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WWE 205 Live results: Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas

atlas nese

Ever-Rise (Chase Parker and Matt Martel) defeated The Bollywood Boyz (Sunil Singh & Samir Singh) in a tornado tag match

This match started with a brawl to the outside. Both teams traded barricade slams. Parker was isolated in the ring and attacked by both Sunil and Samir. Martel hit the ring in time to save Parker from a freshly exposed turnbuckle. 

Ever-Rise took their time double-teaming Sunil, but the match spilled soon back to the outside. Samir then awkwardly flipped from the apron, taking out all three of the other men.

Sunil set Martel up back inside the ring for a splash, but Martel interrupted Samir during his ascent. A top rope struggle ended with a Parker superplex. A flying elbow from Sunil forced Martel to break up a pin.

Martel tried and failed to regain some momentum for his team following the pin breakup. Martel was backed into the ropes only for Sunil to blindside him with the Bollywood Boyz’ signature camera. Parker saved Martel from being pinned. 

Parker and Samir traded strikes, working their way into a corner. Martel joined the fun, helping Parker lift Samir before dropping him face-first on the previously exposed turnbuckle. Parker pinned Samir following the drop. 

This was the best match of the Bollywood/Ever-Rise trilogy. It wasn’t perfect, but it had its moments, which cannot be said about their prior two outings. The timing was right and the finish worked well. 

Jake Atlas defeated Tony Nese 

Nese took an early lead, landing a scoop slam before throwing Atlas to the outside. Nese slammed Atlas into the announce table before throwing him back into the ring. On the inside, Atlas used his quickness to establish match neutrality. Nese landed a slam that once again shifted the match into his favor. A suplex left Nese with a near fall. 

Nese climbed to the top rope and waited for Atlas to rise. Once to his feet, Nese jumped, but Atlas stuffed the would-be dropkick. Atlas sent Nese into the corner and tried for a pin, but Nese answered at the count of two. Nese then took back control with a sudden leaping forearm. More forearms followed from Nese. A belly-to-back suplex left Nese with a near fall.

Atlas showed a small sign of life with a big boot, but Nese landed a running hotshot to stop any comeback hopes. A springboard moonsault again resulted in a near fall. Nese wasted no time, immediately transitioning into a chinlock.

Atlas wiggled free from the chinlock and connected with a crossbody. A pump kick and a lariat gave Atlas his first real lead. Atlas dropped Nese with a fantastic German suplex-forearm combination. Atlas climbed to the top rope but was interrupted by Nese. Nese lifted Atlas into position for a back-to belly piledriver; Atlas transitioned into a sunset flip, which yielded a near fall. 

Atlas climbed back to the top, but Nese bumped the ropes to send Atlas crashing. Atlas retreated into the ropes before he landed a clothesline, sending both men back outside.

Nese grabbed a chair, gaining the attention of the referee. Ariya Daivari then hit the ring and sent Atlas into the ring post with no repercussions. Nese climbed to the top rope and hit the 450, only for Atlas to reach his foot to the bottom rope to stop the referee’s count. 

Once back on their feet, it was Atlas who gained control. A quick knee and a flatliner left Nese dazed and in perfect position. Atlas climbed to the top rope and hit the cartwheel DDT. Atlas pinned Nese in the middle. 

This was a very good match with an excellent showcase of heroics. Atlas’s ultimate comeback showcased distinction in both performance and a broader display of Herculean value. This is how to contrast a babyface to heel -- in a true-to-form morality play.