distracted him again. Atlas rocked Grey with a strike before a beautiful dive from Nese left him laying. Grey then connected with a dive of his own before dragging Nese back into the ring to connect with an unprettier. Grey pinned Nese following the move. 

This match had moments of fun, but in the end, a distraction every three minutes doesn’t make for a classic. The action was good, but the managers were too much for a ten-minute match.