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WWE Raw live results: Extreme Rules go-home show


Date: July 9, 2018
Location: TD Garden in Boston, MA

The Big Takeaway --

The show started with a big pull-apart brawl between Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns, and ended with a strong main event with Drew McIntyre beating Seth Rollins. The win ensured McIntyre will be in Dolph Ziggler’s corner at Extreme Rules.

Brock Lesnar was not explicitly mentioned on the show. Reigns did say he had bigger goals in mind after his match with Lashley, but that was it. They focused heavily on Reigns/Lashley throughout the show and the story seemed to be that whoever wins will be “the guy.”

Not much happened the rest of the show. Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens in a cage match was announced for Extreme Rules. Baron Corbin and Elias beat Bobby Roode and Finn Balor after Corbin pinned Roode.

Show Recap -- 

Raw started with a dramatic video package for Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley, including old clips of Lashley and pictures of his Bellator fights, as well as Reigns complaining/stating his case as the rightful Universal champion.

Reigns was shown walking through the halls of TD Garden. He was loudly booed. He was confronted by Lashley, who dared Reigns to call him out so he could tear him apart. Reigns went to the ring to kick things off. 

Reigns said nobody has ever said to call him out to his face, so he called out Lashley. Lashley entered the ring but Kurt Angle and Baron Corbin came on the stage. Angle told them to save it. Reigns and Lashley brawled so a portion of the men’s roster ran out to break them up. Corbin, Bobby Roode and Finn Balor were among those who ran down.

Lashley broke through at one point so more of the locker room emptied. Balor took a shot at Corbin in the middle of this as well. Lashley broke through a couple more times and he absolutely leveled Reigns with a forearm.

Lashley tossed Reigns in the ring but the other wrestlers pulled Lashley away. With everyone huddled together, Reigns did the big Undertaker dive. Reigns’ music and it seemed like this was over, but he ran back down and got in another shot. Lashley fought back briefly until they were finally separated. 

Between the video package, this brawl and the announcers, they’re really pushing this match as a big deal.

They cut to the back where Mickie James and Alexa Bliss had a completely unnatural conversation where they said the pain and destruction we just saw was nothing compared to what they would do to Nia Jax and Natalya tonight.  

Nia Jax & Natalya defeated Women’s champion Alexa Bliss & Mickie James (8:07)

They went to commercial 90 seconds into the match. Not long after returning from break, they did an inset commercial for Extreme Rules. The crowd chanted “we want Nia” as the heels worked over Natalya and they popped for the hot tag. Jax ran wild and won via pinfall after hitting James with a headbutt, press slam and leg drop.

Immediately afterwards, Bliss attacked Jax and Natalya with a Kendo stick. She got in a few shots, but Jax grabbed the stick and Bliss ran away. The crowd was into Jax. 

Backstage, Jax told Charly Caruso that Bliss can’t break her, but she can break Bliss. Jax remembers every she has done to her and will take it out on Bliss before taking back the title. 

They replayed Braun Strowman pushing a portable toilet containing Kevin Owens off the stage. Owens (wearing a Sami Zayn hoodie) approached Angle in his office. Owens said he still showed up for work despite everything Strowman has done to him.

Angle snickered at what Strowman did to him last week, so Owens presented a doctor’s note claiming he couldn’t compete tonight. Owens decided he would hang out in Angle’s office all night where he was safe. Angle was annoyed. 

Mojo Rawley defeated No Way Jose (4:12)

Rawley has new generic music. I think. Rawley used a pounce but Jose did not fly out of the ring. Jose tossed Rawley out of the ring at one point but Rawley leaped back onto the apron the way Brock Lesnar does. Jose made a brief comeback but Rawley caught him with an Alabama Slam for the pinfall win.  

They showed a new clip of Sasha Banks and Bayley in friendship therapy. Michael Cole said their careers were on the line. They have a new therapist, a woman, who uses the same office as Dr. Shelby. Bayley opened up, saying she’s always been Banks’ friend but she was tired of being taken advantage of and knows Banks can’t change because she only cares about herself.

Backstage, Jinder Mahal advised Seth Rollins to embrace inner peace instead of burning it down. Rollins thought this was deep and asked Mahal to show him the way. Mahal and Sunil Singh closed their eyes and began chanting, then Rollins just backed away, which was funny. 

Naomi and Jimmy Uso did a commercial to help plug The Rock’s new movie. 

Rollins came out to the ring. He said he’s been given a lot of nicknames, including Mr. Money in the Bank, which he won here in Boston, but the only name he was thinking about was “former Intercontinental champion.”

He spoke about his Ironman match and put over Dolph Ziggler as a top performer. He also knew Ziggler would bring his “overgrown Scottish Wookiee” with him, but he was still Seth freakin’ Rollins.

Ziggler and Drew McIntyre came out. Ziggler was happy about all the kind words and said he would walk out of Extreme Rules as champion. McIntyre said Rollins would still have his nicknames. Ziggler said Rollins was one of the best ever, but he was no Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler claimed he might win the Ironman match 100-0, then Rollins said all the times he bleached his hair must be getting to his brain. Ziggler rambled on some more and bumbled one of his lines so the crowd booed.

Rollins mocked Ziggler’s Kent State record and mocked McIntyre for following orders from a pipsqueak. Rollins wondered if Ziggler had sensitive photos of McIntyre and basically accused him of having sex with sheep. McIntyre was pissed and challenged him to a match tonight. The crowd chanted Yes and Rollins accepted. 

Curtis Axel, dressed as Matt Hardy, looked into a mirror when Bo Dallas, dressed as Bray Wyatt, appeared behind him. Axel was nervous until he realized it was Bo, not Bray. After a break, they came to the ring and continued their impressions, which did not get over. The material was no good.

Hardy and Wyatt appeared on the screen. Wyatt said there was no need to wait for Sunday because “we’re here.” The lights went out and they appeared behind Axel and Dallas. 

Bo Dallas (w/Curtis Axel) defeated Matt Hardy (w/Bray Wyatt) (8:31)

The Revival were shown watching backstage. After a break, they almost immediately showed an inset commercial for Extreme Rules (plugging a Smackdown match).

They told a story that Hardy was tired of all the impressions after initially being amused by it. He put a beating on Dallas and tossed him into the barricade. He almost gave him side effect on the steps but Dallas slipped out. Hardy gave him a mistimed side effect in the ring, then followed with a second one.

Axel distracted Hardy, so Wyatt knocked him down. As this happened, Dallas caught Hardy and gave him a rolling cutter for the pinfall win. After the match, Hardy and Wyatt laid out Dallas and Axel. This all fell completely flat. 

Lashley (not selling the earlier brawl) told Renee Young that he respects everyone he steps in the ring with, even Sami Zayn. However, he does not respect Roman Reigns. He was tired of Reigns bringing up what happened 10 years ago, but was glad he wanted to fight. He flatly said Reigns would not walk out of their match on Sunday. “Believe that.”

Elsewhere, Tyler Breeze gave Breezango t-shirts to Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. He told them fashion was his thing. They responded, “we don’t do fashion, we riot.” They ripped up the shirts and tossed it back at him. 

They mentioned Ronda Rousey’s induction into the UFC Hall of Fame. Bliss did a selfie promo where she said Jax would be calling her the Extreme Raw Women’s champion after Sunday. 

Ember Moon defeated Liv Morgan (w/Sarah Logan) (7:52)

Morgan had a brief moment to shine before Moon came back and won with a nice jackknife pin. 

Renee asked Balor a question but was interrupted by Roode, who said they were cut from the same cloth--they were both good looking, with great hair and abs, and Corbin would learn that they were unstoppable in the ring and nobody was better than Balor. He said they were going to be victorious… and it would be glorious.

Balor said it was funny that Corbin thought he was the brains of the operation, but tonight he would find out Balor isn’t half of anything--he’s twice as good as Corbin and does his talking in the ring.

Owens, still sitting in Angle’s office, complained about the smell and sprayed air freshener. Angle responded, “it didn’t stink before you came here.” McIntyre and Ziggler showed up. Angle told McIntyre if he lost tonight, he was banned from ringside at Extreme Rules. Ziggler started complaining and Owens agreed with him. McIntyre said it was fine, because Rollins would not get through him tonight.  

Elias was in the ring. He said he has been in studio recording his debut album. He then performed a song, taking shots at Lashley, Reigns, and the people of Boston. The Boston crowd, who yelled “walk with Elias” a moment ago, then chanted “you suck” at him. Elias said there was one person who does appreciate him and brought out Corbin.

Corbin wanted to ado a lullaby with Elias. He bumbled the word “lullaby” and the crowd let him hear it. He sang a Balor-inspired version of “Itsy Bitsy Spider” (Itsy Bitsy Balor) here on this wrestling show as the crowd booed. 

Constable Baron Corbin & Elias defeated Finn Balor & Bobby Roode

Once again, they came back from a break just to show an inset commercial for Extreme Rules.

Balor came in on a hot tag and hit Elias with a forearm and stomp, but Corbin grabbed his leg before he could attempt a dive. Elias then knocked him down from behind and they went to another break.

Balor gave Corbin a sling blade and made the hot tag to Roode, who hit a back elbow, forearm, corner clothesline and neckbreaker. Corbin came back with a chokeslam backbreaker but Balor broke up the cover. Balor tossed Elias, then Corbin knocked down Balor.

Roode hit a blockbuster but Elias broke up the cover. Balor yanked Elias off the apron then attacked Corbin. Corbin crotched Balor, but then ran shoulder-first into the post. Roode set up for the DDT, but Elias jumped in, so Roode gave him a spinebuster. Corbin then caught Roode with End of Days for the win.

Owens was eating a sandwich and offered the last bite to Angle. He said no. Strowman entered so Owens jumped out of his seat. Angle announced a cage match between the two at Extreme Rules, which Owens wasn’t happy about. Strowman said Owens smelled of fear and sprayed him with the air freshener, which Angle found amusing. 

They aired a cool commercial for the video game to announce Ronda Rousey as a pre-order bonus. The ad featured a voiceover clip of Roddy Piper putting over Rousey as she stared at Piper’s jacket and her gear which was inspired by him.  

Reigns (not selling the earlier brawl) told Renee that he didn’t respect Lashley before he saw the fire in him tonight, but he would need more than that at Extreme Rules. Reigns said he has the killer instinct that Lashley doesn’t, and after he wins, he’s moving on to bigger and better things. Reigns said Lashley would go on to be the guy somewhere else. 

Table For 3 tonight will feature Alexa Bliss, Trish Stratus and Lita. 

Drew McIntyre (w/Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler) defeated Seth Rollins (21:00)

Before McIntyre's return, the last time these two were in the ring together was in 2014 when The Shield had a 3-on-11 handicap match (which was more of an angle than a match). Rollins also beat McIntyre in 2012 on his way to becoming the first NXT Champion.

Rollins attempted a suicide dive but McIntyre caught him and slammed him on the apron. After a break, McIntyre hit a big overhead suplex launching Rollins across the ring. McIntyre then applied a rest hold for at least the third time so far. Rollins countered a suplex with a knee, then dropped McIntyre on the turnbuckle.

Rollins couldn’t knock him down with clotheslines but did get him down with a sling blade. Rollins then hit consecutive suicide dives, followed later with a blockbuster for two.

McIntyre avoided a curb stomp and used an inverted Alabama slam, which was impressive. McIntyre then ducked an enziguiri and hit a sit-out powerbomb for two. Rollins came back with a superkick and falcon arrow for a nearfall. McIntyre then countered a ripcord knee with a headbutt for two.

Rollins nailed a bucklebomb, followed by a kick and crossbody for a nearfall (Rollins also kicked Ziggler off the apron in the middle of this). Ziggler was about to crawl in the ring so Rollins gave him a curb stomp, but that allowed McIntyre to hit the Claymore kick for the pinfall win. Really good match.

McIntyre hoisted Ziggler on his shoulders and carried him out as the show ended.