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WWE 205 Live results: Two Dusty Classic matches


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde defeated Sunil Singh and Samir Singh

Sunil started the match with a sidestep that sent Mendoza crashing to the mat. Samir tagged in and landed elbow drops with the aid of his brother. Mendoza tagged in and immediately fell to a Samir takedown. The opening part of the match was all Bollywood.

A blocked boot allowed Wilde to land a DDT to gain the advantage for the first time. A double suplex left Wilde with a near fall. Samir was then thrown to the outside and slammed into the announce desk.

Back in the ring, Samir sidestepped Mendoza to send him crashing once again. Sunil tagged in, unloading offense on the now prone Mendoza. Sunil then took the action outside, slamming both Fantasma members onto the announce desk. A double ax handle led to a Singh near fall, and an elbow drop followed for another. 

An awkward double codebreaker followed by a kick left Wilde free to secure the pinfall victory over Sunil.

Other than the Bollywood Boyz controlling most of it, the match wasn’t very noteworthy.   

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Killian Dain and Drake Maverick defeated Curt Stallion and August Grey

Stallion gained early control over Maverick with the aid of his size advantage. Maverick was then able to take advantage by sidestepping Stallion. Stallion grew frustrated and tagged out as Dain tagged in.

Dain flipped the power dynamic in favor of his team. Dain used Maverick both as a projectile and a battering ram; it was a cute moment for the misfit team. It took Maverick tagging back in for the momentum to shift back to Grey and Stallion.

An air raid crash neck breaker by Grey left Maverick dazed. An echoing headbutt followed by a belly-to-back suplex left Grey with a near fall. 

Maverick fought his way to a standing position and secured the hot tag. Lariats from Dain put him back in control. Dain ran through both of his opponents before crushing Stallion with a senton. A high crossbody left Dain with a near fall. Maverick hit the ring only to be planted by Grey. Dain then hit a second senton, this time on Grey. 

Stallion and Grey hit the ring together to overwhelm Dain, but they failed. Dain, with help from Maverick, connected with a huge powerbomb. Dain then powerbombed Maverick onto Stallion, then Maverick stayed in position for the pin. 

This was a fun match with a fun finish.