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WWE Main Event results: The Revival vs. Titus Worldwide


The Big Takeaway: Kalisto was back in the ring looking unscathed after the previous week’s bottle-throwing incident on 205 Live, getting the win against Tony Nese. The Revival returned to Main Event to secure a victory against Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews in Scott Dawson's second week back since returning from tearing his bicep in August.


Kalisto defeated Tony Nese (5:45)

After all the furor surrounding Kalisto’s injury from a fan-thrown water bottle the previous week, he was back looking fighting fit as he notched up a win against Tony Nese in the opening bout of this week’s Main Event.

Kalisto took the early going as the two put on some comedy for the pre-Raw crowd. Nese stopped Kalisto to pose in front of the audience and flex his muscles. When Kalisto did the same moments later, he drank in the cheers of the crowd. After teasing a suicide dive, Nese took the bulk of the match.

Nese kicked out of a second rope moonsault and then tried a pumphandle slam on Kalisto. When he kicked out at two, they went to the finish where Kalisto reversed a suplex attempt and turned it into the Salida del Sol for the win.

The Revival defeated Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil (w/ Dana Brooke) (3:32)

When Scott Dawson got injured back in August, Dash Wilder had a singles run that he’d probably rather forget. He went 0-7, losing to the likes of Heath Slater and even tagging with perennial match loser Curt Hawkins. Here, back together, The Revival won their second match in as many weeks.

Crews has mainly been working solo with O’Neil as his manager. Last week, the addition of Dana Brooke to the stable meant that a tag team looked increasingly likely. The pair took the entire match here, but the whole thing was really well-worked.

The finish saw Crews and O’Neil trying to double team Wilder, then Dawson came in and took out O’Neil. The Revival teamed up on Crews and hit him with the Shatter Machine to steal the win.