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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Danny Burch


Chase Parker and Matt Martel (Ever-Rise) defeated Mikey Spandex and Marquis Carter

Chase Parker started the match for his team with a show of chain wrestling dominance. Parker would go on to trade back and forth tags with his partner Matt Martel, allowing the team to share in their early triumph. Mikey Spandex, the legal man of the opposing team, was eventually able to float over an attack and connect with a surprise slam and slash on Parker. Parker did not allow this offense to last however as he slammed Spandex to the floor mere moments later. 

Martel, now legal, took his time brutalizing Spandex. Irish whips, elbows, and general wear down holds were applied before Spandex showed signs of life. Spandex connected with a dropkick seemingly out of nowhere that allowed him to tag in Marquis Carter. Carter connected with a quick sequence that seemingly shifted the match’s momentum - seemingly because seconds later Martel connected with a powerful German suplex that once more placed his team in the driver’s seat. 

Martel and Parker then traded tags, each time they connected with more and more significant double team offense. This tandem attack was ultimately punctuated with a Parker double knee facebuster that was aided by Martel dropping Carter with a facebuster for the win.

This match fits fine within the scope of Ever-Rise’s presentation: Ever-Rise are at a higher level than their lesser-known opponents but still they cannot be entirely dominant, even against much lesser foes. As a match alone and not a brief character piece, this was nothing special. Not bad but not good either. 

The Legado del Fantasma / Breezango segment from NXT played in full. 

Danny Burch (with Oney Lorcan) defeated Tony Nese

A collar-and-elbow tie-up was the first sight in 205 Live’s main event. Danny Burch soon found himself pressed into the corner by Tony Nese causing a referee break. Burch and Nese tied up once more but this time Burch came out on top as he took down Nese via his left leg. Nese was able to reach the bottom rope before Burch could step over into what looked to be a single-leg Boston crab or something similar. 

Nese and Burch acted as if a third tie-up were to happen before Nese secured a takedown of his own. Burch took control of Nese on the mat with a quick transition into back control via body scissors. Burch rolled Nese around on the canvas, looking for an opening before he tried for a surprise pin. Nese kicked out of said pin and subsequently took control of Burch on the mat. 

Nese and Burch continued their mat struggle for a while before a referee-induced standup changed the complexion of the match. Nese tied up with Burch again and just as it happened in their first tie-up Nese pressed Burch against the turnbuckles. When the referee called for a break, Nese struck Burch instead of breaking cleanly. A back elbow from Nese placed him far ahead in the moments that followed. 

Nese landed a few strikes before trying for a pin and returning to the mat. Burch was able to power up and drop Nese by his left leg again. Burch dropped Nese onto the mat again. Burch maintained a headlock before Nese landed with a suplex that once again shifted the match in his favor. A leaping rope cutter and a moonsault from Nese only furthered his lead. Nese continued his offense and after each move, he applied a hold to the grounded Burch. It was only after Burch was able to bounce from an Irish whip into the corner and lariat Nese, as if the turnbuckles were nothing more than springy ropes, that the match turned back to his favor.

Burch unloaded with strikes and an impactful suplex. After Nese kicked out from the pin that followed the two began trading strikes. Nese would land a spinning kick to end the exchange. A second kick of a similar nature soon after landed on the face of Burch. Nese climbed to the top rope and lept for a 450 splash but Burch only just rolled out of harm’s way. 

Ariya Daivari then attacked Oney Lorcan, who had accompanied Burch to the ring. Daivari’s attack distracted Burch who wanted to tend to his blindsided friend. Nese stalked Burch and after a brief moment of hesitation, he tried to attack him. Burch was able to avoid what would be a second blindsiding by sidestepping Nese and sending him headfirst into the mat. A Burch headbutt caused Nese to crumble. Burch threw Nese into the steps before returning to the ring with Nese in hand. Burch landed a top rope DDT and pinned Nese for the win.   

A really strong match with a really strong finish. A fast and technical opening stretch played to an intriguing finish on its own. The final stretch was packed full of emotion, brutality, and character work that is typically in absentia during run-ins.