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WWE Raw live results: Crown Jewel fallout

Seth Rollins will hold a United States title open challenge.

Date: November 7, 2022
Location: Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA 

The Big Takeaway --

Austin Theory tried and failed to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins’ US title, Bobby Lashley is a full-fledged heel, Mia Yim returned to align with AJ Styles & The OC, and the 24/7 Championship was discarded next to a garbage bin. 


Show Recap -- 

Opening segment

(Long story short, the Usos and New Day hyped their tag title match on Friday until Matt Riddle interrupted.)

The Usos and Solo Sikoa entered. The announcers plugged the Usos title defense against the New Day on Friday’s Smackdown with the tag title record at stake.

Jimmy and Jey said they smashed the Brawling Brutes and Roman Reigns smashed Logan Paul before moving on to the New Day. The crowd chanted “New Day rocks.” Jey agreed with them but said the Usos would hold the record after Friday.

New Day interrupted. Kofi Kingston congratulated the Usos on retaining their titles and asked how they were doing. Jimmy said they were feeling private jet lagged which the New Day would know nothing about. Xavier Woods was unbothered because he was a Diamond Medallion member.

The Usos mentioned everything that New Day has accomplished. The Usos were proud of them because New Day should be proud of being second best. Woods said they built their legacy from the ground up. They didn’t have the benefit of having their elders paving the way for them.

The Usos said New Day didn’t know what kind of pressure they were under. Woods mentioned the pressure he was under (before New Day), worried that he might get fired and putting everything on the line to create a group that got booed when they debuted.

The Usos ran down some more history before advising Kingston to forfeit and go home to his kids. Kingston said he wouldn’t be able to look his kids in the face if he forfeited to them. Kingston also mentioned the dark beginning period of New Day.

Kingston spoke about the importance of Friday before Matt Riddle and his bongos interrupted. Riddle didn’t mean to interrupt but he wanted to tell Woods that he and Elias were starting a band. Jey told him to shut up. Riddle asked New Day if they wanted to hit his bong. Woods and Kingston each hit his bongos.

Riddle offered Sikoa a chance to hit his bong but Sikoa didn’t budge. Jimmy played the bongs but Riddle made a weed reference and told him he can only take two hits before passing it on. (A few people cheered that.) Jey was unamused by all this so Riddle told him he wasn’t being very Ucey. He played “New Day rocks” on the bongos as the segment ended.

(There were chants for Sami Zayn, Kofi Kingston and “Ucey” but the crowd still seemed really quiet for this. As with the past few weeks, it could be a dead crowd or a sound mixing issue.) 

Six-man tag match: Solo Sikoa & Tag Team Champions Jimmy & Jey Uso defeated Matt Riddle, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods (20:51)

Besides a brief comeback by New Day, the Bloodline mostly had control through two commercial breaks. Kingston gave Sikoa a tornado DDT before Riddle got a hot tag (17 minutes into the match). Riddle handed out suplexes, strikes and sentons to each Usos before hitting Jey with a powerbomb and knee strike for two.

Jey came back with a superkick and neckbreaker for two. Riddle caught Jey in a triangle but Jimmy had tagged himself in and hit a splash. Woods broke up the cover and pulled Sikoa out of the ring. Sikoa chucked Woods over the announce table, blocked a Kingston dive and tossed him into the steel steps. Riddle wiped out SIkoa with a dive before Jimmy hit Riddle with a suicide dive.

Riddle caught Jimmy with a draping DDT and an RKO but Sikoa had made a blind tag and he gave Riddle a Spinning Solo for the pinfall win.

The last few minutes were fun.


There was a Crown Jewel video package.

JBL entered. He did a much shorter promo this week burying Wilkes-Barre. He bragged about the Houston Astros (because they’re from Texas) beating the Philadelphia Phillies before introducing Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin defeated Cedric Alexander (2:17)

Alexander hit a Neuralyzer and suicide dive but he tried a slingshot move and Corbin caught him in End of Days for the pinfall win.



They mentioned that Logan Paul’s mid-match cell phone video had over 40 million views.

Seth Rollins entered for the US Title open challenge. Rollins was happy to be in Pennsylvania and would be happy to hear the fans sing his song all night but it was time for the open challenge.

Judgment Day entered. They surrounded the ring before Finn Bálor stepped in. Bálor said Rollins cost him gold a few years ago and now it was time to return the favour.

Before he could officially accept the challenge, he was interrupted by AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. AJ’s group faced off with Judgment Day as Rollins snuck out of the ring (to the back).

Styles said they weren’t done with Judgment Day. It was always three against four because of Rhea Ripley. They couldn’t find their solution to Ripley — because she found them instead.

Mia Yim appeared at ringside and decked Ripley. The teams brawled as Yim chucked Ripley over the barricade.

Styles and Bálor were alone briefly but Bálor bailed so Karl Anderson shoved him into the steel steps. Dominik Mysterio tried a move off the top but Styles caught him and hit a Styles Clash. The OC posed with Yim.


Cathy Kelley asked Rollins what would happen with the open challenge. Rollins promised the people an open challenge and the people would get it later tonight. (He pointed at Kelley and said, “it better not be you,” while laughing.)


Otis (w/Chad Gable) defeated Elias (2:58)

Elias hit a few strikes but he got distracted by Gable which allowed Otis to hit the world’s strongest slam for the pinfall win.


A very frustrated Judgment Day told Byron Saxton that they weren’t worried about Yim and the OC. Ripley was the only one who actually kept her composure.

As they left, Bianca Belair walked by. Belair and Ripley gave each other a look before Belair went on her way.


Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss entered. They aired “fan footage” from before the show of Belair, Asuka and Bliss getting into an argument in the parking lot with Damage CTRL which was separated by officials.

Belair called out Damage CTRL and they entered. Dakota Kai claimed that Belair still hasn’t beaten Bayley while Bayley has beaten her twice. Kai also said they were two-time tag champs because they beat Bliss and Asuka. Bliss responded quietly into the mic but I couldn’t quite make out what she said.

The highlight of this segment was Asuka and IYO SKY yelling insults at each other in Japanese and the crowd enjoyed that. SKY concluded by calling Asuka a “bitch.” Asuka hit SKY with a back fist and her team cleared the ring. Belair announced that this would all come to an end at War Games.

Nikki Cross suddenly attacked Belair from behind. Damage CTRL jumped in and they all laid out the babyfaces. Bayley told Belair, “we'll see you at War Games.”


There was a segment earlier today where Shelton Benjamin challenged Austin Theory to a match after they got into an argument and Theory called him “Mr. Irrelevant.”

Austin Theory defeated Shelton Benjamin (2:40)

Theory slipped out of an ankle lock but Benjamin followed with a German suplex for two. Benjamin seemed to be going for an avalanche suplex but Theory poked his eye (which the referee didn’t see) and followed with A-Town Down for the pinfall win.


Miz/Gargano segment

The Miz entered. He said Johnny Gargano’s claims against him were false. He ranted about having to defend himself to his fans and friends. Even his own father believes Gargano. Miz’s PR team was formulating a response and he spoke with a movie producer about turning this into a film.

Gargano interrupted. He said he always liked Miz’s dad. He had to blow the whistle on himself, though. He thought that Miz would actually pay Dexter Lumis after his segment aired last week but that didn’t happen.

Gargano knew he needed stronger evidence against Miz so he hired a movie producer — the same one Miz had dinner with. The producer was actually a private investigator and she was also wearing a hidden camera when she had dinner with Miz. Gargano brought a TV remote from home that happens to work on the titantron (which was a funny line) and he played the footage.

The secret video showed Miz admitting to the investigator that Gargano was telling the truth. Everything was going great until he stopped paying Lumis. Miz stopped paying him because when things weren’t going well, projects come to an end and people stopped getting paid.

The footage stopped and Gargano’s music played and he went to the ring. Gargano was very proud of himself.


The Miz defeated Johnny Gargano (15:55)

Gargano hit a dive but Miz dropped him onto the barricade and into the timekeeper’s area to take over. Gargano was mid-comeback after a break and hit a backstabber. Gargano hit a slingshot spear for a nearfall and Miz followed with a DDT for two.

Miz hit It Kicks but Gargano ducked the last one and hit an enziguri. I think Gargano tried the spear again but Miz nailed him mid-air with a running knee strike. Gargano countered a Skull Crushing Finale and hit a superkick for two. Gargano hit a suicide dive but Miz shoved him onto the announce table moments later.

Miz was suddenly “dragged” under the ring but he quickly crawled back out. It was all a ploy, however. Miz implored the referee to check under the ring. Miz had grabbed an extra turnbuckle rod and hit Gargano with it as the ref looked under the ring. Gargano was out and Miz pinned him for the win.

— Lumis hit Miz in the back with a steel chair after the match before running away from security.


Kai told Cross that she could take out her frustrations at War Games. Bayley told her not to wait until War Games and that she should let it out tonight. Cross cackled and said, “time to play.”

Cross faces Dana Brooke for the 24/7 title up next. (Brooke hasn’t wrestled on Raw since August.)

Nikki Cross (w/Damage CTRL) defeated Dana Brooke to win the 24/7 Championship (2:17) 

Cross won easily with a swinging neckbreaker.

Cross acted like her old crazy self and didn’t even bother grabbing her new title belt after the match. Bayley grabbed it for Cross and placed it on her shoulder.


Damage CTRL walked through the back with Cross. Cross was staring into outer space and nonchalantly dropped her newly won 24/7 title belt on the ground and kept walking. That seems to be the end of that championship.

(It’s possible she was supposed to drop it into the nearby garage bin but she missed. This was probably better anyway because it sounded like the belt broke upon hitting the concrete.)


Saxton interviewed Yim and the OC. Anderson said they found the toughest woman in the building and Gallows welcomed her to the OC. Yim said drinks were on her tonight which really excited Gallows and Anderson. Styles warned her that they have a high tolerance.


Rollins entered for the US title challenge again and grabbed the mic again. He mentioned that he’s now been in WWE for ten years. The crowd sang his song and chanted, “thank you, Rollins.” Rollins said it was time for the open challenge.

Mustafa Ali appeared on the screen and was about to accept the challenge but he was yanked offscreen and beaten up. Bobby Lashley appeared on the screen and told Rollins that he was accepting the challenge. Ali tried to attack but Lashley just chucked him over some equipment boxes. 


United States Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley

The match didn’t happen.

Lashley attacked Rollins before the match could start. (Remember, Lashley was attacked by Brock Lesnar before losing to Rollins a few weeks ago and Lashley also attacked Lesnar before their Crown Jewel match.)

Rollins tried to fight back but Lashley gave him a backdrop outside the ring and hammered away as the crowd booed. Officials tried to stop it but Lashley gave Rollins a flatliner, drove him into the ring post, and slammed him through the announce table.

One thousand officials finally managed to get Lashley to back off. Lashley mocked the crowd as he left.

Austin Theory entered with his briefcase as Lashley left and they went to break. 

After a break, Theory watched as officials checked on Rollins. Theory suddenly told an official he was cashing in his contract (for the US title). 

Money in the Bank cash-in — Seth Rollins defeated Austin Theory to retain the United States Championship (4:55)

Theory immediately decked Rollins for a nearfall and followed with a neckbreaker for two. Rollins set up for a Pedigree but Theory reversed into a Pedigree of his own for a nearfall. Theory tried a rolling dropkick but Rollins countered into a powerbomb and followed with a superkick and forearm strikes.

Rollins went for the stomp but Theory countered into A-Town Down. He had it won but Lashley yanked the referee out of the ring. (Lashley had a nasty gash on his chest.)

Theory told Lashley he ruined it and called him an idiot so Lashley killed him and put him down with a Hurt Lock.

The referee woke up and started counting but Theory just barely beat the ten count (the crowd counted to ten but it was only a nine count). Rollins immediately hit him with the curb stomp for the pinfall win. Rollins retains.